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Immunotec Reviews

Legit or Scam?


Immunotec was developed by Dieter Beer and several medical researchers and experts in association with their respected universities. Immunotec was based on their ongoing work with Immunocal since the early 80ís.

Immunocal was developed along the lines of other whey protein supplements that are designed to affect glutathione levels in people. Immunocal claims it boosts the immune system with bonded cysteine, a building block for glutathione. This product is patented internationally.

The members in the development group of Immunotec agreed that they would market Immunocal through a system of network marketing. Knowing the negative connotation that MLMís have they attempted to make theirs as different as possible.

The Immunotec network has grown buy leaps and bounds and they have added to their product line. They now also offer Prycena, an appetite suppressant and fat metabolizer that uses a concentration of dairy calcium, fiber, and two micro-peptides, and Xtra Sharp, a long lasting energy tonic that contains minerals and herbs to eliminate periodic fatigue.

However, there have been some downsides to Immunocal and Immunotec. The price of Immunocal has grown rapidly and is now around $180 for about 900 grams. Also itís hard to get the truth about the effectiveness of their product line since Immunotec is a hybrid company of scientists, researchers, and businessmen.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints for 'Immunotec'


Average Rating is 3.71 out of 5 based on 35 reviews.

Leon   Pennsylvania

6:19pm on February 8th, 2015 

I've read some of the reviews from a few,particularly the person who was not brave enough to put Her or his name in front of what they had to say. No where in any of his or her statement did they say or offered proof that it was the immunocal that laid their parent low if he was in such good health! why not take something else and bring it to a doctor for a professional opinion? I'm sure he had blood work.Any way it doesn't matter I just feel if you are trying to help other people avoid something that is harmful give at least substantial facts and information.Also BARRY from MONTREAL if these other proteins are as gracious as you say they are simply by reading the label it would seem that the Canadian government who gave research monies to Dr. Gustavo Bunos who as a result of his research discovered how significantly powerful this protein can be, for the Human body even to the point of granting significant patents, that you can not get with vitamins, or herbs, just that alone speaks for itself. Can these proteins be tested to raise Glutathione levels, yes they can if you are honest with yourself try it oh and bring the papers with you as proof. I'm not trying to prove anything to anyone who reads what I'm saying because like so many folks who are writing about how they have been helped by using Immunocal I have seen what it has done personally. who would tell a mom or son, or daughter or anyone who is getting help not to use it???? if its not working for you or if that was the case for me then you or I would or should try to find something else. at least Barry did that. for me and others its been Awesome.

Bobby   Stealz

2:17pm on October 31st, 2014 

I didn't even buy the product yet, but based on the good reviews i've been reading I started feeling better...

watch my dad   toronto

8:23pm on October 2nd, 2014 

Watching my father taking immunotec, is the most horrible to watch him suffering ... my dad was very healthy and free from prostate cancer stayed in dormant for over 30 yrs of his life . My dad was very active. Healthy clean bill.. I notice my dad was taking immunotec and asked him who gave that to him... my dad didn't need to take immunotec .. first day taken immunotec. Second day my dad start to get sick stomach pain ... bad cramps. He was told oh that's common. It will disappear.. well .. its mad cramps worsen. Stomach pain weezing .. short of breath. Pain in chest. Bones started to be very soar and got worse. My dad went from healthy bill to the worse damaging his whole body... . Well after so many month my dad was rushed to hospital last year in 2013 ... well they found cancer in his colon... that spread to his liver kidneys pancreas. Lungs was 100% damaged .. I WISHED MY DAD LISTEN TO ME. Lest make this very interesting the person that was sold products to my dad.. had scammed my dad for money.. she sold one box to my dad for $550.00 a month... the product is very dangerous to take... warning any one that taking make sure you don't take no other medication.. if you are taking medication expect the specting . Any kid of signs bloweding to stomach pains in stomach cramps and pains ... weezing short of breath. Etc stop immidiatly. Its not a cure .. and its not a miracle... its man made product that cancer cells knows what us real and what is fake immunotec weakens your natural immun system.. and immuntec is a fake imun system
That what will destroy your natural immun...
Cancer startes to spread.. faster.. are own immun . Is what fights cancer.. WHAT HAPPENED TO THE OLDEN DAYS... NO ONE EATS NATURAL ANY MORE THERE WAS NO SUCH THING OF PRODUCTS THAT OUT THERE.. back tgen it was the nature foods that kept the people live longer... my grandma passed away at the age of 95yrs old and I learned to stick to what my grandma eat .. well Dad I WISHED YOU NEVER TOOK THAT STUFF .. YOU WOULD BE STILL BE HERE WITH US.. $550.00 FOR ONE BOX wow what happened to the other 4 box.. well pina de alquella .. it away immunotec owes money that my dad been scamed by the person they hired her...she and immunotec destroyed my dad health and life.. and scamming money from my dad left my mom broke. I am a single mom that is helping my mom. Out .. thanks for destroting family and teaching the people how to scam for money.... yup I been at the website wow

Carol   Maryland

12:52pm on October 2nd, 2014 

I'v noticed more energy and fewer colds taking immunical. .but has anyone seen improvement with using this product for their Multiple Sclerosis. .and if so, with how many packets a day?

Joe   Pennsylvania

9:43am on September 8th, 2014 

I tried every whey supplement on the market. None had the positive effect that this one did. (I did find another company, Imuplus that worked equally well). It was like rolling back the clock. My muscles responded to this by getting stronger and without exercise! I do lift weights now, some years after trying this product. I don't like MLM companies but that doesn't mean that the product is junk. (I don't sell this product)

Rosa De La Torre   San Diego, CA

2:52pm on August 6th, 2014 

Before Immonucal I was suffering from two very unpleasant conditions: gastritis and urticaria (hives). During the first week of consuming immonucal the itching from the hives diminished and the chest pain from the gastritis went away. No more heartburn and nearly gone hives after only two months of taking immonucal. My sister started taking it at the same time as I did, her triglycerides came down to normal levels and her rheumatoid arthritis hasn't given her any more pain. I have since become a distributor and will continue consuming immonucal for the rest of my life.

Kelly   Indianapolis

1:12pm on June 26th, 2014 

I'm 37 and went through a bout of hot flashes, tested my hormone levels ( ended up being post menpausal) so I started taking one pack a day for a week or two and my flashes went away, I stopped taking the immunocal bc of the expense and then about a year later, my flushes returned with a vengeance, every 1/2 hour. I went to the doctor and she ordered an MRI to see if there was an adenoma on my pituitary gland secreting extra hormones . I immediately tried immunocal again, two packs a day, one in AM, one at Night, and symptoms subsided to 1 1/2 hrs, next day every 4 hours, then by day 5'they were completely gone. I was concerned the MRI would be effected, so my doctor suggested stopping the immunocal until I got the MRI... Results showed that there was inflammation that then was no longer there. She suggested for me to continue taking the immunocal after reading the physicians desk reference. I am a consultant, but was only to get product at greater discount. My father, 60, has been on one pack a day for 5 years and has not gotten a cold since he started. He is the reason why I looked into it,

Emma   Piscataway, NJ

10:47pm on June 10th, 2014 

worked okay, felt a bit better, nothing drastic

Kelly   Adams

10:58pm on May 14th, 2014 

I was constantly getting sinus infections and had bad allergies. After taking this product for a few months, my sinuses have cleared drastically and I have not needed allergy medication. I will keep using!

Barry   Montreal Canada

9:58am on April 19th, 2014 

I read through many reviews and very confused. Putting everything aside for a moment and reviewing the ingredients per pouch, there's nothing more to this than a well designed marketing plan to inflate the price of Whey Proteins that can be purchased from any nutritional retail store or even Costco for a fraction of the price.

Look up and review the ingredients from the Whey sold at Costco for under $40 and each scoop contains 34 grams of Whey alone. Or jump online to review Iso Mass from Ultimate Nutrition......the ingredients in this product is incredible and far exceeds the Costco product however, I use the Costco Whey and eat properly to insure my body gets the right nutrition daily. I'm not knocking this product simply because I have never tried it however reading the ingredients is enough.....there is nothing in there that makes any sense to produce these miraculous results that can't be achieved through cheaper means. Lose the Hype and fluff and read the ingredients of both their regular and platinum products.

Heres my recommendation.....buy a Blendtec or vitiamix and learn about the POWERFUL benefits that green smoothies bring to your life........Bendtec was my choice and I have turned many many many people on to it for reasons of price over vitiamix and you won't believe how green smoothing can change your life........and everything you put in there daily..when pulverized by these blenders allows the small intestine to absorb the powerful ingredients these smoothies offer then distribute them throughout your blood stream.......research this everybody please!!!!!! Adding a few scoops of whey protein, flax seed, hemp seed, chia seed, spinach, kale, celery, fruit of your choice......daily in a Blendtec to pulverize the ingredients....well there is nothing that comes close to fresh produce when it comes to ealing the body.......research please......

Marie T.   Baltimore, MD

12:00pm on February 3rd, 2014 

I can not speak for others, just for myself. I have been in constant excruciating pain from my neck down for many years. Quality of life zero. Spending most of my time either in bed or my recliner. Only way to get anything done is by taking pain meds. Which never take the pain away, just take the edge off. After taking Immunocal for 2 weeks there is a definite improvement. Much more energy, less pain, more zest for life. I will keep you posted as time goes by; and the taste is delicious in orange juice.

charles allen   garland tx

12:41pm on January 30th, 2014 

i started using immunocal after treatments for stage 4 malignant melanoma in 2003. the doctors back then had little to offer except two years to live. immunocal or god kept me alive however the doctors never offered anything as totally life improving as immunocal. it has reduced my allergies, colds, flu, fever blisters(viruses),and improves your entire general health. not one of my doctors has ever expressed interest about me taking this product because it reduces their business. this product works it may even save your life or at the very least improve your quality of life. compared to chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and man made drugs, immunocal tastes pretty good with milk yogurt, or fruit juice. i started to see noticeable improvements within 60 days of taking two pouches a day. i did become a dist. but just for the savings of buying the products.

Peter Johnston   Toronto, ON

12:16am on January 16th, 2014 

Tastes like the most disgusting thing ever made, has done nothing for me! in fact it made my condition worst! DON'T EVER BUY! SAVE YOUR MONEY FOR SOMETHING ELSE

MichaelG   NYC

12:41pm on September 23rd, 2013 

Have RA. Not about to use the biologics that poison you, so trying natural, at least for now. Using Antibiotics, which seem to help, so far, but need more. Saw the Platinum reduces cytokines (bad stuff), so decided to try. Used 2 packs daily, for 2 months. Have nothing good to say, only gives me gas. Sorry, no miracles here. Keep your money for something else. On to the next...

JoAnne   Canada

5:22pm on February 15th, 2013 

I've just started on it. I have a brain tumor and lung cancer. Good grief! I have nothing to lose I suppose. It's hard to know what is the truth here as I know that competing companies pay people to come to these sites and bash the product. I'll let you all know soon enough if its made a difference for me. Current research I've found does speak very positively about whey protein and the health benefits.

Dennis S.   Cape Coral, Florida

10:00am on January 4th, 2013 


If this product does not work then why does the United States government have this product under trials for stage 4 Lung cancer.

Their intent is the prevention of wasting away while have stage 4 Lung cancer. NO BS. and No I donot cell the product. Most of the US insurance companies accept a prescription for this product and pay based on one. Is that false. As far as taste, take it with juice. Did you think they would manufacture it for your taste buds. Get real!

Theresa   Houston

7:37pm on December 31st, 2012 

I was so hesitant to get mixed up in an MLM company. But I was absolutely desperate for help and decided to give it 4 months. I was headed straight for death's door, and Immunocal has turned me around and is driving me back to health. I did get die-off and healing reactions which weren't pleasant, plus fevers. But i stuck with it and it is helping me heal from mystery illnesses I've had for 6 years where there were times I truly wanted to die. I do not sell the stuff. I just buy it and love it and will take it forever.

Kindra   USA

12:24pm on December 26th, 2012 

Wow. I started to comment on the above reviews, but do not want to offend anyone so I will just give my honest, straight up results. I am a real person who IS NOT a distributor. I learned about this product by accident while researching a "controversial" syndrome. I am the type of person who questions everything, has the "OCD" like need to research, cross reference, and verify everything, and over many years developed the skill of listening to my body and intuition. Long story short it has been about 25 days (2 pouches a day of immunocal platinum for me and hubby) and my body literally CRAVES this stuff. I mix it with fruit juice which just makes it a little thicker with no discernible taste at all. My husband is like a picky 5 year old and I swear the first thing he said was "Hey this don't taste bad at all". So I honestly don't know where the "bad taste" thing comes from. It's milk. Depending on how toxic you are you may go through a Herxheimer reaction (detox) where you feel worse before you feel better, hubby had mild cold like symptoms for 4 days. Improvements: Major- Energy, aches and pains, No more edema in legs (Yaaa!) not much pain at all after exercise ( I started walking on treadmill again after a year now that I have recovered energy and work 12 hour shifts) Needless to say we love immunocal and feel the benefits far outweigh the price.

Kevin   Leblanc

9:56am on December 19th, 2012 

I am using an allias...I purchased some Immunocal and Immunocal Silver, for Fibromialgia, took it 3 times a day for 30 days. After 30 days and 3 boxes of that stuff, I saw nor felt any results. That stuff tastes nasty(more so the Silver). I called for a refund, they said they wouldn't refund me my money (that's what they think). Thank goodness it was purchased with a credit card, I'm sure my bank will retrieve it for me.

Michael Pearce   Courtenay, B.C.

1:11am on November 26th, 2012 

It has been three and a half years now that i have been taking 20 Grams of Immunocal daily. In that time I have Lost Ninety Pounds and 10" off my Waist I am the same Size and Weight I was at 17 when I skating 30 hours a week. When you feed your body the right fuel proven to Optimize your Immune System and improve muscular performance by 13 % every thing less work better every day How do you feel today?Life just gets better everyday, I was 199# this morning this is the first time in almost 30 years. I am in better physical condition now then anytime after 17 when I stopped walking and riding everywhere because I had a license to drive. Taking Immunocal has changed my Life over the last 4 years my health has improved constantly even with my Heart Attack in January. I have had a full recovery and was taken off the Warifin after less than five months when i was at the hospital in Vic they said at least two years maybe forever if their was damage to the heart Muscle.

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