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Corporate Research International

Is CRI (www.mysteryshops.com) Legit or a Scam?


Corporate Research International found at mysteryshops.com is a market research firm that employs mystery shoppers/auditors across the country.  As a mystery auditor you will conduct telephone and on-site evaluations of Corporate Research International clients.

Mystery Auditors will be paid for every completed assignment and report that they they submit to mysteryshops.com.  Compensation is determined prior to the assignment and CRI has been known to pay competitive wages.

This may seem like a fun way to earn easy money for doing things that you'd already be doing like shopping or eating out.  However the important thing to remember with Corporate Research International and other mystery shopping companies is to fulfill your assignments to a tee.

Any faltering or incompletion in your submitted report will be counted as failing your assignment, and there'll be absolutely no compensation.  This is why it's crucial to read your instructions thoroughly and attentively.

There have been accusations made against Corporate Research International for having poor communication with their mystery shoppers leading to many of these disputes.  I would recommend getting in contact with your rep before going on a shop to ensure your job is still available.

If you take the proper precautions you should have a satisfactory experience with mysteryshops.com and similar companies.  Just remember that there's a lot of competition for these opportunities and these companies don't think twice about terminating mystery shoppers' accounts for any infractions.

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