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iBid2Save is a new penny auction website, which claims to give its members the ability to win top brand merchandise at up to 90% off the common retail price, including merchandise not sold on other penny auctions.

A “penny auction” is a specific type of auction in which you must purchase your bids before you can use them. On this website, each bid will cost you a minimum of $.60 each, depending on the size of the bid package you purchase.

Once you have purchased your bids, you can simply choose an item to begin bidding on. However, you must keep in mind that bids are non-refundable; if you lose the auction, you cannot recover those spent bids.

Remember to always keep in mind that the winner of the auction is the final bidder; not the person who bids the most. Users of traditional auctions have difficulty with this at times, resulting in complaints and frustration.

iBid2Save.com is similar to most other penny auction sites in their structure, but they claim that they are different from other penny auction sites in a couple of ways.

First, while they offer a wide selection of different types of items for auction with an emphasis on electronics, just like most penny auction sites, they also offer sporting event and concert tickets, which is not very common on other sites.

Second, they also give their members a chance to “earn” bids by participating in something called their “offer wall.” You choose an item from this wall in which you are interested and then you complete forms and/or a product purchase in exchange for a certain amount of bids.

You can also earn bids by using your social networking sites – Facebook, Twitter – or email to invite your friends and family to also become members. When they create their account, you’ll be given free bids.

Finally, they offer something they call a “Prime” account, which allows its members free Shipping and Handling on all items they win.

When deciding to become a member of a particular penny auction site, you should always do what you can to answer the question, “Is it safe?”

Penny auctions are not illegal, nor are they currently considered a gambling site, but certain sites have gained bad reputations due to their lack of customer service or merchandise issues. Always look for personal reviews of penny auction sites before becoming a member.

If you have any experience with this website, please leave your iBid2Save reviews below.

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12 ‘iBid2Save’ Reviews
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1 Review

Understanding ibid2SAVE

Reviewed By Kacy Fitz on April 12, 2014

Just read all the reviews and left my comments. It took me a bit to figure out the whole auction fee thing at ibid2save, but once I started doing the math I realized this site presented alot of opportunity for me to do well if I was smart. First of all I did my research, these guys have been around for a couple years, so they must be doing something right if they were still around. Most penny auctions dont have alot of stuff up for auction, force you to buy bids, and its super hard to win anything. You just end up buying bids, and most people lose money or are forced to buy the product over retail because they mark up what they really buy it for by like 30-40%. So I just focus on gift cards on those sites, ibid2save does not force you to buy anything including bids. I loved that. I also loved how easy it was to win compared to the other sites. I bought over 170 items so far in the past 2 months and have go everything including gift cards. I have done all my holiday shopping, birthday shopping for my family, and got some cute stuff for me. I love all the ecodes to by the way. They are really some great deals if you win one! I gave 2 cruises I won as gifts to my mom, and my bother's family who had not gone on a vacation in 3 years! They cried they were so happy. Anyways getting too personal. Lets talk ibid. So most people on this review site it seems are sticker shocked when they win and see that they have to pay an auction fee when you check out. My advice is to realize that you are almost always getting promobids included in any auction you win. So if you count the value of those, plus the value of what you won, you really get a great deal if you dont get into a bidding war that goes too high. Out of everything I have won I was happy with what I got for what I paid, especially with all the bids. Now I have a great deal of bids that I can used to win gift cards and maybe a Macbook if Im smart with my bidding. I like that they have an autobidder too by the way. An easy way that I track my progress is on their statistics page which is super cool. Makes it easy to understand. Guessing most people on here dont use that either. Well hope this helps, I found my new home for sure for bidding and having fun. So happy I found ibid2SAVE!

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1 Review

Scam of the century

Reviewed By Karen Deshaies on March 28, 2014

Won an auction for a pedometer which I was happy to pay for since it was only $10.24. I paid and waited and waited and waited then 22 days after I get an email saying "sorry but your item is out of stock, we are willing to give you 250 bids that would otherwise cost 5 dollars more than the retail on the pedometer". This is just ridiculous, how exactly do you auction something you don't actually have than as a compensation you give bids instead of the money? I'm extremely displeased with this site and will not buy anything more from it.

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April 12, 2014

i got this too. I took the bids since it was more than the 10.24, but they also offered a refund which was good.

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1 Review

Unsure on ibid2save vacation

Reviewed By Chelsea Dominowski on March 9, 2014

I bid and won a vacation package for 5 days/4 nights in Florida. I won for a penny and free shipping. I have to pay the auction few which is around $45. Was curious if anyone had purchased anything
Like this from this site and if they actually recieved it or was it a scam?

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Pauline Ferguson
April 04, 2014

I recieved my voucher for a 2night cruise and a buy one get one free flight ticket. have not used them yet but concerned if they are legit or just a bogus vaction and flight package.
anyone know anything of them?

April 12, 2014

Hey guys before I write my review just wanted to say I have received my vacation, cruise, and everything else I have won at ibid2save including gift cards. Just follow the directions on the ecodes that they send you. its the real thing.

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1 Review

A very deceptive scam

Reviewed By Phil Cressey Jr on February 18, 2014, Rowley, Massachusetts

This is a scam plain and simple. Stay away from it. You will be ripped off. They bid against you and drive the bids up. If you win, for example a $200 Walmart card and the winning bid is $178. You have to pay that $178 winning bid PLUS $49.95 for the "value" of the item. PLUS $7.95 for shipping which takes 6 to 8 weeks for delivery. Another words, you are overpaying for the this particular item which you could have easily purchased directly from the seller and saved your self over $40.

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1 Review

This is a site that works as a scam

Reviewed By Tim on January 29, 2014

I bid on a "SUPER TREASURE CHEST" that was supposed to be worth over $750 value and they hit me with an unexpected handling fee on that $750 value to a sum of $38. It took the company over two months to ship out my products and then it was only after I told them I was contacting my States Attorney General. This was supposed to contain 2-4 products. here is what I received.

1. A cheap metal wallet that retails for less then $9

2. A cheap little car charger that is bought in case loads.
Average price.......less then a dollar.

3. A $100 "shopping reward Ecard". That when you went on the
site to validate, you're informed that you "MUST" break this
$100 "ecard" down into 4 $25 ecards. You are then allowed
to pick out your 4 ecards from only 9 sites. NONE are well
known. Each site had NOTHING worth around the $25
"ecard" I supposedly won. In fact all merchandise on these
9 sites were priced at twice what you would normally pay on
any other given site. on top of this, these sites also charged
a high price for shipping. For example A $20 piece of jewelry
was listed at $40 plus an additional $12 for shipping. For me
to redeem my Ecard......I would have to spend additional

This is a scam site that keeps on taking your money. STAY AWAY.

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Andy Yen
March 08, 2014

I agree the article above. We should contact State Attorney General to report this scam company.

April 12, 2014

I won a Super Treasure chest, and must say I was happy with the $100 Shopping e-card. There is plenty of great stuff on the 9 sites that I found very nice. I ordered my stuff and had it at my doorstep in 2 days. yes I had to pay a few bucks over the $100, but did not care because I only paid $38 when I checked out. So doing the math I got the two gadgets, a $100 Shopping ecard and tons of promo bids to try and win gift cards with that were attached to the auction for only $38. I walked away with a great deal in my opinion. I am about to write my review, but wanted to comment on this because i dont think you guys are giving ibid2save a proper review. By the way they give FREE coupons out alot, every other penny auction forces you to buy bids which in my opinion is the real scam.

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