About has trivia competitions exclusively for members to lower retail pricing for both tangible and intangible items. Each day new contests with different items are provided including the latest electronics and a variety of gift cards. 
To participate in trivia contests on, signup for an account online, or by phone, 24/7. As soon as you receive an email confirmation, login to your online account and start saving immediately.
By answering an item’s initial trivia question, its discounted price will appear; for further savings, simply continue on with trivia questions. Each correct answer will decrease the price, but if you answer incorrectly the price goes back up. Since there is no limit to the number of trivia questions you can answer, it is possible to play the price down to pennies. While all BrainBuys registered users can participate in trivia contests, some of them are exclusive to Premium Members.  
Premium account members also have access to instant deals available through third party websites. These deals consist primarily of higher ticket items and low availability items. Premium members are required to pay an entry fee for those particular trivia contests. Another perk of having access to instant deals is that you are also afforded the option to buy contest add-ons. These are used in order to modify rules in accordance with that specified contest.
There are three memberships to choose from at Free subscriptions are available to access only the standard contests. Premium memberships cost $49.85 per month. With this option you can access instant deals and participate in both standard and premium contests. The third membership option is the Premium Three Day Trial. First, a $4.95 charge for three days of access starts the subscription, after that period $84.90 is charged to the card on the file every 60 days. With each of these options you can cancel at any time because there is not commitment. 
The great aspect about using BrainBuys to purchase items at discounted prices is that you have control of the pricing, but this comes with a price, the subscription price. Some of the complaints found online noted that the cost of a premium membership was a bit expensive. After calculating the amount of money spent on the subscription and the time required answering trivia questions, you may come to find that you are not saving money at all.
Another complaint was that correct answers to their trivia questions did not lower the price by much, and if an incorrect answer was provided, then you were penalized with a price increase. Members have to be extremely knowledgeable and incredibly patient to reap the rewards attainable through the site.
According to online sources, has a low safety rating. This means that any personal information submitted through the site is not safe and is considered not trustworthy. With this in mind, research the background of this site and think about what information you may be compromising to save money.
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