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CDI College is system of institutions located throughout the provinces of Canada, which claim to be educational and professional training facilities that prepare people for a future in the workplace.

CDI College is a for-profit university, which is a type of post-secondary learning institution that has been multiplying over the last few years. According to CDI College’s website, recent press releases promoting their school, and Wikipedia page, they offer a wide variety of diploma programs and have over twenty different locations that prospective students may attend.

When choosing an institution of higher learning, one of the important things you should look for is “accreditation,” the process by which a third party evaluates the educational program and makes sure that it meets pre-determined standards. In both the United States and Canada, this third party must be approved by the government's Educational Department.

Being a Canadian school, in order for CDI College to have accreditation, they must adhere to specific guidelines set out by each individual province where their campuses are located.

Unfortunately, as the attendance rates of for-profit universities have risen there have been reports  that some for-profit colleges and universities have mislead their prospective students into believing they are fully accredited.

The reality then turns out to be that only some of their diploma programs meet standards for accreditation while others do not, or sometimes the schools claim accreditation from a third party which is not sanctioned by the country's Educational Department.

Thankfully, it is possible to conduct your own research to determine whether or not a collegiate program is considered accredited. By going to the website of the Council of Ministers of Education, Canada, you can choose the province in which you are planning to attend school, and from there discover which schools and programs are accredited, and which are not.

Since many companies will not acknowledge or accept your degree or training certificate from an unaccredited program, making sure that you are attending an accredited program is necessary to protect the time, money, and effort that you invest into obtaining a college diploma.

If you have any experience with this school or their programs, please leave your CDI College reviews below.

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25 ‘CDI College’ Reviews
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Reviewed By cydney on July 9, 2014

I just enrolled in the pharmacy assistant program for sept at the Edmonton campus. After reading all of these reviews I am very very scared. The school called me to tell me that my loan was approved. Does anyone know if it is too late for me to back out? I unfortunately did sign my enrollment papers :( Thanks

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July 16, 2014

Hi my wife is in the same situation, were you able to find out if we can still back out of the loan and/or enrollment? please let me know thanks

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1 Review

I'm worried!

Reviewed By aworriedwife on February 26, 2014

My husband started the Networking/Systems program over a week ago. From what he's told me, his 4 hours of class time per day consists of him self-teaching while the instructor teaches students for a slightly different program. I was very suspicious of the whole $20,000 tuition from the start (a 1 year college diploma at a public college costs way less than even half of that!) and after reading the reviews on here, I am still feeling uneasy. I have been to two different public colleges in the past 12 years and have found that the curriculum/value of what I learned was high quality. From what I understand from his experiences so far, the first course is all about the basics of Windows 7 and how to navigate the Windows program. I don't know about you all, but I knew the basics of Windows programs since I was very young. I just feel that what he will be taught is not worth the money. The reps seemed to have brainwashed my husband into thinking that he'll get a great job after graduation and that if he keeps his marks high, he can qualify for part of tuition reimbursed in the form of an award or bursary. has anyone on here actually got money back from doing well in any programs at CDI? Please reply.

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March 10, 2014

As a former CDI Instructor I can verify that much of the "teaching" in the Networking and Computer courses is self-Tuaght with instructors mostly marking papers and occasionally helping he students. YOu can get the same results by self study and writing industry certification exams would hold more clout then a CDI degree.

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I wish I had found this site first! CDI ripped me off!

Reviewed By Paige on November 21, 2013, Ajax, ON

I began investigating the addiction/community service worker course at CDI in Ajax,decided to put it off for a while and Geoffrey the salesman from said "college" pursued me with many promises of future employment opportunities. I had explained to him several times that I wanted to work in a treatment centre and be an addictions worker, he reassured me as did the placement officer that my diploma would get me the job I wanted. Thank God I started looking for placement opportunities after only 1 month. I called every drug/ alcohol treatment centre across Toronto and not ONE of them will recognize this diploma... Please Please take my advise and speak with the companies that you want to work for first before giving CDI any of your $
Good luck , oh and btw my "teacher" is an underemployed social worker who has absolutely no knowledge regarding drug addiction , relied on students for information , and admitted to taking this job as he couldn't find any other!

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May 02, 2014

CDI College is one of those inferior instituations passing itself off as a REAL SCHOOL/ The good instructors are usually fired, inferior instructors are hired at a lower pay rate.....and no one seems to be the wiser.



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Knowledgeable Student Pissed Off

Reviewed By Alexander on November 14, 2013, Victoria, B.C.

I've been a full-time student for six years, and graduated into the media/communications field, which unfortunately has little job security and a lot of transition. I'm more interested in maintaining full-time, steady employment, so enrolled at CDI to get a one-off piece of paper to help get my foot in the door with employers like real estate companies, government agencies, and the like.

After signing up and paying the 15% (thanks student loans) I'm sitting in a classroom with a teacher (professor is far too generous a term) that pronounces "indictable" as in-dick-table, not "in-dite-able". Tip of the iceberg. She walks in 5-10 minutes late for class consistently (if this was a regular occurance in "the real world" the person being paid to show up would be canned). We are failed when we can't take dictation, even though she doesn't speak English at all well, it's not a native language for her (ordinarily I find nothing wrong with a difficulty with ESL challenges, but in a course where accuracy and understanding are paramount, and the ENTIRE CLASS fails for such a difficulty , it's inexcusable.

I voiced these concerns and was basically told by the administration tough luck, despite well-reasoned arguments, and received a thinly veiled accusation of discrimination.

I'm withdrawing this afternoon, and urge people thinking of attending CDI in Victoria, B.C., to instead go to Camosun College if they offer a similar program (which they will). My years at that college were the best in my life, and they had the best teachers one could ask for.

I'm lucky because I have fall-back employment and contracts which I love. I feel for the 18 and 19-year old classmates with little to no professional work experience that wander into a law office pronouncing it "in-dick-table." They don't stand a chance.

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Innocent Bystander
November 19, 2013



I was actually thinking about attending CDI as I am looking to switch gears career wise, but holy shit, am I glad I did some research about this place.

I live in Victoria, so thanks for the honesty about the Victoria CDI "campus".

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It depends on what program you take

Reviewed By Krish on November 12, 2013

At CDI I think it depends on what program you take.
I took up a program in Cardiology Technology,completed the program
Did the board exams and I now work for a hospital in Ontario.
As they promised I didn't have to pay the whole loan.
I am happy that I took up a career with CDI.

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