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About is a new type of online community which encourages discussion and sharing about all kinds of current events and topics and will reward its members for their quality participation in the community.

Online users that are over 18 years of age can join completely for free and create their profile. Once you have set up your personal profile, you can begin participating and earning points immediately.

According to their website, there are more than 10,000 topics available on their site so every one of their members will be able to find relevant topics that they are excited to discuss with others.

Users will earn two points whenever you leave a comment, two when you reply to another member's comment, two when you ask or answer a question, and two when you reply to a news article.

Users can earn more points for completing more in depth tasks, such as ten points for writing a review, twenty points for writing an article, and five points for taking a Daily Poll. You will also earn 20% of the points earned by any of the friends you refer to their community.

Because only wants the highest quality, most relevant participation on their websites, they place a daily cap of 50 points on their members so that people are not commenting just to earn points.

Members must also closely follow a set of rules to stay part of the community. These rules include that posts should be a minimum of 20 words, and clear, detailed, and relevant.

In addition, all comments, answers, articles, reviews, etc must be completely original and appear on no other sites, and all contributions must be written in English. Failure to follow the rules could result in termination of your account.

Whenever you decide you would like to redeem your points, you simply go to your account, choose your prize, and turn in your points. All prizes will be shipped to you for free. 

If you have any experience with this website, please leave your reviews below.

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Don't Join Chatabout!

Reviewed By Jayne Cook on August 6, 2014

I had been a member of chatabout for several months. it was fun at first and then came the 'changes'. Where once you could get paid after making 500 points, they changed it to 1000 points, same amount of work but having to make double the amount for the same pay. Not worth it! Under the topic 'chatabout' I was talking about the point change when one of the administrators, 'Brent", deleted my rant about the new point system. (Others read my rant and they began ranting too). I had also done many surveys where I finished them, then never got paid for them. The site has turned greedy and I feel sorry for anyone who joins it. I left and am so happy to not be on there anymore. The comments that everyone has written on here are true, do not join!

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Okay at first, Went Downhill

Reviewed By Monika on July 18, 2014

I used this site for a couple of months. I was always paid, however, I got fed up with all the changes that were being done to the site. After we started to chat a lot about topics like Swagbucks and other earning sites, they took down the most popular ones, claiming that we were somehow confusing other users about the site since we were chatting about a few topics so much. HUH? We were probably making a lot of money from those topics, which is the real reason why it was shut down.

And then I noticed that freedom of speech was not exactly respected on that site. We were basically pressured to praise Chatabout to the skies...some of the daily Poll question answers were so biased (praising chatabout) that it made you feel like an idiot to chose the negative answer. For instance, a typical question would be something like this:

Q: Do you use the "Bonus Offers" section on Chatabout?

Possible answers:

- Yes, I LOVE it.
- No, I don't like easy points.

Some of the daily poll questions were so offensive to some people that they actually did not answer them and skipped the 5 easiest points they could have gotten all day.

And again, we were expected to praise the site to the skies. With every gift card code, they would send a request that we post on Chatabout that we had received the reward. All nice and good, but if you ever posted even a POLITE critique of on that site, it would be deleted within 24 hours. I finally posted a couple of comments mentioning that I was tired of Chatabout's agenda (in a civil way, of course), and I was banned. That is fine by me. That place was being to feel like a regime.

Bottom line: Avoid and stick with Swagbucks and Bing Rewards. It is a lot of typing for a little money, and you never know when the administrators will tweak the rules yet again, without any prior notice. Don't expect that you can be frank there if something displeases you with the site.

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Scam if there ever was one.

Reviewed By Erika on June 7, 2014

I loved it at first until everyone started getting messages about doing what the site is inherently set up to do chat! Several people would chat back and forth and use certain topics as a home base that apparently was not allowed now not only is a 20 word minimum its:(direct from Brent on the question and answers section!)
Hey my little Chatabouters!

We are wanting your help. If you notice other members breaking the rules when posting as nothing more than a way to accumulate faster points and adding no real value to the onsite experience, can you please let either us know OR let them know directly it is against our rules and guidelines by sending them an IM.

A couple of the main problems we see are ...

1. Members working down the page. Basically this means working down any topic or question page replying to everyones comment.

2. Answering in multiple replies in a row to answer other members in the same thread. All those replies could easily be combined in one.

Thanks, any help is always appreciated on site.

Are you a helpful little Chatabouter?

first off are we children and can not actually do what the site is set up to do? I voiced my opinion it was deleted and then posted it again and then I was gone apparently a separate opinion is not allowed on what a bad poster is

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A MAJOR SCAM with dysfunctional people

Reviewed By Juan Rodriguez on May 1, 2014

So from day one I noticed this was a scam....they want you to BUY products and sign for 1000 dumb offers for very few points....I played the game for a few days and got like 4 $5 Paypal....then I was debating the news and people started arguing so of course I SPOKE my mind and suddenly I was ban and cannot get back...even when I was close to another 500 points....I just emailed them twice this morning...we need to speak out and get this and similar companies BAN from stealing from us!!!

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Reviewed By Joyce Shiffert on March 22, 2014

SCAM!! I was red flagged and banned 5 days new. I was instructed directly by admin to NOT post on Twitter because I was actually receiving referral points. They instructed me to ONLY post on FACEBOOK. I feel they are wrong to limit me since posting to twitter is an option. I ignore their request and posted their referral link on my Twitter page. I was banned instantly. When I complained, they banned me from their Twitter Pages, Facebook Pages, Emails, And registering with a new email so I can contact them to find out what was going on. THE TRUTH!! They do not want to pay out their users for bringing them business. I only cashed out Two $5 Amazon Cards in a little over a week.
They want you to bring people in and then take away your points and not pay up. That way they have already gathered new members to do all their "point and click" in place of you. THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE USERS WHO BRING THEM MONEY!!

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May 01, 2014

Please make sure you give them negative feedback in every site online including facebook and other sites. They should be punish. They have zero respect for diversity of opinion and are terrible people to do business with. Lets ban them!

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