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About is a website for those who are interested in purchasing real estate in the city of Belize or on one of its many islands. It is a relaxing place for those entering retirement and is attractive to others who simply want a change of scenery.
A variety living accommodations are available to meet the needs of individuals looking for a place to reside in Belize. There are villas on the beach, estates in the mountains, jungle bungalows, and turn-key condos in multiple locations around the country.
Belize offers great opportunities for international investors especially because the property values have continued to increase over the past 25 years. Buy Belize has connections to developers enabling them to pass these discounts to buyers. With the great deals on homes, those who close on a purchase are afforded with instant equity gains.
Belize makes it easy for non-citizens to purchase there and it provides those whom choose to do so with asset protection and tax saving opportunities. Additional benefits include retirement programs and business start-up opportunities.
On the Buy Belize website there are different developments to browse through in order to get an idea of some of the different places to live. The low cost of living can be seen as home prices start at $129,000. With their own in-house financing they guarantee mortgage approval with low structured payments and low interest rates.
To request information, simply fill out the short contact form on the homepage. Soon enough you will receive a free guide to buying property in Belize and will be contacted by one of their many knowledgeable representatives for a free consultation. This phone consultation provides interested real estate investors valuable insight into opportunities available in Belize based on your financial ability. 
Buy Belize also has access to legal and structural advice regarding the process of buying real estate in Belize, since its governing laws are much different than in the States. Connecting to Belize attorneys is conveniently offered through their site.
Before finalizing any purchase transaction, it is highly recommended that you visit the different areas of Belize to ensure the location is right for you. Additionally, hiring your own attorney should also be considered.
Every real estate property located in Belize should be verified with a proper title including the entire title history. Online reviews highlighted on this point because of their unique title laws. In fact, another recommendation, found in some reviews, was to purchase title insurance. 
Since Belize does not require any certification for real estate agents; they may not be adequately equipped to provide information further than the basics of what each city offers and living accommodations. Even though Buy Belize attorneys are available to help, hiring your own attorney, who is looking out for your best interest may be quite valuable assisting you with due diligence and contract verbiage.

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