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About DraftStreet.com

DraftStreet.com is a website which describes itself as being “everything you love about Fantasy Sports,” and gives people access to every kind of fantasy sports league they may be looking for.

This website lets their members choose whichever sport they like for their league, their draft style, the duration, size, and entry fee. The fantasy leagues available for draft include the NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL.

Once you’ve chosen your sport, you can choose to use a traditional draft style or a salary cap draft. Choosing the salary cap draft means you will not have to wait for others to join the league; you can pick a team in under five minutes.

With a traditional format, you must wait for others to join and the league to fill up before drafting. Also, once you are part of a completed league, you will not be able to drop out, because it would negatively affect the rest of the league.

Leagues are categorized as either free or money leagues. Money leagues have entry fees which range from $5 to $215. They range in size from two to ten players, or are guaranteed prize pools which allow for hundreds of users.

Because fantasy sports sponsored by websites like DraftStreet or DraftKings.com are considered “Games of Skill,” they do not fall into the category of gambling; therefore money made online in fantasy leagues is legal. However, if you manage to withdrawal more than $600 from your account in a calendar year, they will have to report your earnings to the IRS for tax purposes.

DraftStreet also has a downloadable app for your mobile devices so that you can keep track of all the leader boards, or make whatever changes you may need to in real time.

Finally, if you learned about DraftStreet through one of their television or radio advertisements, you can use their promo codes to sign up and receive a short term bonus.

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