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Bill Poulos of is an experienced trader and investment educator. As a retired automotive executive, who holds a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering and a Master’s degree in Business Administration with a major in Finance, he’s relied on his background to help build his own company and help thousands of traders.

What separates Bill Poulos from most other 'how-to gurus' is that he began as a trader and has learned the hard lessons himself, developing the discipline necessary to be profitable on a sustained basis.  In his 30+ years of trading experience, Bill has developed dozens of trading systems and methods. He prides himself on providing honest and realistic trading education, and is known for the continuous support and follow-up he offers his students.

The first advice Bill provides is that anyone who's not well educated concerning stocks, options, or Forex should not even think about trading them. It all begins with education. One of the best things that Bill does for his students is offer a slew of free trading materials to build their educational foundation.

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That was long & boring

Reviewed By Curls on March 15, 2014

I clicked a link to his website to view his video. Predictably it has no fastforward, pause, or pictures. It's just the words streaming by as he reads -- which he could simply put into a document, you could skip in a few seconds!

So finally he gives 5 secrets of why people lose money. To make money trading (not investing):
1) Use precision pinpoint trades, not trades over weeks or months.
2) You can short the market too. It's not riskier than being long. (Which isn't true -- since over long time periods the market goes up, though a particular company made go to zero. But shorting isn't as risky as people think.)
3) Ignore the gurus.
4) Spend 20 mins a day placing your trades. No need to sit and watch the ticks go by.

That's it. Well, maybe I missed something because I kept muting it and doing other things. I'd unmute every few seconds to see if he'd stop talking about all the irrelevant sales pitches about spending time with family, and how disappointing it is to lose when trading...along enough to say something useful.

So if you were wondering... now you know and don't have to watch the video. I'm certainly not buying something from someone who at the onset has a product so weak he has to waste tons of my time selling to me, instead of getting to the point and having the valuable product do the selling for him.

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Glad I read reviewopedia

Reviewed By John Lockman on September 19, 2013, White Salmon, Wa

I found a lot of plugs for Bill Poulos MarketMastery program, however they were thinly veiled as objective reviews. I finally happened to surf into Reviewpedia and was confronted with scores of negative reviews. I was about to get sucked into one of his deadline offers but have decided against it --knowing that even if he did give a refund which he clearly does not, that I would still get tons of scamail. I recommend that anyone interested in the Bill Poulos program read the reviews here and then subscribe at your own peril. FTR I am not a plugger for reviewpedia-- read the reviews for yourself.

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Profits Run

Reviewed By DD on July 21, 2013, San Mateo, CA

I bought the system and was not happy with it's performance. The big red flag was when Bill started sending me all kinds of other offers. If this one was so good, why would he send me others?

I do not recommend buying anything from Bill Poulos. He makes his money selling programs instead of being a serious trader.

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John Lockman
September 19, 2013

Thank you. that is the first objective review I have read. It seems Mr Poulos has hamstrung the internet flooding, it with many plugs appearing as objective reviews. I agree if the system stands on its own why would he bombard you with further offers?

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Total scam and good luck getting money back

Reviewed By Andrew Johnson on July 14, 2013, Buffalo, NY

I tried the instant option course; it’s intended to profit from vertical spreads using the expiration of weekly options. However the cases he shows are usually not tradable, often they will show a trade that will supposedly net a certain credit, but in fact the real trades are not even close to this amount. An example they showed a call spreads for GMCR with a credit of .25 the actual trade shows a credit of .05, the same week they had a credit spread on BMY to net .08, the actual trade was .02. So I decided to cancel and ask for my money back. Supposedly if you cancel within 30 days you receive a full refund. Good luck with that. I first tried cancelling my course and asking for a refund via e-mail. After several attempts I was received an e-mail to call they director of client relations at 248-397-4204. When I called that number it says you have reached Dave … the voice mail then says the mail box is full and hangs up. After trying the phone several times, I sent some threatening emails, finally I received an e-mail saying I had to complete and RMA see attached link, but there was no attached link. Since then I have been unable to get this supposed link, or find a person to talk too, and course now I am past the 30 days.
So RUN, do not sign up for these courses

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John Lockman
September 19, 2013

This is good to know and it nice to know that people are finally shedding light on the this hoax.

March 16, 2014

I read a lot of reviews about people not getting their money back. All that's needed is 2 emails, any reply (if any) and then just initiate a charge back through your credit card company. Credit card companies are usually a bit better than Paypal. Do not use a debit card to initiate a transaction with any of these online programs. If credit card companies get enough charge backs on a particular company they simply stop processing for that merchant. Your credit card company is very effective at fighting these frustrating battles for you. Plus, you get your money back when you initiate the charge. It's up to the merchant at that point to prove the charge is valid. You've got your money back, they're out the amount plus the fee of the charge back. Just make sure you don't do this too often; it really needs to be legit.

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Thoughts on Bill Poulos

Reviewed By Charles Woodrow on July 11, 2013, San Francisco

I purchased a course from Bill once years ago. The trading method wasn't right for me, he refunded my money with no problem when I returned it. Bill and his son Greg offer very good support and follow up[ instruction on the one course of his I still have, I receive numerous follow up emails with the most recent examples of market action and trading opportunities.
My general take on Bill is that his instruction and techniques get better as he devises new ways to pull money from the market. (I have the Forex Profit Multiplier)
One thing I will mention is that trading is not first. There is a learning curve that must take place. When I say that Bill's teaching gets better over the years, I am addressing this issue primarily. Depending on one's base-line of market and trading knowledge. I have studied a whole gamut of markets and have purchased many books over the years. My conclusion is that the markets are fluid and one CAN make money with a proven methodology and a total immersion into the learning time and effort absolutely required.
Bill gives you a base-line to begin with. You may find yourself tweaking whichever "Profits Run" course you decide on as you gain experience. I stress; these markets are fluid. And you as a trader must be fluid as well.
Paul Tudor Jones of the Tudor fund never stops searching for new ways to squeeze money out of the vast array of markets he trades.
Bill Poulos has always been a straight shooter as far as I am concerned. Granted, he makes a lot of money selling his trading courses and software. There is no sin that. He does trade and as far as I know, he trades profitably.

If you decide to purchase one of his courses, be sure it a "good fit" for your psychological make up.
At this stage of my trading, I am interested in his new course on options income. This is a style of trading which is a good fit for my demeanor. This is trading credit spreads on options in which one puts on monthly option spreads in which you collect the premium at the beginning of the monthly option cycle (Options expire on the third Friday of every month, so that is when you would be selling options for the next month). Sounds simple and easy, but one needs to learn how to adjust the trades when an adverse market move takes place.
I have books on spreads and have purchased two courses, neither were satisfactory in teaching the most important part of credit spreads, namely; The Adjustments. I think Bill's course will cover that, though I cannot make a real judgement until I see the course.

So, I'll give Bill five stars based upon the two transactions I have had with him over the years. As I have previously stated, he has always been a straight shooter with me. Charles W.

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