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Whatever the circumstance may be, companies can find the help they need right from a phone or computer. Gigwalk allows its members to request gigs for small tasks to contracted work. These encompass any services ranging from audits to photography, the sky is the limit. This is an, on-demand, readily available workforce comprised of over 50,000 individuals across all 50 states.

Businesses can connect with people through Gigwalk to get the help they need by simply posting a gig opportunity when the need for help arises. The Gigwalk mobile application, available on iPhone, Android or the Blackberry, makes it easy request gigs from anywhere at any time. Any company who posts a gig must provide a fully detailed description of the work that needs to be completed, a due date, the gig location and the price of the job.

To become a gig provider, also known as a Gig Walker, and start earning extra cash you must setup an account profile. The profile should accurately and thoroughly describe your skills, educational background and work experience to be considered and accepted for gigs. The more you have to offer the gig requesters, the more opportunities you will have. You can browse gigs through the network and apply for the ones that you want. You must also go to the location of the gig in order to be accepted, this policy of the program was implemented so everyone has a chance to make money; one person cannot take all of the posted gigs.

If you receive good reviews on completed work, you will slowly build up your profile and increase your exposure. Gig Walkers can earn “Street Cred” points for good reviews and by doing “pro-bono” tasks to create an image of reliability. With more “Street Cred” points you are able to access higher levels of achievement to unlock a succession of higher paying gigs.

The amount of money per gig can pay anywhere from $3.00-$90.00, some have even been more than $100.00. Gigwalk requesters and Gigwalk providers must have a PayPal account to pay for the work and to receive payment for completing the work. Payment is required upfront for all requests. The money is distributed to all of the parties involved in the transaction. Gigwalk takes a percentage of the payment for their services; in addition, fees for PayPal are also deducted. Once the Gig Walker has completed a job they will be paid after a review on their quality of work has been posted by that gig requester.

The great thing about this service is that it is bringing jobs back into the local work force. With the high unemployment rate, and the need for an immediate local workforce, it is a great temporary fix that benefits everyone. Whether unemployed or employed, there are opportunities to make money; you can take on as many gigs as you want to. This is a nice flexible work option for both the Gig Requesters and the Gig Walkers.

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Reviewed By gene  on March 29, 2014, ct

I conducted 2 photo shoots for a lays potato chip display and submitted them on the 2 consecutive days and I was paid within 12 hours. I think the concept is being missed, for the amount of money paid I don't think it is prudent to go out of your way to do them, I located gigs in the area I'm in at the time, or group a few of them together.

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Sounds Like Mystery Shopping

Reviewed By Joe So on February 6, 2014, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Yeah it sounds alot like the mystery shopping emails I get. Unless I can land a certain amount of gigs per day,and they're not already snatched up,it really isn't worth the few dollars. I need a steady paycheck at this point in life.

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No Gigwalkers here

Reviewed By Bobbi Ownes on January 1, 2014

Everyone is complaining about this company. Did you keep a copy of all your gigs? Believe me they have receive payment for the jobs you've completed. Gigwalk don't respond to anyone questions but their clients, not even paypal. I filed a complaint with Google Play concerning Gigwalk and their app for not paying. The concept is great but very bad people. Here is the account's manger name,,

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January 09, 2014

Was that suppose to be in English? If your reviews read like this one, I can see your problem.

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Fool's errand

Reviewed By p. leroy on September 10, 2013, Bel Air, Maryland

I just received my first assignment, to photograph some bags of potatoes at Wegman's. The product wasn't there, and according to the produce manager and customer service, they had never seen anything like it. I reported this to Gigwalk, and I received an email from them stating that they had decided to take me off the assignment. What? I don't even understand what that means, especially since the assignment is still posted. So, including travel time, I spent 45 minutes for nothing.

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p. leroy
September 12, 2013

I contacted Gigwalk about this situation, and they were surprisingly nice about rectifying the problem. I guess I should have given them a chance before I started spouting off about them. Sorry Gigwalk.

Jeff M
November 05, 2013

I have had the same problem with Gigwalk. I signed up for a gig, went there, they were closed. I logged in and left a comment indicating that I took all exterior pictures but couldn't take interior pic's until the next day because they were closed. No feedback from them just a notice saying I was removed from the gig. They do this all the time. Very unresponsive to communications but very quick to just kick you off your gigs. Further, in my area there are very few gigs. I signed up for three, completed 1, could not complete the second as mentioned and the third was 15 miles from my location. I left a message saying I would complete on the next day...Booted off the Gig. For $5? They can keep it.

February 06, 2014

Sounds like the kind of luck I usually have;

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Reviewed By Lisa on September 8, 2013, Indiana

I signed up for a gig to take a photo of a new appliance and the sales receipt. I was told my photos were not clear enough so I took more and sent them in. A couple days later I was told I did not follow directions and I was not paid. I thought, well maybe I didn't...
Then a month later I get junk mail wanting to sell me insurance and the appliance I did the gig on. Yep, scam.

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September 11, 2013

I've been having problems getting paid for a gig I did. I heard other people say that they were great and even have some close friends that got paid by them, however I've been going round and round with them about a $100.00 gig I performed. I will not do anything for them again.

January 01, 2014

who did you work for, check your emails. Maybe I can help you get your money

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