About provides services and solutions to help consumers fix their credit scores. They assist clients as they move closer to their financial goals through education, guidance and also work with credit bureaus to repair negative credit hits.
CreditRepair offers free consultations to those who inquire about their services. Signing up for an account comes with free support, live chat, online tools and educational resources. It costs $89.95 per month and there is a one-time fee for $12.99 to pull your credit report.
Access to a personal online dashboard is afforded to their clients and can be accessed through the internet or with the mobile app. The online dashboard makes it easy to keep track of your current credit standing as it is updated each month.
CreditRepair works with credit bureaus to fix inaccurate and unsubstantiated information reflected on their clients’ credit reports. Some of these items include judgments, liens, unauthorized inquiries, identity theft and charge-offs. 
While they can repeatedly dispute all of the negative information in your credit report, the credit bureaus can ignore any frivolous challenges. Additionally, there is no guaranteed timeframe in which they can promise to fix your credit; it is a lengthy process regardless of the circumstances.
Also, CreditRepair requests money upfront for their service which is against the law. They may only collect money for services rendered once they have successfully helped you resolve your credit issues as per Credit Repair Organizations Act (CROA) - and Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)
Customer reviews did not reveal positive results were attained through CreditRepair’s service. Even if they were able to remove some of the negative items from their clients credit reports, often times they reappeared the following month. Customers’ complaints revolved around the payments they made for services which were not truthfully acted upon by its employees.
When compared with Lexington Law, CreditRepair is no different except for the amount charged for the services. There are no short cuts and there isn’t a company that can repair your credit. While each company claims their services are not like the others, the only difference is the way in which they portray them. 
Unfortunately there is no way to change or remove what has happened in the past, the credit unions control the system. If something has shown up on your report that is not correct you may request an investigation of such information for free.
Poor credit limits your access to loans for a home or automobile; sometimes they are used to screen new hires and ultimately could inhibit your chance of obtaining a job. Working with a counselor on ways to fix your credit and manage your money should be considered before signing up for any credit repair services. Negative credit should not be ignored, taking actions to increase your credit score is important especially because each item is listed and factored into the score for at least 7 years. 

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Reviewed By tatiana on February 22, 2014

I was with for about six months. There is good and bad to this company. For starters, I love the website that they have for their customers. It’s easy to navigate and shows you the status of where you are with progress, what is outstanding, and what efforts have been made to correct your credit. The customer service representatives overall were pretty nice to work with.
Items for improvement: I found it a little confusing to understand the game plan challenges, the disputes vs the challenges that would be sent, and sometimes I had a hard time understanding what my role was in the process. I think when you sign up they should send you something to explain the types of correspondence you receive and what it all means, and whether or not you would need to take action on something.
Also, it would have been helpful to know in the beginning, especially for someone like me who has never used a company to help repair my credit, that creditors would send you correspondence and you in return would need to review and send to creditrepair. I think if they could create a welcome kit or something to help you prepare for what will happen on your account it would be resourceful.
Why I left: I didn’t get a choice. I received an email from the company saying they needed to update my information to which I made a mental note to call at some point soon, and I also got one phone call with no voicemail. I went to login into my account one day and was told it was closed. When I called to see why it was closed I was told my bank information did not work and they closed my account. Now, with the whole Target scheme my bank sent me a new card, and I had not realized I used this number to sign up. I would have appreciated a more specific email or call to say ‘hey, we tried to pull the money from your account and it bounced, call us please because we don’t want to have to close your account’ but instead, I got a ‘please call so we can update your information email’ which had no sense of urgency. And to top it all off, the customer service representative that I spoke with was argumentative with me and instead of listening to my feedback when I called told me ‘well ma’am we did try to contact you so this is not our fault’…really?! I would have considered coming back had it not been for that awful call.
Also, two of my creditors kept sending me the same letter over and over, for months. When I called creditrepair they said ok we will escalate this for you. I had to get documents notarized which mind you is time consuming, and after everything was said and done I got the same letters from the creditors. When I called to ask they said it was their attempt at stalling. Okay well why I am paying you $90/month to get the same letter for almost six months?? I told one representative I would respond to one of the creditors on my own after the frustration, and she said ok and when I later called on a side issue with another representative, they told me this was not a good idea. Not on the same page…
Conclusion: Overall, wonderful website and the company did get a few items resolved from my account. It would have been nice to know some things when I first signed up to be prepared, including the fact that they cannot update your TransUnion account without seeing an updated report which you have to request.
Would I go back? Maybe but probably not.

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