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About Bulletproof Home Defense

Bulletproof Home Defense, found online at BulletproofHome.com, is an eBook which claims that it can teach people how to defend their home even if they are strapped for both time and money.

Steve Walker, the writer of the eBook, was a US Army Officer for 22 years and says that most people who think they are defending their homes and appropriately preparing for an emergency state are actually doing themselves a disservice and making their home a target for looters.

According to the video presentation at Bulletproof Home Defense, the things you should be doing to prepare your home for a disaster can be done with limited resources, even if you only have one hour a day and are working with a budget so low you may have difficulty making ends meet.

He goes on to say that the system described in his eBook will provide you with defense strategies that will protect your home even when the system completely breaks down and “gangs of intruders will be trying to break into your home to kill you” and there will be no police that you can call for help.

You may think that the key to keeping intruders out of your home is extensive protective measures around the outside of your home, and the key to surviving is a large store room full of supplies, but Steve Walker says this is actually completely wrong.

These protective measures actually mark your house as someplace that looters and intruders will want to attack once the crisis hits. Instead, you should use the tips and tricks outlined in the Bulletproof Home Defense program which Walker learned while in Egypt during the Arab Spring.

Customers who are interested in this eBook can pay $37 for it and download it instantly to learn how to properly store your food and supplies, as well as how to protect your house while hiding in plain sight.

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