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About Citizens Disability

Citizens Disability, found online at, describes themselves as “the premier Social Security Disability advocacy group” and says their mission has always been to help people who deserve Social Security benefits.

According to their website, Citizens Disability believes that there are millions of Americans who are disabled and unable to work, and that these Americans are entitled to Social Security Disability benefits.

Unfortunately the process that someone must go through to apply for and receive their benefits is often complex and can even require legal hearings. The average person may be intimidated about going through such a process.

In their commercial, Citizens Disability says that they promise to assist their clients throughout the entire process, from the beginning with the paper filings all the way to representing them at hearings if necessary.

This company says that if they do not win your case and you do not receive your benefits, then they will charge no fees. Customers who do win their cases and receive benefits will be charged a cost of 25% of the accrued benefit amount, up to $6000.

Customers who are not sure if they qualify for benefits but think they might can receive a free evaluation, either from the Citizens Disability website or their Citizens Disability Helpline phone number, 1-800-490-8435.

This free evaluation will determine whether or not you may be eligible for the benefits as well as match you with a disability advocate that will assist you in the beginning of and potentially throughout your process.

Before beginning the process, applicants should know that it often can take longer than 6 months to complete and sometimes even as long as a few years if there are complications or issues with your disability status. 

Though some customers may have complaints about the length and difficulty of the process, Citizens Disability promises to try and secure your benefits in the shortest amount of time possible. 

If you have any experience with this company, please leave your Citizens Disability reviews below.

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1 Review

one pissed off customer

Reviewed By troy on August 29, 2014

These people are non-attorney represented. They are a total rip off. I've sent forms to them, I have had my doctors fax information and in all cases these incompetent idiots claim they've received nothing. No one's ever available and leaving messages is futile. No one returns calls. They're incompetent and it turns out they do nothing more than what you can do on your own and take 25-30% if you do get approved for disability. Steer clear of these people. They're disreputable, dishonorable, and have the integrity of a drug dealer.

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1 Review


Reviewed By Sarah Hale on June 18, 2014

I have been deemed disabled by my doctors that I see yet the citizens help line says I don't quality for ssdi without my records or even asking why I am disabled. Thy go by your name and date of birth. That'sit!! What a hung of frauds. Saying thy help anyone with a disability they even list a couple of my health issues and yet they say I am to young that I can work. I can't walk!!! Yet the lady on the phone told me I needed to get off my a** and get a job dispite my not being able to work.

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They suck!

Reviewed By Kyle NoNeedToKnow on April 23, 2014

Unfortunately... I am a current client of theirs. I've done ALL the work for my disability claim and when I try to reach specific people they are "unavailable" and don't return calls. I am currently on my second week of waiting to speak to the ONLY individual who is able to complete a form and no return call even though I call at least twice a day to speak with them.

I've had better results dealing with Social Security Directly.

I DO NOT recommend using these people for your claim.

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November 12, 2014

I am a current client and even though it took a long time to do it all they did represent me in court hearings and I did win my benefits however it has recently been redacted pending more investigation apparently the Judge over stepped his authority? the SSDI office is probably the culprits in most of your poor posts.

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