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About Dice.com

Dice.com calls themselves the “Career Hub for Tech,” and they are currently one of the most well regarded job search sites on the internet for people looking for jobs within the information and technology industry.

Unlike other job search sites that act as aggregates of job openings collected throughout the internet, Dice.com is a job search site only for jobs within the IT industry. Despite their very specific niche, however, Dice.com still lists over 85,000 jobs on their site.

And though 85,000 jobs may be small compared to bigger, better known sites such as Monster.com and CareerBuilder.com, since Dice.com is such an industry specific site, they still list jobs from some of the biggest and most well respected companies in the IT industry.

When searching for jobs, you can look by the date of job opening, a specific keyword, location, company, skill set, or even for telecommuting and travel positions.

Like other job search sites, Dice.com also always you to post your resume, receive email alerts about job openings, save jobs that you like to your account, and even follow updates on discussions in their forums.

But Dice.com is not just a job search site. They also offer a blog and a newsletter to which you can subscribe. These include articles about the tech industry in general, as well as tips and guidance on getting the job you want in the industry.

Finally, they also offer forums where you can discuss issues with other IT job seekers, as well as frequently updated posts that inform their members about current news and announcements made within the IT field.

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I question the legitimacy of this site

Reviewed By Ricardo De La Garza on September 10, 2014

So I signed up with Dice because I'm looking for a new career. It seemed legit. The very next day I received an email that seemed promising. I responded that I was interested in the position and requested more information. I received an email response that asked about 12 questions. A couple of the questions were "What is your full name" and "What is your email ID". Well, 1) my full name is listed on the Dice account they accessed in the first place and 2) they emailed me the questions so they already had my email ID. I wrote back asking if they were serious. I have not heard back. I just received another email about another position. I responded and have not heard back. Dice seems to be a gathering of scammers and suspicious activity. Maybe not everyone on it, but so far it's been a joke. Even the "About Dice.com" article above is ridiculous. Just beware if you decide to use their site.

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IT Trainer

Reviewed By Lucy on May 22, 2013

A Rep called 10 times every hour stating he was a representative and asked for my ssn and dob. I declined and received a call back in 30 mins with a different rep and stating I could email my ssn and dob. It is a scam

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Reviewed By OMG!!! on February 11, 2013, Middle America

Bottom line, this site is NO DICE to me. That's all I have to say...along with one lost resume with my personal credentials on it.

Who knows what identity thief (or thieves) have it now?

Just not happy with this site, period. No more questions and no more fake job searching with them.

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