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How You You Can Find the Best Homeshoring Jobs?


Homeshoring is one of the latest trends in work at home opportunities. This term describes the decentralization of the corporate customer service sector to home based employees. More and more companies are abandoning their large call center facilities in exchange for outsourced independent contractors.

This movement has created many opportunities for stay at home moms, disabled workers, and work at home job seekers to find gainful employment. The companies redirect their sales and customer service calls to the homes of their employees.

Through tracking software installed on their computers they pay out accordingly to how much time you’ve spent on the phone. Some companies also offer bonuses for high sales volume and exceptional performance.

There are several requirements that you need in order to land one of these homeshoring or telecommuting jobs. You will need a decent computer, a dedicated phone line, and usually a small out of pocket charge for the company to perform a background check on you.

There are many benefits to homeshoring for both the workers and the companies. The employer gets more loyal workers who are grateful for the chance to work at home, they get to save on costs of operating a facility, and finally companies see home agents as a way to avoid consumer complaints associated with overseas call centers.

One last thing that you should remember is that the majority of these homeshoring companies will not hire you as an “employee” but as an independent contractor. So when filing your taxes you will need to keep this in mind and be sure to do them correctly.

Over the years I’ve heard from many people struggling to find these legitimate home based jobs. More often than not they end up falling for online scams during their job search. You can’t blame them since these scammers go out of their way to make their opportunities look as legit as possible.




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