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About is a site to help those who are in need of any sort of assistance imaginable as well as provide opportunities to job seekers. Having the ability to connect job posters with job seekers through their site, it is possible to find someone who can fulfill whatever your need may be. Some of the services include babysitting, running errands, dog walking, housekeeping or tutoring; the possibilities are endless.

It is easy for both job posters and job seekers to sign up for, there are two membership options available. The first one is a Basic membership which is free of charge. The second option is the Premium membership; this membership is available after you sign up for the Basic membership. There is a monthly fee to upgrade to the Premium membership; the prices are available once you sign up.

The Basic membership is limited because you may only post jobs and view caregivers close to your location which makes it difficult to make a decision. Job seekers are also limited to the access they have to preview jobs as well as less options to choose from.

With the Premium membership job posters have access to caregivers’ profiles as well as the availability to request background checks. This membership is technically the only way to evaluate caregivers’ capabilities and take the necessary measures to protect yourself, your family and your pets. Job seekers with a Premium membership have a wide range of jobs to choose from, they have a readily available background check, and search results list them higher in ranking.

There are some issues that have been addressed in reviews online. Job posters are charged automatically each month, and many of them are not aware of this procedure. If they hire someone, they will still be charged until they notify the company to stop. In addition, the complaints also address background checks. Job posters who requested background checks and were provided with ones that were incorrect and did not pertain to the individual they wanted to hire.

Other members have had issues with employees not showing up for the job, and have been left in a rut. With the number of issues that have occurred, it is probably best to find someone through a trusted friend or relative.

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SCAM Never use

Reviewed By Theresa on August 11, 2014

I had a horrible time with took money out of my account without my knowledge.It was even 20.00 more then it should have been if I wanted to continue my membership.They make it impossible for you to contact them by phone.When I tried to send them an email to cancel they sent one back telling me they would look into the matter. I still don't know if the issue has been taken care of.They make it impossible to cancel. I had to go to the bank and spend even more money to get a new debit card, and the bank still could not promise me they would not be able to take money out of my account.Please never use it is a scam. Horrible business practices.

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September 24, 2014

Hello Theresa,

I apologize if you were not aware of our Automatic Renewal Feature. All subscriptions automatically renew until canceled, a feature we list on the enrollment page. Many members find this feature useful as they like the assurance of having a community of caregivers available whenever they need care.

We strive to create a positive experience for our members, feel free to email your concerns to and, if it has not been done already, I can see if your subscription has been canceled.

I hope this was helpful!

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Reviewed By MCORLE on July 27, 2014

In our opinion and based on our experience is a VERY DANGEROUS place to find a care giver for your child. We would very strongly suggest that avoid them at all cost if you care about the safety and well being of your children.

A family that we know hired a care giver through this company for their toddler. After hiring they found the person was a convicted pedophile. Does anything more need to be said? We have had four nannies from

#1 was a 21 year old closet alcoholic. #2 stole from us. #3 admitted to striking our 2.5 year old child while we were at work and we found she was an illegal alien. #4 completely misrepresented her availability and used her boyfriend as a reference claiming he was the husband in a family with four children for whom she had been a nanny.

He finally contacted us out of guilt to admit to the lie. We have spoken to many, many people who have had similar experiences as well as over billing issues. Be aware that anyone can post their profile on - ANYONE. Any company can create their own positive reviews and post them through the help of others including employees.

Any company can create they admit to only collecting a cell phone number and email address nothing more. We were very thorough in our interviews and in contacting references. They hold themselves responsible for nothing as is evident in the terms and conditions content on their website.


No legitimate company would go to such an extreme to cover their own liability. On the contrary, they would provide a degree of quality, confidence and peace of mind. Such is the character and actions of a trusted brand. For the sake of your children, stay away from

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October 08, 2014

Hello Mcorle,

I apologize for the negative experience you had with us. A precaution we take is to check certain information some members provide us against various databases and other sources for criminal or other inappropriate activity. In addition, our dedicated safety team reviews profiles for suspicious and inappropriate content and investigates job posts, profiles and messages that are flagged by our members as objectionable. While we view these as important initial steps, we always strongly recommend our members to conduct background checks, which we provide on the site. Feel free to look through our Safety Guides on the site for more information on how to navigate the site safety. Hope this was helpful!

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1 Review is a complete scam!

Reviewed By melissa on July 25, 2014

I wish I could give it ZERO stars. This website is a complete waste of time and they steal your money. When subscribing you get to "choose" your option for a 1 month, 2 month, or of 3 month, etc. subscription....... regardless of what you choose, they continually bill your credit card...... very very deceptive.

Not to mention, the way this website is set up and managed, it is extremely confusing and nearly impossible to find/communicate with possible job posters unless they are paying members too.

Don't waste your time, just go to your local craigslist community page if you're looking for a care providing job. I did, and after 1 day of craigslist hunting/posting ( FOR FREE), I found a great nannying job.

I am angry and disgusted with and wish I could have my money back.


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October 08, 2014

Hello Melissa,

As you mentioned, all of's subscriptions automatically renew until cancel, we disclose this to our members on the enrollment page so they can be aware of it and allow them to cancel anytime before their next billing date. We have it in place so our member's search for caregivers can be uninterrupted.

Furthermore, we appreciate your feedback and we regularly incorporate our member’s comments into the ongoing development of our website and will gladly share your comments with our internal team.

I hope this information was helpful and thanks again for the comment!

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1 Review

Teen Care

Reviewed By Andrew on July 15, 2014

Their site has a registration issue for teens. When a underage care providers parents go to register and verify their child they are presented with a few questions about their child such as "What is your childs name?" or "When is their birthday?" These questions are for verification purpose. When the multiple choice questions are meant to look like RandomName, RandomName, RandomName, YourChildsName they look more like RandomName, RandomName, RandomName, RandomName preventing you from ever verifying your child. In turn preventing your child from ever using their site to find work.

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October 08, 2014

Hello Andrew,

I am sorry to hear that you were having trouble verifying your child's profile on’s approval policies are designed for safety and quality purposes. Feel free to message and we will see what we can do to assist you in verifying the account.

All the best!

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Unfair Trade Practices For Shutting Down Loyal 4 YR Employer Account

Reviewed By Jessica Babinski on June 9, 2014

****HOW IS THIS FAIR THAT OUR NANNY WAS DRINKING ON THE JOB AND OUR FAMILY IS BEING PENALIZED THROUGH CARE.COM AND HAS LOST OUR MEMBERSHIP - we wrote a review because our ex-nanny was drinking on the job - she was kicked off - then, she must have wrote a false review and now we have been kicked off Our family has done nothing wrong!!!! We were only writing a bad review to warn other families!!! *****
I have been an active member as an employer to find child care for my now 1 year old, 2 year old, and 4 year old since 2010 through your site. I was recently denied membership because of false accusations from a disgruntled nanny that we had to let go because she was DRINKING ON THE JOB! I have emailed your company and nothing has been resolved. It is very sad that we are being penalized for letting a nanny go who was drinking on the job and then who went to Target with our Target card and racked up over $1100 in unauthorized charges which is a felony. There is a police report on file and we are disputing the charges with Target and Wells Fargo. I think the process of which you terminate someone's membership is unfair. Please re-instate our membership. We have done nothing wrong except let a nanny who was hired through your site go when she was caught drunk driving around with our child who is only 1 years old. I am appalled at the way this is being handled!
Before being terminated, an employer or employee should be called or emailed to verify the information is true or to be able to submit counter evidence!

Jessica Babinski

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June 12, 2014

Hello Jessica,

I do apologize for your negative experience and the closure of your account. I assure you that providing a safe environment for all of our members is a top priority of ours. Unfortunately, the decision to close your account is irreversible and does have the right to remove any member for any or no reason, to which you agreed to when enrolling. Again, I apologize for the inconvenience it has served you and do hope for nothing but the best for you and your family.

June 13, 2014

I checked their website. There was a 25% off deal with coupon but after signing up and submitting my credit card I found no place to get the 25% off. I searched Google for their number (877.227.3115) because their website doesn't list one and asked the woman who answered about the 25% off. She said she would have to issue me a refund/credit. She didn't know why I couldn't add the code before the credit card info. This company is a joke!!! I just called and got a message "we're closed. If you want to hear the answers to most frequently asked questions, please say on the line." NOTHING HAPPENS but their phone system just hangs up! OH...the message also states that there's a link to their FAQ on the bottom of each of their web pages. NOT ONE OF THEIR PAGES LISTS AN FAQ SECTION/LINK!!!

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