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Freeflys, located online at, is a company which provides people with the ability to sign up for access to free samples from a variety of different categories at absolutely no cost.

In order to join Freeflys, you must provide them with your name, address, gender, email, and birthday. Once they have this information, they are then able to put you in contact with the companies you most want to receive samples from.

They can give you access to grocery store samples, like coffee, tea, sweeteners; beauty product samples, like skin care, hair care, cosmetics; kids’ products, like toys, formula, clothing; and health products, like diet and wellness items. And they give this ability for no charge whatsoever.

You have the ability to get these free samples because major companies benefit from handing them out. If they give you a free sample that you like, they can create a new customer who is loyal to their product or brand. This one free sample may result in long term profits for them. does not actually provide you with the free samples themselves. Instead, they give you a place to sign up for the free samples you are most interested in so the companies can supply them directly to you.

This means two things. First, that you must frequently visit their site in order to sign up for new sample opportunities to continue getting samples, and second, that you are releasing your information to a company who can then contact you with special offers and promotions.

The good news is that there is never any limit on the number of free samples that you can receive from this website. If you sign up for a sample and there are still quantities available, then you will be eligible to receive them.

You can also use Freeflys to find coupons for stores in your area, simply by inputting your local zip code. These coupons are also free.

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