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Graves Golf Academy, located at, is an online golf training academy which focuses its training and lessons on the unusual and specific style of past golf champion, Moe Norman.

Recently there has been a growth in the options of online golf training. Golf is widely accepted as a game where many players would likely benefit from a one-on-one coach or trainer, the truth is that these same people often don’t have trouble fitting such a thing into their schedule or into their budget.

This particular online golf academy has an interesting focus, unlike that of many of its competitors. The lessons from their training schools focus on the swing style of Moe Norman, a professional golfer from Canada, who Wikipedia describes as having such accuracy and the ability to hit shots perfectly straight that he was nicknamed “Pipeline Moe.”

While Graves Golf Academy says that Norman’s golf swing was considered “weird” or “unorthodox,” it was also considered “efficient” and “freakishly accurate.” During his career, Norman had 17 hole-in-one’s, 9 double eagles, set over 30 records, and even more.

According to their website, their first five video training sessions can show you the most common mistakes to problems with your swing, simple changes you can make to improve your game, the easiest fixes for a swing which slices, and – of course – an introduction to and explanation of their model, Moe Norman.

Graves Golf Academy offers their training in a variety of different materials. Their package includes DVDs, an eBook, bonus golf videos, slow motion swing videos, a Short Game Solution video, and a Pre-Round Warm Up and Post-Round Stretch Routine.

The website says that this package of materials originally went for over $200, but these days they have adjusted their pricing to be more inclusive. Currently the entire package is priced at $67.

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Excellent ! Game Changing

Reviewed By Richard Hethcox on August 29, 2013, Fayetteville, GA

I'm 65 and had been struggling with my game for a number of years so I decided to do something about it. I had always heard about Moe Norman
and seen his swing on many occasions. I started buying a variety of CD's
about the golf swing and studied each one carefully and trying to implement their instruction. In my early 30-40's I was a single digit handicap and routinely shot in the mid to high 70's. For the last 5-10 years I struggled to break 90 and that was with a few mulligans. I played just really awful one day and really felt like a beginner, quite disgusting for a competitive guy like me. I decided to take the plastic wrapper of that off that Moe Norman Single Plane SOLUTION, I couldn't get any worse.

I literally watched the entire video, took a few notes, and went out by myself on the golf course late that afternoon to give it a shot. No practice and just a few practice swings trying to emulate that swing even though it felt a bit strange at first. My drive was straight and solid! I played 7 holes and hit the ball very solid although a few ugly shots did sneak in there. I'm sold because this is an easy swing to repeat and I can see myself improving rapidly. I was so motivated that I signed up for a club fitting with Cool Clubs in Arizona and just returned a few days ago. Weird looking or not this was an easy transition for me plus no tired back or shoulder after my 4 hour club fitting. It works for me.

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