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Not worth

Reviewed By Francis Columbus on September 23, 2014

So glad about the warnings, their list is just crap, little shops and prices ex vat means + 20% on all prices and no chance to compete. Cheap and worthless.

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2 Reviews

Not at all worth

Reviewed By Michael on September 22, 2014

I joined dropshipland.com a year ago and with out notice, they charged my cc. I wasted months fighting for a refund without result. Just a bunch of conmen.

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1 Review

Sacm scam

Reviewed By sean on April 2, 2014

Ianobby the samaritan … who in their right mind would post the same fake review throughout the internet.. This site has been scamming newbies for years. Same scam as previous owner, see:


The owner shifted ownership to the US to avoid VAT. Avoid like the plague, not a dropshipper, just an intermediary who makes money from hosting fees and by marking up prices. They have been scamming for years and are very good at fooling newbies.

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April 16, 2014

You have a go at me for posting the same truthful review throughout the internet and here you are doing the same with your FAKE review...what an idiot you are....Here are some FACTS for you, Check companies house UK for ONLINE WEBTRADERS UK LIMITED whom own Dropshipland, it is registered in the UK and was incorparated on the 20/02/2013 FACT!!!!

The Dropshipland website is hosted in the UK as per the following link FACT!!!


Now if they were registered in the US, why would they host their site in the UK....now they are the facts, so I suggest you go back and tell your boss at eSources whom owns the above forum link that you posted and is well known for posting fake reviews all over the internet, that this company is under new ownership as stated in my previous truthful review.

April 19, 2014

This company is funnelling funds to the US to cheat VAT, real company name Premier Website Services, US based.

Hosting company, NOT a dropshipper, beware.

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Not a Scam

Reviewed By Ian on March 25, 2014

This company was taken over in February 2013 and most bad reviews I have read online were posted online way before this, so all this information is incorrect as it is not relevant to the current owners. They are most definitely not a scam as I use them as one of my suppliers along with others and before I am asked, not on a website as I sell using other methods. I have had no issues since I joined. I had seen some of the bad reviews but had also read that most had been written by a competitor to discredit the company, so I chose to ignore them and very glad I did!
They clearly state the costs and what is offered on their website and it is your responsibility to make sure that you read it correctly before joining, if unsure of anything then email and ask, it's as simple as that!
As with any business, online or offline, it is up to you to make it work and therefore you can not blame the company that supply you the tools to help run your business, as that is just unfair and completely wrong in my opinion.

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August 12, 2014

The people behind this site are renown to be hard core fraudsters. They fake testimonials. Here is one site they used to run:


In all likelihood, the positives here were posted by them too, just like all the fake testimonials they use. One has to wonder why there is never any mention of a url to verify the claims (one poster claims he sells elsewhere, yeah right, where? Facebook? Share your facebook url so that we can all verify).

My advice is to stay far away from crooks like this, they have been spreading false information for years to fill their own pockets. They have 0 interest in other people, their priority is to pocket money and they will go to any length to get it.

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1 of my Unlucky Customers fell in to this nasty scam they have

Reviewed By Chris Couling on October 4, 2012, Preston England

Ok well 1 of my customers came in to my shop and told me that he had set a computer website up were they update the stock for you I said that sounds good I hope it all works out for you I asked him who he had set it up with and he said dropshipland.com I said well to him O dear me he has fell in to this scam they have going they should be shut down I told him he been scammed it cost him £80 pound to set it up and they he had to play for hosting with he did not mind he said but I told that you will not ever sell any of the products on your site I'm very sorry to say look at the prices they charge compared to what we charge he was so amazed when he saw our prices and their or his prices anyway I told him try and get your money back if you can now this is were it all get very nasty and yes I hope someone from dropshipland dose see this because your all t***s you should be in the nick so you can not scam anyone else he sent an email to them asking for his money back and guess what no reply so he sent another email and yet again he did not get a response back so he phoned them after spending over 2 hours on the phone he got a response from them and they said no to him so I told him to file a charge back in his paypall account so he did and then yes he got a response from them I will not say what it was it's to nasty to put on here trust me put anyway he did not get his money back he came back into my shop and told about all of this and showed the email he got back from them I could not believe it how they could send someone such a nasty email so 2 weeks past his charge back that he had filed in paypall had passed so we gave him the £80 back he had lost because we felt so sorry for him I really wish he would of told me before he was setting his account up with them and I would of said to him don't go their they really are the biggest scammers ever they should all be shut down.

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