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Legit or Scam?


Bob Proctor is another one of those guys that was facing a life of poverty and struggle yet was able to turn it around.  After working many dead end jobs he moved to Chicago to work for his life time heroes Earl Nightingale and Lloyd Conant.  He worked his way up to V.P. of sales.

Bob Proctor used the skills he learned there to start his own seminar and sales training company.  For over twenty years he worked with Prudential Insurance, creating custom sales training courses for over 20,000 sales people.  Several years after that Bob Proctor moved on to do the same for Re/max.      

Bob Proctor has worked with several large corporations and has helped transform their sales staffs.  However the personal training that Bob Proctor offers is mostly theoretical with no clear path to becoming wealthy.

Bob Proctor's infomercials would have you believe that he's going to teach you how to make money.  However, he tends to focus more on improving self qualities and changing people's mentalities.  That maybe what some people are looking for while others want a concrete framework.

If people are looking for someone to show them how to make money in a formulaic way then Bob Proctor may not be the guy for them.  However, if you need a spiritual and motivational pick me up then you can listen and learn from his materials.

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