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Reviewed By lovejit on July 10, 2013, surrey,b.c.

paid $113.12. there system did not work. please donot waste you money. they are ripping you off. very careful who u send money. once they take your money u can't do anything.

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Reviewed By ruben ymballa on April 8, 2013, riyadh,ksa

they are emailing a lot of people in the middle east,lucky me ive read this forum,no way now that ill buy them.

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May 17, 2013

Absolutely, lucky you! Have read this warning reviews. I got hooked up paid $17 they promise a 60-day money back guarantee but they don't. Knowing that this is real but to my dismay after sending them several letters with my purchased attachment. They're gone. Haven't heard anything about them anymore. To those who had scammed by this Click2Profit please spread the news and warn others so that they won't be deceived by their false promises.

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Getting a Refund from the ACTUAL company

Reviewed By Total Impact Marketing of Canada on February 13, 2013, Canada


I work for a company that is getting confused with TIM Marketing Inc of Akron, Ohio, the operators of

Once your card is charged from this "get rich quick scheme" your charge appears as TIM Marketing Inc. When you search for that name you typically find our company Total Impact Marketing Inc. of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I'm sure this is no coincidence that someone which such a scheme has chosen a well known and well established business name to copy such as ours.

Since this company is registered out of Akron, Ohio there is no action we can take but I can tell you we have had several requests for refunds only to have to explain we are not who they are looking for. They are incorporated in Ohio, you can view this registration here

AKRON,OH 44319
Effective Date: 02/01/2010
Contact Status: Active

If you do not receive your refund I would suggest you contact your credit card company and their merchant provider

Best Regards,


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Dewildar Waldrep
February 26, 2013

Was going to buy this, but thanks to you, I won't get suckered again by this one. Others victims can document everything regarding their experience and send it to the Federal Trade Commission in Washington, DC and the Attorney General in Ohio and they will take action; also file complaint with Better Business Bureau in Ohio. Addresses and names can be obtained on Google search. Hope this helps. Thanks Much; I recommend Jamie Lewis who is an honest marketer and has great programs with super guidance. God bless-am praying for all newbies and others who need money.

March 15, 2013

I found the same you pay $7 dollars then when you return each time it ask for more money but you never get to the site just more videos with more money chared

April 03, 2013

this website at present seems to be running fine but i will be testing your theory in the weeks to come... if you find that this site is costing you money or it won't give you what they offered on the web page i will try to assist you as i don't like to see genuine people being ripped off. only one suspect item on their site from a quick look. and that is some of the content may not be advertised correctly.. but we will soon see.. i don't know if they are lying about their promises but i rang my bank to see of anything fishy has happened to my account... follow me and see what happeneds, please come back often to see i i have had any success

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Unable to access the system.

Reviewed By Salleh Lazim on February 10, 2013, Sungai Petani,Kedah.Malaysia.

I paid $17.00 and was given an access to Click2Profit System and all the training but after two months the site just dissappear.

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Emieka Tony
April 19, 2013

I was about paying the $17, when a friend ask me to check google and type, and after reading all this review, i dont need anyone to tell me that this website is a big scam. They say not all that sound juicy are sweet.

Rhiannon Walker
May 13, 2013

Thank you all for your reviews and revelations. They do not give much information what it is about so that is why I googled them and am thankful for this website. I am sorry for the people who have been duped if you cannot get your $17 back. So many people getting you to sign up cheaply then hitting you with a hosting deal and then a set up deal then they don't even tell you how to get traffic. Beware "IM Software" is free but they charge a minimum of $19.95 a month for hosting.

Rhiannon Walker
May 13, 2013

I would not sign up with any marketer unless I have read a review of them and know the could be trusted with my credit card. If I am not $100% sure of them I only pay with paypal.

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I paid $17.00...

Reviewed By lisa on January 11, 2013, san jose, ├ža

I paid $17.00 first and then it would not let me go further without providing 130.00 more for website building. Then they asked for more money and this when I quit.

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January 13, 2013

thank you to whoever has given this review ! I was about to purchase it , thank got!!!!!

January 17, 2013

Thought i would check the click2profit site out but after reading your review i am not going any further with it, just another money pit scam, sorry you lost the money but thank you for stopping others like me making this mistake.....

pierre z
January 18, 2013

I had the same experience. You don't only pay $17 and get nothing for your money, but they keep sending offers of the same type, with someone pretending his system is the best.
Their trick is to produce a very professional testimonial video tape, with a different person every time, with an offer you shouldn't miss.
The offer starts at around $70 (worth more than $300 they say), then when you refuse, the same offer goes down to $39 then $17. I took a chance with this amount, just to check what it was all about.

jan Koliski
January 23, 2013

what was it all about?

January 27, 2013

Thanks for the review
I'll take a Walk as well ... sorry to hear you "folks" lost your money.
The "sucker-price" i received was $7.00 ... that's right $7.00 ... you know there has to be a catch
I've been stung by 4 others in the past 3 weeks (almost $2000.00)
Haven't stop crying
Better times ahead
Hung in there folks ... Karma will get them

February 02, 2013

yeah..I agree. Thanks for your comments. At least I know before I fall in their trap. How about the free site sign up? have u heard about it? Coz I'm afraid I might be billed even if I will cancel my account. They haven't answered me how to cancel it. They're encouraging me to give it a try. I haven't cancelled it yet. I just payed almost 7 dollars which is a 1 month trial then after that 97 dollars will be billed which is for the whole year. I might give it a try then cancel it if it won't work.

Jim Nelson
February 08, 2013

THANK YOU ! I was looking at this, but I'll pass on it. I saw the $7 discounted
price tag and got a bad feeling -

February 27, 2013

Hi, Ms. R From New Jersey

I just purchase this, Went to cancel, 800 # is not working. tried to email them and would not go threw.

Have to cancel my charge on the credit card.

Total Scam

February 27, 2013

Hey Jim i just saw the same thing on that price tag of $7 dollars i am wondering why so cheap.

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