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ClassesUSA is a website from Experian InteractiveSM which acts as a middle man to connect motivated adults interested in earning a college degree or certificate with online education providers.

ClassesUSA was established in 2001 and has more than 300 accredited college and university partners. It claims to be “the most trusted and recognized” website for adults looking for online educational opportunities.

Their website states they provide free information request forms which allow their visitors to get info from the 300 schools they partner with and more than 1600 degree or certification programs.

When looking for online educational opportunities, it is important to check two things: whether or not they are a for-profit school and their accreditation status. For-profit schools can provide decent degree programs, but it may be harder to receive financial aid than at a non-profit school.

Accreditation is trickier. Many schools that offer online degrees have programs that are accredited as well as programs which aren’t. You need to check whether both the school and your particular program are accredited, otherwise you could have a useless degree.

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Reviewed By Jamie Blackwell on July 21, 2014, Plantersville, Texas

This is a scam. . They will call u and tell u u qualified for a grant and then ask u to get a green dot money tag for 150 to pay for fees. Legit grants will be sent in the mail or to ur school u are attending they will not call u over the phone or request any money or account information

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It's a Scam

Reviewed By Martina on March 7, 2012

They are just scamming for personal information. Completely useless! Beware!

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