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About Fuel Rewards Network

With a reward card from the Fuel Free Network you can save money on each gallon of gasoline you purchase. This program is free to join, simply sign up online and request a card to be sent by mail. Another way to obtain a card is by visiting a participating Shell station that will have them readily available for you.  If you decide to retrieve the card from a Shell station you must then activate and link your rewards number, located on the card, to your online Fuel Rewards Network account.  
By using the account number on the card to make purchases, you can earn rewards that, on average, save you 30¢ per gallon. Savings are easily obtainable because you can combine all of your earned reward points to save the maximum amount of money on gas. There are over 700 online retailers, 1400 retail locations, and over 10,000 restaurants who participate in the rewards program. 
You may browse FuelRewardsNetwork.com to find a list of these participants. In addition there is an iPhone and android application. This application enables you to view your rewards while on the go and search for stores and restaurants nearby.
Being part of the Fuel Rewards Network program also affords you with E–coupons for savings at participating grocery stores. These coupons are viewable on their website and are updated on a regular basis. To ensure these coupons are applied to your purchase, you must add your pre-registered grocery store loyalty card number to your online Fuel Rewards account. When you link the card to your account these savings will automatically be applied to your purchase during checkout.
To simplify the process of earning rewards, use your online account to merge all of your loyalty cards, credit cards and store membership account numbers into a single database. The convenience of doing this enables you to shop and spend without having to present your Fuel Rewards Network during checkout. 
The current promotion offered by Fuel Rewards Network, when you sign up, is an immediate savings of 3¢ per gallon of fuel. Each time you fuel at the pump, the rewards points you have accumulated, that have not expired, will be limited to 20 gallons of gasoline per transaction.
Saving money on fuel with the Fuel Rewards Network continues to gain popularity, even more so today as gas prices continue to rise. Online reviews were positive; members were pleasantly surprised and pleased with the savings they earned on gas and on groceries. The Fuel Rewards Network program provides small bits of financial relief that add up to big savings.

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fuel rewards network

Reviewed By Don Numinen on May 28, 2015

now that its limited to 20 gallons at a time its hardly worth the hassle to keep up with. Their drive for 5, 5 cent discount stops at 50 dollars total, so if you want to slide two cards in every time you get gas for 50 cents and only buy at shell who seems to be 5 cents higher than others locally its a fine deal. Marketing at its best not worth the hassle

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Reviewed By Will Everett on August 29, 2014

Stick with the direct grocery store or gasoline company card programs. FRN is a ripoff - tried to use the rewards I accumulated at a Shell station member of FRN and told those points were not applicable as I got them in another state. Ridiculous.

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December 06, 2014

Exactly another state... maybe check the rules .. but Hey . I live in Florida.. FRN has been fantastic to me.. with over 600 online stores to choose from I'll buy something online at Target , pick it up local pre paid and get gas discounts.. 4 times this month I paid the lowest u can on gas.. 11 cents. (the minumum) and have never paid full retail on gas since.. ! saved a least a 600 in gas if not more so far!

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