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About Capitol Cash Loan is an online service that offers consumers a quick way to obtain a short-term or personal loan. They are not a direct lender but they have a database of lenders, all of which are pre-screened. This is a measure they take to protect consumers from predatory lenders. In addition, they have a safe and secure encrypted online platform to ensure the information you submit through their site is protected.

Capitol Cash Loan is convenient because the entire process can be done from the comfort of your home; best of all, it is free to use. Loans from Capitolcashloans can be used in any manner you like. These loans can be used for unexpected financial obligations, to pay bills and even to consolidate loans. Using their services to obtain a loan makes it possible to have the money deposited into your bank account the same day you apply.

The loan application, found on their website, is submitted online. From there they will match you with lenders providing the lowest interest rates for your specific loan, should you qualify.  The form is short and easy to complete; it asks for your zip code, the reason for the loan, the amount you want to borrow, if you have had a bankruptcy and the minimum amount of money you would be willing to accept. The reason you are asked for a minimum acceptable loan amount is to increase your chances of being approved.

Because these loans are unsecured, they typically range from $100-$1000. If you need a personal loan for a higher dollar amount, you will most likely need to put up collateral in order to secure the loan. A credit check will also be necessary; individuals who have good credit are more likely to qualify for the higher loan amounts.

In most cases, you will receive different loan options to review before making a decision. There is no obligation, on your part, to accept any of the offers you are presented with. Be sure to review the terms and conditions stated in the loan agreement prior to signing. Review the APR and use online calculators to determine the amount of interest you are paying in relation to the amount of the loan you are presented with. Scroll through these documents for additional information regarding rate changes that may be applicable to your loan offer.

If this loan is for purposes related to debt consolidation, consider other options before taking out a personal loan. There are less expensive alternative routes for if you need help settling your debt. Counseling services are available and they are usually free. Directly working with your creditors to come up with a solution is also a free method to obtain relief. There are also settlement services and lawyers who specialize in this area. You may submit a request for information regarding these alternative options directly through the Capitol Cash Loan's website.

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Reviewed By Heather Mania on April 1, 2015, Edmonton, Alberta

This company is a complete scam and failure. KNOW YOUR RIGHTS and stay as far away from them as you can. They need to be reviewed by an actual authority and held responsible for their actions. I have reported them to Canada's anti-fraud Center, and suggest anyone else who has been scammed does as well. Look up any payday loan regulation and it says, plain as day, that the MAXIMUM cost you can charge per $100.00 lent is $23.00 TOTAL (including all fees). YET they tried to tell me I had to pay back 147.70 extra. I have all the emails documented for proof, and thankfully did not complete the agreement and so will not be owing them anything, ever.

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1 Review

AWESOME I got 275,000 after they repaired my credit

Reviewed By Victem on January 21, 2015

I think their is more than one capital cash cause ones I dealt with got my bankruptcies off, a tax lien for federal of 19432.00 and a state tax lien of 12,322 and 3 collections off in 36 days then they added free tradelines which showed up in 2 weeks then I got my first round of funding by an over night express of 15k then then I got several bank loans between 15k and 25k and several credit lines from banks at 15k -25k with low interest rates.

I went to two other credit repair places and got ripped off every time capital cash only place that did what they said they would do.

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1 Review

Capital Cash Canada

Reviewed By Bonnie Bell on July 4, 2014

This company is worse than loaqn sharks, I borrowed $100 in which to date the have taken $500 from my account as well as the NSF fees, I have asked them several time to stop taking from my account as there is no money going in , still they continue to steal my money, whatever you do, don't use them, they charge $40 a month just in fees on a 100 and do not explain anything properly they are total scam artist.

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Reviewed By Me on December 6, 2013, No ones business

Specializing in the Credit Needs of Customers with Less Than Perfect Credit (my ass). Lying bunch of pricks I was refered by another company to them that promised I would get a loan. That company and this company are liars. My info was taken intially and I was told oh yeah we can get you a loan for sure yeah right. Kiss my ass. Sure as hell these bastards are quick as hell to take my fee but to give me money there is more chance for me to win the lotto while getting struck by lightning and being attacked by a shark at the same damn time.

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January 21, 2015

Capital cash was great the other companies I dealt with Like GMS and Credit Coach were total scammers never delivered on thing ever

January 09, 2016

We don't sell CPNs only do credit repair.

haha what a lie again more lies from TINA CONELY hahaha Capital Cash takes credit cards and can PROVE NEVER HAD 1 CHARGE BACK ATTEMPT EVEN NOT ONE and any one can contact our merchant direct and we will give them full permission to do so. hahaha Only person writting all the bogus lies and bs FALSE reports are you .. TINA CONELY .. the career criminal in atlanta and under investigation.

Everyone on internet in financial has been ripped off by you and all your fake hiding scamming companies with all you call screening to hide from the people you rip off multiple times over the years with all your alias's. Everyone see's all your constant company name changes all with your same BS ad to collect payment by CASH. If you been ripped off by this scammer con bitch contact ATLANTA BUREAU of INVESTIGATIONs as all the other victims have and she is under investigation.

Do google search see where clients posted copies of screen shots of website domain and ad changes and all from ATLANATA ip all her and tons of clients reporting her. Pot calling the kettle black, ebonics crack head black thug career criminal cockroach Tina Conley hiding and scamming. IF CAPITAL CASH.CO WAS A CON LIKE HER WE BE HIDING AND USING CALL SCREENING TOO INSTEAD OF BEING HERE SAME OFFICE, SAME WEBSITE SAME PHONE. Keep trying to bring us down you just keep driving more your victims to us and we tell them who to repor you too you lll see cause you ripped us off years 10 years back and we have list of others you ripped off keep making false reports your list of victems never going away and your going to see what happens to professional cons.

Scam Alert PRIMARIES Career Criminal W Tons Fake New Ads! Credit Mark Financial / Daniel McKnight Sales Primaries

Daniel Mcknight Sales Agent
561-868-2099 24 Hours
561-246-3729 ext 131 9am to 6pm

Q&A And Price List

Buyer Beware Total CASH Scam From Career Criminal

(800) 717-7650 or email

This CON TINA COCK ROACH CONELY uses tons of fake name and new domains and also Biggest Scam on NET Daniel Mcknight Sales Agent

Biggest Scam on NET Daniel Mcknight Sales Agent

AKA Tina Conely on her 7th Domain change AKA Jeff Weisman Weisman Financial, aka was GMS Financial AKA was Denver Credit aka was US Shelf Corps

SLIME BAG CON been ripping people off for a decade look up her name on the search.

She is in atlanta under investigation, report your losses to A Bureau Investigation they are building the case on her.

Do not send her cash you will never see it again.

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