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About EverydayFamily.com

EverydayFamily.com is an online community of people who are sharing the experience of parenting created by a young father-to-be and currently run as a family business.

EverydayFamily.com is a place for both experts and parents who have advice and helpful information to share, as well as for parents and parents-to-be who are seeking guidance and support, from the stages of pre-conception to preschool, and more.

The website offers informational sources, articles, interactive forums and a regularly updated blog. It also offers interactive tools, personalized content and even member rewards like grocery store coupons, and opportunities to get free items and products for your baby.

For each stage of parenthood, EverydayFamily.com offers different areas of advice as well as helpful tools. Their Pre-Conception area, for example, has an Ovulation Calendar, Tips for Getting Pregnant, and articles for parents who are having trouble conceiving.

But EverydayFamily.com doesn’t stop their services at the parent/child relationship. They also have a section to help you and your spouse maintain a healthy relationship as well, with articles on Relationship Wellness, Recipes, Health & Fitness, and Money issues.

Signing up for membership is completely free and comes with regular benefits, such as the weekly newsletter, a personalized everyday portal, and all the member rewards provided by EverydayFamily.com.

After you become a member at EverydayFamily.com, they will use the personal information you give them to provide you with targeted ads and specialized offers, but they will not sell or share your information with third party companies unless you request that they do so.

If you have experience with this website, please leave your EverydayFamily.com reviews below.

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4 ‘EverydayFamily.com’ Reviews
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Reviewed By Moira on August 31, 2016

I received an email from Everyday Family about "freebies" I could sign up that were targeted at new mom. Unfortunately, ever since signing up I am receiving daily SPAM calls from fraudulent companies. This has been going on for a few weeks now and it is absolutely absurd. Totally untrustworthy.

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Very cruel and sick joke

Reviewed By Wayne Balcom on October 27, 2013

My wife is unable to have children and I believe a family member has signed me up as a very sick joke. My email is ltbalcom@aol.com could you please remove me. We have also received coupons in the mail for baby formula if you have a mailing list could I be removed from that as well. This has been extremely painful for my wife if there is any way you can block my name from being used that would be greatly appreciated.

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April 08, 2014

We’re terribly sorry to hear someone has used your information in such a manner. We would be more than happy to unsubscribe you, however we believe you may have us confused with another company. We do not show an EverydayFamily account with your name or ltbalcom@aol.com email address. If you are receiving communication from our company, EverydayFamily, to a different email account please send communication from that account to memberservices@everydayfamily.com and we will be glad to assist. We recommend you contact the companies directly who you are receiving coupons, baby formula, and things from so that they can remove you from their lists. Best wishes to you and your wife.

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I too enjoy everydayfamily

Reviewed By Mrs. Whyte on October 25, 2013

trying to get pregnant, pregnant, toddler, etc; this site is great and i have and do enjoy it.

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Great information and community!

Reviewed By Miriam on December 6, 2012, Santa Rosa, CA

I love all of the quality pregnancy information this site has. I thoroughly enjoy the newsletter emails they send me. The articles are unique, fascinating, educational, eye-opening, entertaining. I found it so helpful to learn about my pregnancy and my baby as I was going through it.

I was browsing through the "EverydayFamily CARES" portion of the site the other day, that lists all the various charities in which the organization participates, and they contribute to a lot!!!!!

Thank you for running this site, EverydayFamily!

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