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Dr. Wayne Dyer is an author and speaker in the field of “self-development,” whose website, DrWayneDyer.com, says that his body of work has led his fans to call him the “father of motivation.”

Dr. Dyer has his doctorate in Educational Counseling, and has published over thirty books, recorded multiple audio programs and videos, and – according to his website – has appeared on thousands of television and radio shows.

The website also says that nine of his books, including one which was a New York Times bestseller, have been featured as National Public Television specials.

Dr. Wayne Dyer says his main message, through all of his works, is that it is possible for every person “to manifest their deepest desires, if they honor their inner divinity, consciously choose to live from their ‘Highest Self,’ and practice the steps” outlined in his presentations.

His website includes a blog, list of books and products, his upcoming events like retreats and seminars, his audio/video/podcast recordings, articles and news, and a “daily inspiration.” You can also sign up for free e-news and a meditation stream.

Though Dr. Dyer has received a wide variety of complaints and criticism from people in the field who don’t agree with his approach to self-development, he has addressed this on his website, explaining that when you can stop worrying about whether or not people will like you, you will be in a “freeing place” in your life.

Dr. Dyer tries to teach these same skills and ideas to his clients and customers through all of his products. All purchases of products from his website, including tickets to retreats and seminars, are processed through HayHouse.com.

HayHouse.com details their Return Policy as accepting a return of all products within 90 days of their purchase, except for tickets to “Author Events,” which are non-refundable. So keep this in mind when making arrangements to attend any of his upcoming events.

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