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Is FreebieForce.com legit or a FreebieForce Scam...?


Freebie Force (FreebieForce.com) is a website that combines online discounts and giveaways with an MLM style earning opportunity.  The program allows members to take advantage of a variety of online giveaways, incentive offers, and coupon codes.

The types of products and services that you can get from Freebie Force range from free coffee to discounted air travel.  Each week you log into the members area where the featured Freebies are listed along with easy to follow instructions.

The membership for Freebie Force will cost you $9.95 per month, and gets you access to freebies and the income opportunity.  In order to make money with Freebie Force you will have to promote the opportunity and recruit more members to build your down line in a 5 x 7 style matrix. For every person that you recruit you'll earn $1 a month down 7 levels.

The FreebieForce opportunity sounds like an easy way to make a residual income, but you need to remember that your referrals must keep an active membership.  As soon as they stop paying you stop making money, and as with most MLMs the turnover rate is high.

The FreebieForce promoters will tell you that everyone stays on because you recoup your monthly fees in savings.  That's partly true but not all of the freebies offered are truly fee, for instance many of the offers require you to sign up for services or open savings accounts with certain deposit amounts.

The other thing that they don't tell you is that Freebie Force doesn't deal in exclusive savings offers, meaning all of the discounts/coupons/freebies can be found online for free.  In fact the coupon industry is teeming with sites giving away these types of offers without the monthly fee.

What you're paying FreebieForce.com for is simply the convenience factor of listing some of these offers in one place, and the opportunity to profit from promoting Freebie Force memberships.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints for 'Freebie Force'


Average Rating is 2.75 out of 5 based on 26 reviews.

hcharry   mars

6:33pm on March 7th, 2011 

this program is garbage. i was referred by a guy named kevin quigley and even when i sent emails introducing myself and asking how to get started i was ignored. and he was referred by rachel long who was supposed to be some pyramid scheme goddess for a good while.

anyway, the site had some good freebies for a bit but then there were less and less and of less value. and it was most recently like $10 a month but before it was like $70 to enroll and $30 a month and the pyramid structure was even worse. it was total garbage.

i'm glad i was able to cancel but i think now they started up the company again and it's called THAT FREE THING. so stay away from it.

anonymous   California

7:47am on January 22nd, 2011 

Just look them up on the better business bureau.


Chuck   West Virginia

3:15pm on June 24th, 2010

Is this company still in business?
What is going on with it?

Alice Dorning   Vancouver, WA

10:23am on July 9th, 2009 

I hate this company. We tried to cancel numerous times and could never reach anyone via e-mail or phone. I will be contacting the attorney general in Colorado.

Elisha Martin   Dallas, Tx

11:12pm on April 9th, 2009 

I used to be a member of this site. I was with them for about three months. After I initially signed p for all the freebies that I liked or qualified for, there seemed to be very little added on a daily or even weekly basis. I received quite a few things from this site. I never promoted it, so as far as making money was concerned, I don't know. I was willing to pay for the site because it was fun for a while, then I just got board.

Leslie Walters   Sapulpa, OK

9:33am on April 9th, 2009 

I have just started with Freebie Force this week.

Firstly, there IS a way to cancel your account. When you log into your account, you click on the button for the "Back office" and then click main menu, and there is an option right there that says "cancel your account". You don't even have to call someone to cancel, you can do it right from your own account if you so choose.

Secondly, although this is not an exhaustive list of freebies (there are some blogs out there with freebies listed that Freebie Force misses), they do add current ones daily, and I have signed up for about 30 or more of them already. Plus, you can submit freebies that you find and win $1000 for your efforts.

So far, not bad. I look forward to growing with the company.

getffstuff   Gresham, OR

5:32pm on March 17th, 2009 

The only ones who are writing positive remarks must be buddy buddy with the owners. I can't even access the page to cancel my damned account!

I AM turning the matter over to my attoney and start proceedings to sue the H out of them!

I don't like scammers and this is what it has turned out to be. Especially when they take your money, won't let you cancel, and offer garbage!

Eleanor Meyering   Yucaipa, CA 92399

11:06am on March 11th, 2009 

This is a SCAM !! I, like Amy in the comments above, have been trying to reach someone, for five months. Finally got through to Anna who promised me I am canceled. I have never used it, and do not want it being billed on my Visa card every month FOR NOTHING. She assured me I was canceled, and this month's bill shows me charged AGAIN. I will be going to my Visa provider for help today, but feel more like getting a lawyer. Help. Let me off of your billing list----NOW.

Seth Fraser   Denver

11:35am on March 3rd, 2009 

@ Karen in Seattle:

The phone number for our support line is (303) 586-1523. There are customer service representatives available Monday - Friday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Mountain Time.

I am sorry you haven't been able to get your account cancelled, please call this number and we will take care of you.

I'm not going to comment on the merits of a program that I am the owner of in this forum, but I thought I would post this as a bit of assistance to those who haven't seen the phone number for support posted on our site.

Take care everyone.

Karen   Seattle

1:12pm on February 15th, 2009 

I've been trying for over 2 weeks to talk with someone from customer service to no such luck. I've left messages, absolutely no return calls,can not email as no link, can not sign into my account as it has been locked... can not sign into my website as it will not connect.

Now just want to cancel and can not.... not a very good source of free stuff.... unless it is stuff that you do not use and would not use except it is for free

Tony Zavala   Ames, IA

1:47am on February 1st, 2009 

Look at all the comments that these people are saying about how good this company is. Notice something?

1. they are all rated at 5 starts.

2. they all have perfect grammar, punctuation, and capitalization.

can you say "pyramid scheme"?

rule of thumb: If it is to good to be true, then it is a scam.

If you want to make money in this world go to college!

Larry Williams   Western Kansas

5:40pm on January 2nd, 2009 

I love this company and I am making money with it, It is still in it's infancy wait till it grows up WOW

Gail Levine   Victorville, CA

10:25am on December 20th, 2008 

I joined Freebie Force on Feb. 6, 2008. This is an AWESOME company! I'm earning $500 - $700 a month in addition to the hundreds of dollars in freebies that I get every single month.

Gail Levine

Amy   Yucaipa, Ca

6:05pm on December 17th, 2008 

Trying to get in contact with Freebieforce is nearly impossible!! I have been trying to get out and get them to stop charge my Credit Card and their phone number on my Credit Card statement is 303-719-1341, CO. It is only a busy signal. I have been dialing scores of times, now for two months to get them to STOP! And I can't. At this stage, I would NOT recommend you're involvement with Freebieforce. When a company does not make itself available for contact, it's probably a rip off. I'm sorry my friend talked me into it!

John Edwards   Florida

5:41pm on December 3rd, 2008 

I have been in FreebeeForce for about 3 months and I have been making money ever since. I have only had to pay the $9.95 once out of pocket ever since then I have been making money. I really don't have time to order free products. When I slow down from making money then I will take the time to order the free products.

Barry Sparks   Calgary,Canada

9:33am on November 16th, 2008 

To Ricci Clarke in Denver.There is a link where you can go and cancel your membershiip.Sign in and click on customer support.It will have the link there.

Rikki Clarke   Denver,CO

1:02pm on November 4th, 2008 

tried to cancel they just keep taking money from my account. I have e-mailed Left messages on phone number listed with whois to no avail.
I would NOT Recommend this company.

Joe Walsh   Sacramento, CA

12:43pm on October 29th, 2008 

Trying to get in contact with Freebieforce is nearly impossible!! I have been trying to get out and get them to stop charge my Credit Card and their phone number on my Credit Card statement is 303-719-1341, CO. It is only a busy signal. I have been dialing scores of times, now for two months to get them to STOP! And I can't. At this stage, I would NOT recommend you're involvement with Freebieforce. When a company does not make itself available for contact, it's probably a rip off. I'm sorry my friend talked me into it! Joe, Sacramento

Bary Sparks   Calgary

1:40pm on October 22nd, 2008 

Hello all.I joined the freebieforce a month ago and most of the freebies are only for US citizens.As I live in Canada,almost every "freebie"I try to get does not apply to me.With the phase 3 launch,they were sayiong that it would become international and have your own city in there.Well all they have for Canada is Toronto which is 3000 miles from where I live which is Calgary.
My membership expired today and they couldn't renew it because I used a prepaid credit card to join.
I have been trying to contact my upline for support with no success so I'll just forget it for now.
They should keep in touch with their new members.I guess its a good deal if you live in the United States.But I can't refer my Canadian friends to it because there isn't very many freebies availiable for them.(There are a couple-not enough to join I'd say)

Barbara Phillips   New York

2:42pm on October 19th, 2008 

I love Freebie Force, they have loads of different free stuff, plus you can make residual income with a 5x7 matrix. My upline person is great she helps us
in promoting with walk thrus and she even made gateway pages for us and a tesimonial page. She will also call your tour takers if you dont want too.
This is a great program and our team is the best.

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