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Sports enthusiasts can easily catch up on the latest sporting events with the BringMeSports toolbar. All of the links integrated into this toolbar are specifically designed for quick access to all types of sports related content.
BringMeSports is highly popular for devotees to basketball, baseball, football, tennis and soccer. Whether you are following the high school games, college teams, professional leagues, or international sporting events, BringMeSports has it all.
The free BringMeSports toolbar download can be found on the official website or any of their affiliates’ websites. This download will change your default homepage and search engine to accommodate their program’s properties. A ticker is also embedded in the toolbar for easy viewing of current scores and up to date sports news.
With a Wi-Fi connection, the BringMeSports toolbar will connect you to live streams for real time game coverage; it essentially turns your computer into a TV. Links in the toolbar will direct you to current game scores, breaking news, up to the minute headlines, video highlights, and team roster information. It also includes links to ESPN and YouTube. If you aren’t at the computer, you can also use your smartphone device BringMeSports application for convenient on the go access.
After downloading the BringMeSports toolbar, users noticed they were suddenly experiencing frequent pop-ups, decreased computer performance, issues opening standard computer programs and internet connection issues. Even more so, these users also encountered frequent computer freezes which had to be remedied by rebooting the computer. These types of computer issues are frequently associated with malware and adware files. Some of these files have the potential to crash your hard drive.
Reviews found online also noted that the BringMeSports program may disable antivirus and security programs. A registry scan automatically runs when this program is downloaded. This scan has been described to populate a list of errors which do not truly exist. This is a tactic to entice you to upgrade to a paid version of their program which then allows you to remove the errors.
Read up on user reviews prior to downloading any freeware programs including free toolbar downloads. There are associated risks connected to such programs including those which can potentially infect your computer. There are various online platforms for sports fans that offer the same quick access to a range of sports related content. Take precautions to ensure you aren’t downloading a Trojan with a bit of due diligence.
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1 Review

not happy

Reviewed By Keisha Anderson on February 20, 2015

i just recently used Bring me that and after i ordered my food i received an email saying that unfortunately my order didn't go through because the order max was $12 and what i ordered wasn't enough i couldn't understand that because my order was $13.22 and it also stated that they already charged my Credit Card so now i have to wait 3-5 business says to get my money back so they got the money and i have to wait to receive my money back. i'm not a happy customer.

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1 Review


Reviewed By Darrell Stahl on December 28, 2014, Roy, Washington

bringmespotrs. is supposedly down loaded on my computer
it keeps telling that..however I have not gotten any links to live
stream anything?I've been trying all the whole hawks and Rams
game.and nothing!!!they provide NO links to get the game.
Is this a scam?

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