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CyberWize Review


CyberWize is a network marketing company founded in 1998 by Mark and Jeanine McCool out of Sarasota, Florida.  The current business opportunity allows people to buy and market nutritional supplements, water filtration devices, and business management products.

Although, at the real heart of CyberWize is Tunguska Blast, a nutritional drink that has quite a remarkable background story.  The ingredients found in the Tunguska Blast come from the Tunguska River Valley of Siberia, Russia.

What makes this location and these ingredients special is that after an unexplained event in 1908, which some think was a meteor crash, the area's vegetation exploded in growth.  CyberWize uses several plants from that region to make their drink and they claim that it has amazing health benefits.

Some folks have reported that they have benefited from the CyberWize health and wellness products but there is no real evidence.  Furthermore, from a legal standpoint they can't, and don't, make claims about any of their products having curative powers.

Now, regarding the CyberWize.com business opportunity and other Network Marketing schemes there are several things you should know.  After many lawsuits against these types of companies, laws have been passed that prevent them from making false income statements.  Moreover they have to reveal how much their members are making in a full income disclosure statement.

Basically this means that a CyberWize rep can't tell you that they're making a 100k a year unless they can prove it, and if not then they're breaking the law.  The CyberWize income disclosure statement is very revealing and explains why many people call it a CyberWize scam.  This is posted on the CyberWize website.

In 2006-2007, 39,039 IBOs were reported to have had at least one sale.  The average annual income for all these IBOs in 2006-2007 was $405.43, the median income was $125.63 and during this period 74% received no income at all.

If you consider the start up costs that means the majority of people are losing money after joining CyberWize.  This type of break down is fairly standard for Multi Level and Network marketing companies.  The top 0.1% are making the serious money, 10% making good money, 20% barely hanging in, and 70% making no money.

When you attend meetings and sales pitches CyberWize reps will make it seem like it's very possible to reach that top echelon.  Yet realistically it's very difficult to duplicate that kind of success unless you're getting in at the ground level of a company.  And along the way you will have to face a lot of rejection, selling to friends and family, and mounting business fees.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints for 'CyberWize'


Average Rating is 3.21 out of 5 based on 30 reviews.

robert   n cal

2:18am on July 20th, 2010 

Me and my wife got in to cyberwize a little over 5 years ago... we where doing good in the business... the blast as some people called it does work .... we had to make some changes in are life and did not have the time to put in to doing the business... i wish that one of had stayed doing this .... we put about 2000.00 dollars in to getting started and in 4 to 6 months we made that back and then some ... as i was reading this some people think that you pay money and then you start making money ...that's not the way it works .... if you open a store and are never there to work it how long do you think that the door is going to stay open ...i can tell you not long .. we worked the business for about 1 year and it paid us for about 1 year after we stopped doing the business.... it all comes down too if you don't have the time to put in to it then don't waste their time and your money ... and then come on here and bad mouth something you know NOTHING ABOUT ..

Mr x   Florida

11:54pm on October 1st, 2009 

I just heard about CyberWise and I feel that the products look ok. Im a bit skeptical about the sign up fee, however, they say that you can choose how much u want to sign up for.. i know a few people who have made money with them.. I have done this kind of business before and agree its what u put in. I made it big in Melaleuca before I had some changes in my life that caused me to stop by business with them. Now im ready to get back out there so Im looking for a good business with a reasonable sign up.

Andy   Miami

12:52pm on September 30th, 2009 

Itís funny how pro Cyberwize comments receive top ratings while negative comments all receive low ratings. I wonder whoís reading these comments and trying to influence others perception of this company. Typical "pyramid scheme" tactics. They feed on gullible people who just donít get that becoming rich is incredibly hard. We would all be millionaires if these things actually worked. Just use common sense people!

khalid   united kingdom

7:06pm on August 20th, 2009 

I've been with Cyberwize for 5 months and its not easy to get people to spend a $1000 for the executive level and then do the auto-ship. A lot of people in my downline quit because they don't know how to market and they're just spending on products they can't sell.All i see is that the people at the top are getting richer and the company! So i chose JVG which is a new company and they dont require that you go on Auto-Ship and its affordable to start.

Amy   Maryland

11:12am on August 15th, 2009 

Where to begin? I friend of mine got me into Cyberwize. They poured their heart and soul into the company. The company took everything they gave. They spent thousands of dollars starting the program up in Singapore. THOUSANDS that eventually they recouped but in the process the entire chain of command came crashing down and they left the company with thousands of points in volume they could have cashed in. I have found that when you try to network market, you have to be a pit bull. That is ok if all you want is money and not friends. You become scared to pick up the phone and people run when they see you. You tend to become predatory. So if you are successful, then great. You have a great quality of life and if you can pull it off, fine. But I prefer to have a "JOB" and the respect of family and friends. My friends chose loyalty and they got screwed.

Hannibal   SRQ

9:16pm on August 2nd, 2009

"What makes this location and these ingredients special is that after an unexplained event in 1908, which some think was a meteor crash, the area's vegetation exploded in growth. CyberWize uses several plants from that region to make their drink and they claim that it has amazing health benefits."

ummm.....as I seem to remember there was high amounts of radiation recorded after the "event" occurred. and there are still trace amounts of radiation in that area today. kinda distressing.

Hmm. maybe I can sell bottled water from Chernobyl. the mind boggles.

stewart   teaxa

8:49pm on July 15th, 2009 

i was in cyberwize i only quit because people here where i live are so closed minded i made back twice what invested with only the tunguska blast it does work it gives energy with out the crash. you people who are closed minded need to open your minds and you will seee the results.

Carol   Florida

4:31pm on June 17th, 2009 

I got into Cyberwize on the ground floor and made some money and had a very big down line but the comp plan had some big problems and I sold my position! Network Marketing does work and allows you to make big dollars if you get in very early.

Andrew   Texas

12:40am on March 17th, 2009 

Here's the deal...Network Marketing works. Its the people that dont. I have a buddy that is a real estate agent for ReMax. He hasn't sold a house in 6 months. Is remax a scam or is he just a bad salesman??? Its not the companies fault that people dont make money, its the persons fault. Im not in Cyberwize, but the company isnt a scam. The products are legit and the company exists. However, just like in life, there are some people out there with small brains trying to put down network marketing. Who cares. The idea is this....it doesnt matter if "you" do network marketing. Its gonna take off without you. Do you want to partake in the piece of the pie that all your friends and family are chewing on.
You can look at stats all day long. The people that make money...dont quit. Why am I not in Cyberwize....Im in another business. I didnt come here to recruit, but support my fellow network marketers. Blessings to you all.


Edward Phoon   Singapore

9:23pm on February 15th, 2009 

I agreed with Steve. i have been involved in MLM for the past 10 years and have had huge successes. In the end, what happened are that most of the companies I am involved in either closed down, changed their payplans or increased the prices of their products without increasing the quality to capitalize on the growing market. Only our top 1-2% make the money with 98% attrition rate. We have to keep finding new leaders and distributors to fill up the rank. The so-called residual income is not true in the sense you got to keep working.

nalini   TX

8:42pm on January 28th, 2009 

i have been in business for 16 yrs and have tried all kinds of products and succeeded in a lot of them but ever since i have tried the mist i am hooked, it has worked and helped a lot of my clients. i just started as a retailer but have gotten hooked on the network part of it i always hated network buis. but this one is amazing i have never been helped by my upline once they sign they disappear and you dont know what to do to progress on this one i have had tremendous help from every one on my upline i have made new awsome freinds yes you do have to work some but nothing is free in this world the people making massive amounts are working their but off day and night. everything is networking you referring a freind or family to your boss for a job is also networking.i love the tunguska mist i am tired of meds and their side effects they have more side effects than healing.we have been able to help clients get off sleeping pills with massive side effects by turning them over to pm. my job has been easy when a client comes with pain or stress problem i get that solved quickly with mists so i can work on them without stress. please try the product and business before grading them.

Rachel   Texas

4:57pm on January 28th, 2009 

Too many ignorant people, that's for sure. Who thinks you can just sign-up and think this is a gambling game. There's no odds other than the person themselves. The opportunity, products, and company is always there...its the person that changes the outcome. What do you think? You just sign-up and make money? Just find two people and make money? LOL!!!!!!! Have you TRIED the product?? For the person who thinks its so strange because of a "casual" metorite crash...what is so normal about that?? Weirdo. Ur the strange one. It's a fact that the nutrients found in Tunguska forest after the crash. ADAPTOGENS are real, otherwise Oprah wouldn't be putting it on her show so dang much. And by the way, you have to work for money....Cyberwize offers you a way to WORK SMARTER, RATHER THAN HARDER! It doesn't take hard labor, they are offering you products that help the ENTIRE public's needs. Who doesn't have pain, or stress, or weight loss problems, and etc. etc. NOT TO MENTion OMGGGG the products work like CRAZY...I have never been so impressed that I don't have to take dumb medications constantly that gave me side-effects. THE PRODUCT IS AMAZING - THE COMPANY IS GREAT - THE OPPORTUNITY IS ALWAYS THERE AND ALWAYS FAIR. THERE IS NO DAMN SCAM, YOU HAVE TO WORK HARD FOR YOUR MONEY....On top of that, the retail business of the sprays are huge sellers and they work for everyone I have ever sold to, and believe me, I've sold over thousands of sprays within two months. This is just for the people that think it's a gambling game, you put money and get huge money in return for doing nothing.

Kayla   Texas

12:05am on January 26th, 2009 

Network marketing it the same no matter what company you join or what product your pushing. Mary Kay, Arbonne, Ignite ( those of you in Texas and Georgia) Advocare, Home Interiors!
These are all companies who decided that they would let their products be marketed in a warm market instead of a cold one! All of these products could have been sold in stores and the money "Network Marketers" receive would have gone to "Marketers"....its just like apples and oranges, different but still fruit.

Now if you got involved and lost money, I am sorry that Network Marketing is not your calling, but Don't discredit someone's possible means of income because your talents lie else ware!
I am currently involved in Cyberwize via the Tunguska mist route. I needed a supplement that I sell in my office ( my Doctors approved this), and it only cost me $99.00 to start. After that all inventory purchased has been up to my discretion. I am doing well and am constantly replenishing inventory.
I was involved with Ignite, but could not afford the time to go to meetings, and being young (25), I did not have a captive audience. Others I know have done VERY well.
I needed a product I could sell and actually make revenue from the actual product, Cyberwize allows me to do that.
So its no SCAM! If you invested money and didn't think that you would have to invest TIME, then you scammed your self. I'm not saying you a stupid person, your just talented in a different department. So from now on support your friend by buying the product and not buying into the company unless your ready to commit.

Jenn   TX

1:41pm on December 10th, 2008 

Bob..why...in you opinion is Cyberwize crashing? You are right being an IBO is a JOB but how else do you make money if not for a JOB??? Just like any JOB if you don't work at it you aren't going to make any money. I got in Cyberwize 2 months ago after trying out product for a month. I got in this business because of what the products have done for me personally. I know so many people who can benefit from the T-blast and the new mist sprays it just seemed like good sense to get in. So far I have made a little over $3,000. Not bad for a stay at home mom who just wanted to try something other than all the synthetic drugs she is putting into her body. If you have any questions about the products or the business feel free to email me at islajenn@gmail.com I have no reason to lie or over exaggerate my experiences with Cyberwize. It is what it is....a job that has to be worked full time if you want full time pay. I wasn't looking for that but just can't seem to stop opening my big mouth about how great these products are. The money I make from signing people up and selling the products....well, that is just icing on top of the cake!

bob   miami

9:18am on November 6th, 2008 

Malia Cyberwize is crashing, and being a IBO is a J.O.B.

Maria (Malia) Ignacio   Highland,CA

8:41pm on October 24th, 2008 

PEOPLE, IF YOU CAN'T HACK NETWORK MARKETING, THEN DON'T DO IT BUT DON'T GO POSTING YOUR OPINION THAT IT IS A SCAM. You just do not have what it takes to make money and it doesn't matter what you do, you will remain a loser and a JOB-ber for LIFE. Frankly, you can't just sign up and pay the fee and expect to be on the top and NOT DO THE WORK. I made money with Cyberwize( $2000/month part-time), the product works, and when I stopped working, the money STOPPED. So tell me folks, if you stopped working at your J.O.B., are you going to take home a paycheck?

Annonymous   New York

11:57pm on October 12th, 2008 

As with any selling, you only get what you put into it. If you're honest and believe in your product, people will trust you and try your product...but you have to actively pursue your customers as with any product or service. Anyhow what I actually wanted to say here is this: I've tried the product (because I seen the positive results in family members using it also) and it helped my tremendously. I don't make my living off it, I buy it for my own use. I've SUFFERED from chronic fatigue syndrome for many years and nothing helped (and I've tried many things - alternative medicines, herbs, coffee). I thank God and the people who produce this stuff for giving me the energy to do not only my daily workload, but more energy than I can ever remember having in my life. So businesswise - it's what you make out of it. They have a great product. It's up to you to put it out there if you want to be a seller, not everyone is made for this type of work.

Vivian   HI

4:42pm on September 23rd, 2008 

I am using the product because I'm all about natural products. I was introduced to this wonderful product 4mths ago and have not stopped using it. It is accurate for the business not to claim that their products are not cures for any illnessess or diseases, but it sure does help relieve many symptoms relating to aches and pains. I don't know too much about the business side, but with any business it's what you put into it that counts. Network marketing to my knowledge is what we all do, but the general population know it as working for someone else or having a boss. Think about that...isn't that a pyramind of some sort. You have a boss and all the workers under him/her. Marketing a good product is what makes a business keep on keeping on. For my personnal experience, the juice itself is quite remarkable and I haven't seen it on a shelf yet. So whatever cyberwize is doing, I think they're right on the money. I endorse network marketing, but make sure you do your homework on what products are being marketed.

kevin muldowney   Orlando

9:42am on September 2nd, 2008 

Please stay away from this crap ,also they dont promote the product just try to get you sign up two more con scams

Annonymous   USA

7:48am on August 17th, 2008 

I know people who sell this stuff and are false advertising. They say they travel and make loads of money and do not have a job. They have had things repoed and are fixing to have their house repoed but are still selling this stuff trying to make the quick money. When will people learn that get rich quick scams are just get in the red.

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