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Don't waste your time or your money

Reviewed By Anonymous on October 30, 2013, Manitoba, Canada

Most of the emails you'll get won't be from people in your local area; they'll be from people hundreds and thousands of miles away from you, many asking you in their first email to you to contact them at their own personal email address on yahoo, hotmail or gmail.

Secondly, many people locally are either still married, are looking for no strings attached sex. You'd think that you'd find higher quality people on Christian Mingle, and many genuine Christians on Christian Mingle, as it's a Christian dating website, but that's not the case.

And, when you do contact Christian Mingle to tell them about scam artists on their website, and express your desire to discontinue your membership with them, they tell you that they're not responsible, and suggest to you that you need to do your own background searches on every person you meet online to keep yourself safe. Then they tell you to go read their success story pages.

Don't let the "Christian" part of Christian Mingle fool you. It's no different than Plenty of Fish. The only reason Christians are signing up on Christian Mingle is because of their PR. They put a ton of ads on TV and place them in several Christian publications to persuade you to sign up. Don't fall for it. Save your money.

When God wants you to meet someone at the right time, it'll happen. Offline. God is bigger than any dating website!

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November 04, 2013

when I used Christian Mingle, I had already tried, and EHarmony. and low and behold, every time that had a "match" for me, it was someone I had already been "matched" with from another on-line dating site, same picture, same profile and it even said which site they were actually from. this led me to believe that: 1) Christian Mingle had no DATA BASE of their own; and 2) as such, they were actually the worst scammers of the bunch!! OF COURSE- all of them try desperately to cheat you out of your money by refusing to let you cancel your accounts, and the only way I was able to do so was by disputing the charges with my credit card company. unfortunately, most people do not realize that this option even exists, so end up getting screwed royally by these frauds, and cheats. of course, once the credit card company tells them that there will be no payments, and they will not make any of the prior payments either, how quickly the companies stop providing their "services" and stop even trying to bill you! this is but one of the many benefits that credit cards offer you that cash, nor paypal can touch.

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scam artist

Reviewed By krystal bedgood on October 6, 2013, north augusta sc

I have three encounters with men who tried to scam me out of hundreds of dollars . watch out for the guy who's betraying to be widowed because his wife died who he called his angel stacey and he sends you all this poetry he will tell you he was born in maryland but grew up in italy .This is a bold faced lie the same man takes on different idenities using different pictures but the story is the same he has a daughter who is living with her grandma in another country he is not for real only someone using someone else's picture and he will take all your money and you wont even know who he really is . this guy went by the name alexander bill and then steve wolz and finally david adam all one man .thankfully god reveals all truth watch out ladies do not give these men any money he will ask you to send him the money but he will send it right back......WATCH OUT............

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Gods Match For You
November 29, 2013

Did you really think that this dating site was legit? Did you believe that the owners of the site really talk to god and he talks back to them? People are so gullible when it comes to god. What were you people thinkin' anyway?

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Worst Experience

Reviewed By rtaylor on August 21, 2013, Denver

I was very disappointed in the manner that the men presented themselves on this site. They are deceitful. I had multiple instances that were something you would never except to happen when dealing with a so call Christian data base. One being dating a guy for one month and he is pressuring you to have sex then his ex girlfriend who isn’t even 21 and is 10 years younger than him show up 2 months pregnant. These are the type of men I came across multiple times. These are not good faith Christian men. Then dealing with the website itself was a night mare. I have done dating sites before so I made sure I had unchecked the automatic billing the day I signed up with Christian Mingle. 3 months later there is a charge on my account. I am still trying to get it removed from my bank account but neither Christian Mingle or the Bank is working with me. I didn’t have a email that was supposably sent to me but I combed through all my emails and it was never to be found so I have no proof. Christian Mingles answer to me is you get 3 months free but it is not free I PAID FOR IT because of a glitch on their website. This is how all sites make their money by screwing over their customers. I am biting the bullet and accepting that I had to forfeit $57.92 for a service that I wasn’t satisfied with in the first place and a service that I didn’t want as long as people are aware of the awful customer service that Christian Mingle has as well the prowling men on this site.

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September 07, 2013

I know someone who was on ChristianMingle. I did not meet him from that site, and I dated him for a bit over 2 months. I am not scorned. I am simply sharing my experience with someone who was on that site, hopefully  to get them to understand some of the people that are on that site and how some hide behind a site with "Christian" in the name.He was charming, witty, put forth all of his positive attributes. He told me he had been single, was previously married, and he had children.  We met thru a site called bpm. We corresponded for a month prior to talking on the phone.  We agreed to meet and long story short, there was chemistry,  but I was reserved and wanted to take things slow. I asked him about his marriage and he was kind of evasive about it. Well he had been married and divorced 4 times. I still agreed to be open to continuing to get to know him, when I should've run the other way. After a month, he wanted me to move in with him, offered me a key, I told him that we needed to take things slow,  we weren't ready.  Now he did tell me he had been single and he mentioned all of the reasons why he broke off his last relationship.  The truth was he dumped her for me and I had no idea. He was controlling,  argumentative,  and pushy. He wanted me with him all the time. He would do drive bys past my mother's home to see if I was there,  he would blow up my phone. This was all after 2 months. He was a pathological liar. He had lied on the ex, her and I ended up talking and the picture that he painted of her being this nasty, disgusting,  dirty woman who only cared about herself was all lies. It I s how I found out that he dumped her to be with me. I had no idea at all. I'm not sure what was up with that exes self-esteem,  but she had shared with me that was the 2nd time he had dumped her and they had met from Christian mingle. She shared with me that she was still in love with him and that she told him not to have sex with me and he told her he wouldn't.  I laughed and told her that was a complete lie, because the man had offered me a key, introduced me to his mom (I didn't expect it, he sprung it on me), and explained to her that I no longer wanted to be with him.Their situation (the relationship with that last ex-girlfriend) violent, according to what the last ex-wife said.  Also he had a record of assault for beating that last ex-wife while she was 4 months pregnant.  I'm sharing all of this to say, don't get fooled into believing that just because a site has "Christian" in it, will mean that the people on there don't have a ton of issues, maybe more than the average dating site. Be careful,  be cautious, because you could meet a man like him, or a female with extremely low self-esteem. Good luck.

September 13, 2013 is not so Christian. I have spam from them many times a day. This is supposed to be illegal.
Dating someone on is like them telling you to trust them because they are Christian. When you hear that, you need to run and fast.

R Curtis, Union Pier, Mi. USA
November 06, 2013

Re: Your Review of Christian Mingle is correct except that not all of the Guys are prowling. I tried to correspond with a pretty face and profile called God Values and God my lifeline. She sent me about nine smiles. CM obstructs E mails and said they did not receive my photo. I sent it twice. One of her smiles came at 4:52 AM so what do you think? Are they just trying to scam an older guy? (61). so I answered their Q and A page and told them about a real lifeline scenario, I hope they get the point; They're not very Christian minded at all.

R.Curtis POBox 117 Union Pier,mi 49129
November 06, 2013

R. Curtis, again, I objected to Christian Mingle's terms of use, and cancelled subscription, accordingly. Hope this helps out.

Sue Them
November 29, 2013

I think some of you people that have been scammed by CM should get together and file a class action lawsuit. Just the fact that they are misrepresenting themselves would be a good start. How would they know who is god's match for you. I'm not even a christian and I don't believe in god so I saw through them from the gitgo. May The Force Be With You.

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Reviewed By Michelle on August 7, 2013, Orange County

Scam.....promise you will reget it.

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No different

Reviewed By Darla on July 30, 2013, Santa Ana, CA

This site is no different than any of the others. Many of the men I encountered only wanted to go on dates to have sex afterwards. This of course is not the sites problem, but many women are lured to this site thinking the men will act more decent.
I met my crazy ex boyfriend on this site and he had more issues than I could count! His profile was one that portrayed him as the perfect christian guy, which I eventually found out he wasn't.
I decided to not to renew my and decided to take my chances on meeting someone nice at church.

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There Is No God
August 06, 2013

Christianity in itself is a scam. All religions are a scam. It's all about making money, telling people what they want to hear, and the lame become lamer....

C'mon dude...
September 14, 2013

Wow, that's an incredibly insensitive and closed minded comment that has nothing to do with the OP's review.

He's Right, No God !!
November 29, 2013

My god's better than your god is the game that's played by religions. Just because some caveman 1000's of years ago saw fire or lightning and started worshiping some deity does not mean there is a god. We are supposed to be civilized, but people will kill to defend the fairytale of their higher power. And if there is a god I wouldn't like him anyway. He just killed thousands of people in the Philippines. Were they all horrible sinners? Did they deserve that? So get real people and start thinking about your fellow humans.

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