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About BudgetAir.com

BudgetAir.com, home of the travel site BudgetAir, helps you find, compare, and book airfare from a wide range of airlines, as well as helping you find rental cars and hotels in your travel destination.

Many people wonder if websites like BudgetAir.com are legit. These websites simply act as an aggregate website, collecting the current airfares from the major airlines, and when possible from airlines which specialize in affordable travel, to give you the most up-to-date information.

They also offer certain travel specials that are exclusively through their website. First, they offer “World Deals” which are special airfares that they have specifically negotiated with an airline.

World Deals are only available for certain flights and they only have a limited number of seats available at the special price. World Deals are a first come, first serve special travel deal.

BudgetAir.com also offers BudgetAir Special Fares, which is a discount fare that you can choose to accept without knowing the details of the airline carrier, arrival or departure times, or number of stops the flight will make.

If you choose a BudgetAir special fare, you have one hour after you book the flight to cancel it without penalty, should the details of the special fare be problematic for you.

When booking flights on BudgetAir.com, you can book for up to 6 travelers per reservation, and the booking must be completed 4 days in advance of your trip, as BudgetAir does not provide last minute travel arrangements.

If you need to make changes to your airline tickets after you have booked them, you will need to pay the fee required by the airline you are flying with, the difference between the tickets if there is one, and a $100 fee to BudgetAir.com.

If you have any experience with this service, please leave your BudgetAir.com reviews below.

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Reviewed By Andre Iacono on January 22, 2015, London, United Kingdom

I just Paid £1.373.00 to fly from London to Miami and I didn't receive any confirmation. I lost my money! Don't buy from this website.

This is the booking number: BUK-3110278. Can I have my refund ASAP please. But I will leave again the advise, DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!

Andre de Souza

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1 Review

Super Scammer! Beware

Reviewed By John on January 14, 2015

The budgetair.co.uk/in/.. list goes on. Well, these're skilled fraudsters. They have designed a website alongwith a payment gateway which are centered at their own servers.
I was about to book a ticket but when they asked for passport details & other details which were not mandatory, something semed to be deceptive. So, i gave a trial run. I was saved. Hope this helps
Their Scam process is as follows:
1>once you select the cheap flight & enter your "CARD DETAILS" & processing goes ahead, you will get a message. SORRY! No seat left.
2> U will contact them, but they are unreachable after you've done your payment.
3> They will mail you with a different ID asking for more 100$ to reconfirm the ticket. And still you dent get anything.
4> U are worried, without a ticket & you've been actively Pick pocket with all your awareness.
BEWARE. Purchase air tickets from trusted sites.

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1 Review

Unprofessional and disgusting

Reviewed By Jorge Khawam  on November 19, 2014


Dear Sir or Madam,

Budgetair.com put me in a flight that does not exist.

This company sold me a ticket to Caracas from London trough Madrid with Iberia for the 10th of November 2014.

Iberia cancelled the flight and budgedair.com did not let me know. Even worse they decided to put me on a flight Madrid Caracas on the 11th keeping the flight London Madrid on the 10th at 7:30am. Meaning to spend all day and night in Madrid for the 12:00pm flight on the 12th.

I send a complain letter to budgedair complaining and the response was that they did notified me with two emails which isn't true. No emails were sent apart of one in July where all flights were still on the same day. And even if they did so they never got my confirmation for that unrealistic change.

I was that morning at Heathrow airport when the airline told me what budgedair had done.

I lost my flight connection to my hometown and hotel reservation in caracas on the night of the 10th. Also lost a day with my mother and an unpaid leave day of work.

You should also know that they have caused me terrible stress as the reason of my flight is to visit my mother in Venezuela who has terminal cancer. What budgedair have done to me is unacceptable and terribly unprofessional.


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1 Review

Service NON existant

Reviewed By Ray Goldberg on October 17, 2014

Tried to contact them via email to change flight to business class. NO response. Tried to contact them to change dates of flights... NO response. Service does not exist and will never ever use them again irrespective of price

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1 Review

Stole my hard earned money with no ticket to show

Reviewed By Armela Hajderaj on August 19, 2014, Auckland, New Zealand

Hi All- Please Read!- May effect you too

I bought a ticket from BudgetAir.co.uk on this Saturday for my partner Bryan, who lives in Perth.

However, as i was typing in the information, auto correct changed his last name to mine .

I contacted budget air right away to ask them to correct the last name, but my email and phone calls were to no avail.

I have managed to get a hold of them again today and asked them to change the name, however they informed me that this isnt possible. Furthermore they have a no cancellation policy which means i will not be getting my £620 pounds back….

I would like to know, how I simple name error, means I lose £600?

I will never ever ever use their survives again...

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Zakiuddin Mohammed
December 02, 2014

No wonder autocorrect survived you even int the last ine of your complaint. Please swiitch it off.

December 02, 2014

i dont know how much of this is true but nudgetair, You've just lost my ticket. I cant afford a 500 pound loss.

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