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AuraVie Skincare is a product designed to reduce and prevent wrinkles and even make you look ten years younger. Each item in the system is made from natural ingredients and can be used on all types of skin. 
The three part system consists of a purifying cleansing toner gel, an age defying serum, and a day/night moisturizer.  The 1st part of the system, is the Toner, its purpose is to renew your skin by generating new skin cells. The second step is applying a serum which is the main component to this system.  The serum is used to remove dark eye circles and reduce fine lines. The last item is a moisturizer used to replenish skin and hold moisture in.
Once you place an order online, you will receive a 30-day supply of AuraVie Skincare for $4.95 (shipping and handling costs).  You have ten days to decide if you like the product. If you aren’t satisfied with the product you must call them within that 10 day window and notify them you will be returning it.
If you are happy with the results you will automatically be charged $97.88 after the ten day trial.  At that point you have also agreed to enroll in a 6 month VIP program.  The first five months of Auravie is $97.88 per month, the 6th month only costs $14.95 for shipping and handling.
Using this system is what Auravie believes to be an alternative for Botox.  For the amount of money you spend on this product, you could afford real Botox treatments.  AuraVie offers the same results as all of the other products on the market promising to reduce and remove wrinkles.  It seems that this product is extremely overpriced; maybe it would be wise to consider some other options.

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26 ‘AuraVie Skincare’ Reviews
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Reviewed By linda on July 26, 2014

I was also charged 97.88 but my bank declined the charge and send me a text message. I called my bank and told them I did not authorize this charge. I called and got the same run around as everyone else. I wish I had seen these reviews prior to ordering the samples/ I will never do that again.

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1 Review

Definate Scam

Reviewed By Joann DiLego on April 1, 2014, Essex Junction, Vermont

I ordered this product in response to a free trial ad. I received the product, there was no invoice nor any literature explains the terms of the free trial. I just got my card statement with the $97.xx charge. I called AuraVie immediately and told them I did not like they product and therefore wAs not gong to pay that amount. Customer Service rep Vanessa told me I only had 10 days to have responded. When I told her I had not been tol that and was refusing the purchase. She hung up on me. I called back. Customer Service rep Matt offered me $35 off the price. I told him the product was not worth $60 something either and should I send the product back. Matt explained that when I authorized the charge for S&H for the free trial, he said there was a pop up window that explained in the fine print that I only had the 10 days to reply. He also said I could not return the product because I had opened it. Of course, I opened it, how else could I try it. I told Matt I had not seen the fine print and did not like their guaranteed product. He tol me that although my credit card bank would refund my money, eventually I would have to pay the 97... I told him I did not believe that to be true, and again offered to ship the unwanted product back. Matt said a $35 refund and maybe some coupons, if he could find them, was the best I could do and to get that I would have to send him an email stating I was not in dispute. I declined his offer, the product is unsatisfactory and I did not want the product or any future orders. I then called the credit card company who offered me a refund. They agreed that AuraVie could dispute my refusal of the product but the card company will definately block any future charges. I find this company's advertising to be outrageously deceptive. DO NOt FALl FOR THIS.

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Reviewed By Maria Maston on November 9, 2013, Cedar Hill, Tx

I ordered this product because it was supposed to be a free trial and all I had to pay was $4.95 for shipping and handling. Imagine my surprise when $97.88 was taken out of my checking account without authorization. I immediately called them (after 45 minutes waiting on the line) and was told they could not give me a full refund but only $50.00, I contacted my bank and filled out a dispute form with this company but was told it will take days. I cannot afford to have any huge amount taken out of my checking account when I am on a limited income. This is definely a big ripoff from this company and something needs to be done about it. I filed a complaint with the BBB

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March 27, 2014

I am actually currently in the middle of all of this!! So frustrated, like to you I am on a very tight budget, I cut my thumb to the bone at work and I needed stitches, I missed a lot of work, a lot of bills needed to be paid... I literally just got off the phone with the claims department of my bank, but I have to call aura vie again around 7am..I guess they tries taking the 97.88 out of my account earlier this month, but i didn't have that much a the time. Wouldn't a company email/call you if they couldn't get their money??? So they took a little less which was 73.41, and thats when i got a message from the bank...They went by IMSKIN 8662075676 woodland HLS Ca. Don't trust aura vie!! They took the money out of my account around 11:00 p.m so OF COURSE its too late to call them....ugh..I really hope o can get something back...

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Nurse RN

Reviewed By pam on June 7, 2013, ca


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June 09, 2013

I thought I was supposed to try out this product for the price of the shipping then give a review. I am on a fixed income and can't afford for the company to charge my account a great deal of money I can't afford to pay. How can I stop them from taking money from my account?

July 16, 2013

Call: 1-866-260-2133
Your order can be canceled online BUT listen closely to the appropriate prompts! You want to cancel your order entirely, NOT get the offer at a reduced rate. You will need a pen and paper. The address to return the product is:

AuraVie Skincare Returns Department
PO Box 10465
Van Nuys, Ca. 91410

You will get an RMA# at the very end. LISTEN CLOSELY and WRITE FAST!
The RMA# is computerized and speaks FAST!!!! I replayed the message over and over until I was absolutely certain to get the RMA# correct.

Here's the other part: The consumer, YOU, pay the return delivery cost.
It must be received by them one month from the phone call.
(The computer will tell you what date that is)
Also, when you return the product (because that's the ONLY way you will not be charged), make certain you return it with a Delivery Confirmation Number to secure a way of tracking the return to these RIPOFFS so they don't try to rip you off again.
And, lastly:

YOU MUST PRINT THE RMA# CLEARLY ON THE OUTSIDE OF THE PACKAGE! Put this in a corner where postage and delivery strips do not cover it.

Good luck. I canceled mine today.
The product is nothing more that dish soap for the cleanser. The rest of it I wouldn't even put on my skin. I'll refrain from what the consistency and the serum smells like. The third product, I didn't touch.
I also knew as soon as I read the 1st 4 ingredients of the cleanser, that they are not who they say they are. Water, alcohol, witch hazel...
Additionally, the product says FRAGRANCE FREE!
It's FRANGRANCED alright! It is FULL of fragrance which told me right away I could not trust the labeling, much less trust the actual product or company!


Jane Hughes
September 25, 2013

You are so right. It is scram. I am trying to get out of. Do not order,

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Reviewed By BARBARA on April 29, 2013, RINGGOLD, GA

This product is not as good as oil of olay original skin care. I gave it a good try of over 1 month, and went back to olay. Olay definitely works better, and the price is so much better also.

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