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About Hurricane 360 Spin Mop

Hurricane 360 Spin Mop is a new As Seen on TV product which promises that unlike with traditional mops, customers will never have to bend and strain their backs while mopping the floors.

According to their infomercial, mopping with the Hurricane 360 Spin Mop is as easy as dunking the mop and placing it in the basket of the hands free washer and dryer bucket. Then you use the foot pump to spin the basket with the force of more than 1000 RPMs to drain the excess water from the mop head.

When mopping up spills and cleaning the floor, the microfiber mop head creates a powerful “gravity defying suction that inhales the mess off the floor and into the mop.”  Also, the light metal alloy handle allows you to clean in the corners, baseboards, and underneath the fridge easily and without trouble.

Finally, the website also says that the mop heads are machine washable, making it easy for you to clean them after they’ve gotten dirty, so they can be used repeatedly.

The Hurricane 360 Spin Mop cleaning system includes the mop handle, mop head and the washer/dryer bucket. If you are interested in ordering it, you just need to make two easy payments of $19.99 plus a Shipping & Handling payment of $12.99.

Also, people who have a chance to order from their website during their special promotion, you can receive a $15 As Seen on TV card which you can use for other products on

You can also order an additional spin mop head for an extra $7.99. When you order, please keep in mind that delivery may take 3-6 weeks depending on demand, and that your credit card will not be charged until your items have shipped. If you have any issues or complaints with your order, please call their customer service for help.

If you have any experience with this product, please leave your Hurricane 360 Spin Mop reviews below.

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Charged My card Instantly never received mop

Reviewed By Steve on March 24, 2014

It has been 8 weeks since I ordered this mop.
They said they would not charge my card until the item had shipped.
But they charged my card within 5 minutes of me ordering it.
I have called customer service and they say they have no record of my order and are unable to refund my money, which by the way was 3 times the amount advertised on the commercial.
My advised ***DO NOT BUT THIS MOP***

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July 07, 2014

My 93 year old mom ordered this mop from Telibrand from TV. She got the bucket and mop plus 2 extra heads and the wheels...she only ordered one mop and the bucket for $39.95...her Visa got charged $94.93 and she was enrolled onto TWO shoppers clubs which plan to charge her $17.95 a month each for a year! OMG its just a frigging mop! This is a total rip off and I am going to complain to the BBB. Don't fall for this scam!!!

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They are okay not too bad

Reviewed By Jordan Pigg on March 23, 2014

Customer service is great, but felt the price was a little high. Otherwise, I'm totally satisfied.

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Beverly Dean

Reviewed By Beverly Dean on March 22, 2014

I had the same experience as Mary. I put it together as instructed and the plastic handle would not stay on. I called the company and they refused to send me a new handle unless I returned the one section of it that did not stay on the mop--at my expense and also they insisted it be insured. This a total rip off. They immediately wanted to sell me another one for the same price I paid ($39.95) less the shipping cost. I do not understand their customer service. I will post this on facebook and the internet.

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Hurricane mop handle

Reviewed By mary on August 11, 2013, canada

The hurricane mop handle is a disaster! It is made of plastic
and it comes apart readily even after you have assembled it
according to directions by "turning the handle clockwise' to secure
each section. While using the mop the handle loosens even though
it was tight to start with. Then It falls apart. The top section comes
apart. The middle section comes apart. And the bottom section
comes apart. I am very disappointed with this mop. Even when
you use the spin compartment the mop handle loosens and comes
apart. I do not recommend buying this product. Maybe you will
have a better experience but this to me is not worth the money.
The part that does work is the spin section which does take the excess
water out of the mop and that is a good thing.

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