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CrowdFlower, found online at, is a company which handles the streamlining and posting of tasks for companies who are interested in utilizing crowdsourcing to fulfill their needs.

Crowdsourcing is a type of online, independent work which was established when companies discovered that certain basic assignments are more accurately done by humans than by computers, but are so basic that they create an unnecessary expense to have in house employees do them.

Instead, these companies have broken these assignments into small tasks that can be quickly completed independently by at home workers. And CrowdFlower says that they are the leading crowdsourcing service with over one billion tasks completed by over five million contributors.

However, CrowdFlower is actually a service for the companies who are interested in using crowdsourcing to help their workforce. Currently, they do not actually post tasks for completion; instead they partner with over fifty different companies who post them.

People who are interested in being the contributors who complete the tasks must sign up with one of their partners, which include Swagbucks, ClixSense, Amazon Mechanical Turk, and more.

When you sign up as a contributor for any crowdsourcing site, the best way to be successful is to quickly collect as many skills or qualifications as possible. Depending on the site you are working with, you may need to take exams or tests, complete a certain number of tasks, or acquire a certain percentage of accurate results.

Many people attempt to make money through crowdsourcing by simply finishing as many tasks as quickly as possible. But this strategy can cause people to make mistakes, which not only means you won’t be paid for that job, but you will also lose credibility and have restricted access to jobs.

Achieving skills and qualifications will get you access to the best paying tasks, as well as access to the more interesting and complex tasks – not just the most basic. Ultimately, this is the only way to make crowdsourcing profitable.

If you have any experience with this company, please leave your CrowdFlower reviews below.

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Reviewed By Bobby on September 10, 2014

CrowdFlower has not been paying workers for 3 weeks. Many workers complaining on support boards that the Paypal payments are not going out.

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1 Review

Don't waste your time

Reviewed By Mary Finn on June 28, 2014, Astoria, New York

Life is too short. If you want to make sub-minimum wage while being bored to tears, go for it.

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