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BioTrust, found online at, is a new line of health supplements founded by nutritionists Josh Bezoni and Joel Marion that promises to include only top quality, all natural ingredients.

Josh and Joel created BioTrust in 2011 after learning that the health supplement industry in the United States is essentially unregulated. This means that not only do certain supplements not provide the results they promise, but some of them don’t even include the ingredients they promise.

As nutritionists who believe that nutritional supplements play an important role in people’s health, they decided to create a supplement line that not only has top quality, all natural ingredients, but that also is free from hormones, antibiotics, artificial sweeteners, coloring, flavors, and preservatives.

Their supplement line includes IC-5, which is their supplement for Advanced Insulin and Carbohydrate Management. Though many diets emphasize eating protein and reducing carbohydrates, BioTrust says that you should include carbohydrates in your diet, as long as your body is processing them correctly.

Their IC-5 supplement helps your body process carbs correct because it includes five different ingredients which BioTrust says has been proven to help your body maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

They also offer LeptiBurn, an advanced fat burning hormone supplement which increases your leptin levels, which helps your body burn fat. LeptiBurn includes six different ingredients which BioTrust says have all been shown to help your body burn fat.

A one month supply of any of BioTrust’s supplements range between $49.95 and $69.00, depending on what you are ordering. But all of their supplements purchase packages give you the option of purchasing two bottles and receiving a third bottle free, or purchasing four bottles and receiving two bottles for free.

BioTrust also offers a 1 year guarantee. If you return your empty or unused products within one year of the purchase date, you will receive your money back within 3 days.

If you have any experience with this product, please leave your BioTrust reviews below.

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1 Review

A question

Reviewed By Patricia on March 30, 2014

I have been to doctors but no answers and thought of trying this. I have purchased Pro X 10 and the product is on its way. I get constipated and have pain on the right flank. I have leg pain and tiredness and lethargy. I have recently started an organic diet and eat freshly caught fish twice a week. When I am not constipated I am okay. I was wondering if this product will help the colon too.

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1 Review

Who needs the result - find it in Biotrust!

Reviewed By Alexander on March 28, 2014

I'm surprised judgments about the product by the presence of the buttons in the video:)))

I'll be brief - I lost 67 pounds. Biotrust helped me do it! They have high quality products. No problems with delivery or payment. There is a forum for discussion of products or methods to achieve the goal (and this is important). I do not know the people who work in Biortust personally, but I feel their support and participation - it gives me strength and confidence. I know I can rely on them and trust them. Thank you for what you are doing for us!

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1 Review


Reviewed By Edward McAvoy on March 25, 2014

Thank you for the opportunity of reviewing Bio-Trust Nutrition products and their support teams. I am a retired Banker, aged 70, from the UK. I had 40 years experience in Business & Commerce, writing many reports and reviews on many businesses.
I am overweight, with elevated blood pressure and border-line Diabetes. Through an excellent weight loss Plan for Life, I have lost weight (28 lbs) but more importantly, from that plan learned the importance of controlling your bodies Leptin and Insulin. Leptin is the signal your body sends to your brain, that you are replete and no need to keep eating. Insulin obviously controls your blood sugar levels and the effects of not doing so, are very well known.
Although the diet starts to address that imbalance, the creator of that plan highly recommended using Bio-Trust products – Leptiburn (does what is says on the tin) and IC-5 for reducing Insulin resistance. These have greatly boosted the effects as well as encouraging my body to burn fat not sugar.
I had cause to contact the Bio Trust Customer Service Team to help track my products to the UK. I remembered reading somewhere, that their service reputation was second to none. A label they truly deserve. My interaction with the Bio Trust Forum team was a totally unexpected, but huge bonus, In the past, I have never felt inclined to become a member of a Forum, but count my blessings I joined this one. Not only is it good to interact with fellow dieters and sufferers, but the genuine and heartfelt advice from the Forum Team, is inspirational, informed and they are totally dedicated to helping their members achieving their health goals

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1 Review

Waste of time.

Reviewed By Timothy P Stokesbary on March 17, 2014

I listened to your way too long video and decided to give you guys a try, as although too long it was well done. I tried to order and it seems that for some unknown reason you don't ship to Hawaii. Whats up with that? Priority mail is cheep. Tim

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March 18, 2014

Hi Tim,

My name is Tim Skwiat, and I am the Senior Nutrition and Exercise Coach with BioTrust Nutrition. Seeing as how we're both named Tim, I think that's a great start to the conversation. :)

BioTrust is a US-based company and they don't ship to Hawaii? "What's up with that?" is exactly right, my friend. We do indeed ship to Hawaii.

In the "Select shipping country" drop-down menu at checkout, you'll see two US options: 1. United States (Continental); and 2. United States (Alaska or Hawaii). You, my lucky island friend, will want to choose the latter.

If you have any additional questions, I highly recommend that you contact our Customer Service Team directly. [This is an independent review site over which we have no input.] One of our Customer Care Specialists will gladly assist you:

(800) 766 - 5086 (M - F 7a - 8p CST)

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact me directly:

We sincerely appreciate your interest in our premium, scientifically-backed supplements, and we most certainly look forward to getting your feedback. We're confident that you will be very pleased with the results they help you achieve.


Tim Skwiat

March 29, 2014

I sat through the presentation and was keen to order, but was very disappointed to find that South Africa wasn't listed on your shipping list. Please let me know if there is any way to order your product from South Africa.
Many thanks

Brian Newmark
May 14, 2014

I hate reviews which hurt a company when the client never tried the product

July 31, 2014

wow that's a long video. after two minutes I gave up and came back later to find the video going on still and some guy called Brett Hall talking about weird stuff. Sorry I am a scientist that studies metabolism and aging .... we get trained to give talks (short and long). The point is to get the audience to understand what you are trying to say in a short time without taking so much time. I give thumbs down for the waste of time and I will never try this. You should try to do this shorter and busy hard working people who probably could afford to buy this product might pay some attention to you.

October 02, 2014

I would have to agree. 33 percent of the video is all about telling me what you are going to tell me. Horrendous waste of time. Get to the point. Additionally, all emails have a "bait" word or sentence....with a link. The link takes you to a page asking for your email. The email contains yet another link to a long video and you trying to sell me something else.

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1 Review

who is Brett Hall ???

Reviewed By Quasar on March 13, 2014

In the video that you cannot pause or rewind, they mnetion a lot on the credibility of the second speaker "Brett Hall". Google that and you find no credit except from BioTrust :-D

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March 13, 2014


Who is Brett Hall? Glad you asked!

Here is an excerpt from Brett's bio featured on (

"Brett Hall, RD is a Registered Dietitian—a nutritionist licensed to work in the medical field. He is recognized as one of the world’s leading experts in the field of performance nutrition and nutritional supplement science, and has spent the last 23 years researching how all-natural foods and supplements can be used to help people improve their bodies.

Brett’s past experience includes:

* Senior Research Interventionist at the University of St. Louis Medical School.

* 15 years as a nationally published writer on nutrition and supplementation topics.

* Research and Development Director for Experimental and Applied Sciences, Inc. (better known as “EAS”).

* President and Founder of Inergy, Inc., a Colorado-based nutritional consultation practice.

* Vice President of R&D for Eating for Life Foods.

* Chief Science Officer for Nutrition53.

* President of Pure Health Group, Inc.

* Chief Nutrition Officer for Superior Hockey Nutrition.

* Personal Nutritionist to a variety of professional athletes."

While there is a laundry list of credible references above, the one with which you may be most familiar is EAS, founded by Bill Phillips. Brett was the Director of R & D for EAS for 7 years. You are also welcome to view Brett's LinkedIn profile:

While it's unfortunate that this got approved as a one-star "review," it is a great opportunity to help shed light on Brett's extensive career in the industry and unquestionable credibility.


Tim Skwiat
Senior Nutrition and Exercise Coach

March 13, 2014

So you are confirming my statement that his credibility is only on biotrust?! Or do you not know to read?!

March 15, 2014

Quasar…I haven't placed my order yet as I am in the middle of doing my 'due diligence' and background research on BioTrust. By simply doing a search for Brett Hall I easily found plenty of background information on his professional history. Now that I have read Tim's response to you, my search and my concerns satisfied.

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