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The increase in identity theft across the nation is due to the ease of accessing sensitive personal information for anyone. Social security numbers and bank account information is the main focus of concern for public. The worry of being a victim of identity theft is legitimate; many individuals have been turning to identity theft protection service companies for protection.

Identity Guard offers identity protection for adults and children. Each Identity Guard plan provides different levels of protection, while some go so far as to include computer protection, others simply provide credit monitoring. With ten unique plans, consumers can purchase protection at affordable prices, ranging from $7.00/month to $25.00/month. Only a few of these plans allow kID SureSM Child Identity Protection as an optional service, it costs an additional $4.99/month.

The unavoidable issue contributing to the increase of identity theft cases is due to technology. Unsecure sites, viruses and malware are problematic for unexpecting internet users who are unaware of their presence. Social networking sites and applications are also now a concern because of personal information that is already present within these platforms.

One of the criticisms and apparent pattern of IdenityGuard’s customer support is the nature of their cancellation process. Even after customers cancel their subscriptions, they are still charged for the service. Their customer support is also well-known for avoiding members’ calls; this enables them to circumvent processing any cancelation requests.

Customers have also criticized the description of coverage for each plan. Even though one list may appear to offer more protection, it is actually a more detailed description of the same coverage offered in another plan. The ploy is used to make you pay more money for what you believe is the better option.

One of Identity Guard’s main competitors is Lifelock; they offer similar identity protection services. There are, however, important details consumers fail to recognize when comparing different plans. For example, Identity Guard’s $1 Million Identity Insurance policy and Lifelock’s $1 Million Service Guarantee look almost identical. In actuality, Lifelock’s guarantee only protects you if your loss was due a mistake on their part. Identity Guard reimburses customers up to $1 million for all costs associated to identity theft recovery, regardless of who is at fault.

A drawback to using identity protection companies is their inability to alert you if someone is trying to use your information. The credit bureaus actually monitor your information and have systems in place that prevent id theft transactions from ever occurring.

It is easy to contact any one of the credit agencies to request a free credit report once a year. If you see anything on it then you can take action. Keep track of your bank accounts, review your credit card statements and avoid risky computer behaviors. Be aware of who is privy to your personal information and who is not. Use common sense and never give out your information unless you know that it is absolutely necessary.

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An Excellent Service

Reviewed By sarah on September 26, 2016

The issue a lot of people have with Identity Guard is they don't bother to read basic instructions.

You can log into your service at any time and cancel. You don't even have to talk to anyone. It is the best service I've ever seen to help understand credit scores and fix your credit report without spending hundreds of dollars. The sad truth is that a majority of Americans are incapable of understanding credit, their credit reports, or the fact that when you sign up for a service and get service, it will charge your credit card.

As far as Identity Guard being unable to stop a credit card charge that was fraudulent, if I take my husband's credit card, know all his information, and answer the questions correctly, how does a computer system know the difference? That's probably one of the most poorly thought-out scenarios I've ever heard.

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This company aided in my identity getting stolen

Reviewed By MacKenzie on January 21, 2013

“WOW, just looked at my bank statement.. someone stole my debit card number to sign up for Identity guard-in their name-with my card. You would think being a identity guarding company this wouldn’t happen. Obviously this is proof of Identity Guard is garbage. Im going through hoops to get $20.00 back and my name off their site. THIS COMPANY is terrible. So sick of the phone calls, faxes, and PROBLEMS. they signed up for this company in their name on my card… right in front of them! they wont tell me who did it either.”

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This company is not to be trusted

Reviewed By Andrew  on November 20, 2012, Columbus, Ohio

I am not an Identity Guard customer, but one of their customers once had our telephone number. Identity Guard has disturbed us for over a year with auto-calls searching for this person. I have painstakingly navigated their system in search of an answer; once, I was laughed at and the Identity Guard person hung up on me.

Finally, I sent an e-mail and was assured our number would be removed from the system within 72 hours. That was 13 days ago. Tonight, they called again. How could you ever entrust precious personal and financial information with such an inept and uncaring company?

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Bill F.
July 11, 2013

I am in the trial period and cant connect to the company to cancel. I have read some disturbing things, plus I cant find anywhere on their website how much ill be charged. When I call i get "were sorry all circuits are busy now". I smell a scam.

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