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Learning English

Reviewed By Erjet on April 18, 2016, USA

I have been trying these last months to find a suitable way to teach my son English language. Here I found the best and the easiest methods to learn my son who is a fresh starter. I will keep using next levels books in order for my son to progress further with English.

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Effective Online Learning

Reviewed By Isabelle on February 24, 2012, ┬ĘPau, South West France

I've spent a lot of time trying to find cost-effective ways of providing English training for my employees and finally I think I've found it. I worked for a while with a very good quality training company EFP and we were very happy with the courses they were running for us. Unfortunately, our language training budget was cut and we thought we were going to have to cut down on the number of people we trained but the owner of the company actually came to us to present us with a new training solution from a new company - eflexenglish - 120 business, progessional skills and general English grammar lessons online which we incorporate into blended learning packages to allow our students to do as many hours of training but at a great value price as there are fewer face to face classes with students doing a lot of self study online. The telephone or face to face classes using a virtual classroom are, I believe, an essential way to motivate people to keep working online. It's nice to be given some genuine encouragement from real people and also means you can practice and validate the language you've been working on. The teachers also provide great feedback and advice about which units to work on next.

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March 15, 2012

Another fake review by an owner...

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