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About GoFreebies.com

GoFreebies.com is a website which says that it can help people find places online that are currently offering legitimate offers for “freebies,” items which retailers are currently giving away for free.

According to their website, their online directory of freebies is maintained and expanded through their community of online visitors. Their visitors submit links to their site for freebie offers that they know of or that have recently been announced.

Once these links are posted to their site, GoFreebies.com begins the legwork necessary to verify whether or not the link is accurately directing users to legit freebie offers. If they determine that this isn’t the case, they will remove the link.

If the research they do shows that this link does direct users to an actual freebie offer, than that link will be successfully posted to their directory. Once the link is live on their website, their user community keeps the link updated as legit or not.

A freebie link that is legit and results in users receiving free items will receive positive votes from the user community. Links which have been maintained on the website for longer periods of time and have many positive votes are the most reliable freebie offers.

A freebie link that has problems or issues with the offering can be flagged by users. Freebies and advertisements that receive too many "bad flags" are taken down automatically. The flagging method is an additional security measure just in case GoFreebies.com accidentally lets a bad link onto their directory.

The site also offers a page of Free Offers, which are different from “freebies.” These are offers which the visitor can use to acquire some free items if they complete a task for a company. Free Offers are complicated, and some people believe that they are really a ripoff, because if you do not follow their instructions to the exact letter, you often end up paying more money than you earn.

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1 Review

Great site!

Reviewed By Jamie Smith on January 26, 2016

Get lots of free samples, but not all. Its best to click around on their website to find the good ones.

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July 05, 2016

Nothing but a scam. Floods my mailbox and they refuse to take my email address off of their mailing list, after repeated tries. They distribute your email address to dozens of different sites, one worse than the
They need to be taken to the Lubyanka prison so the KGB can put a swift 9 mm shell into the neck of each of their executives necks.

Sorry, that's too good for them.

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Reviewed By Walter Metzger on January 11, 2016, Troy NY

its a big scam never got any thing but ads from other sites to uy there products it sucks

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Reviewed By Barrett on February 3, 2015, Memphis, TN

I went for an ecig free sample, and three months later I have charges for nearly 200.00 for egigs, PLUS 450.00 in magazines. This is a nightmare and I am now bogged down in paperwork trying to get my money refunded to credit card PLUS gjust started getting paper bills for some other service I don't recognize.
They make it sound simple and harmless, but it could not be further from the truth. GO FREEBIES IS EVIL!
Not to mention my mailbox is flooded with GO FREEBIES SPAM!!

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January 11, 2016

haven't received 11 products going back as far as Aug.

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