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Arbonne International is a California based multi level marketing company that has been in business for over twenty years.  Arbonne International specializes in a variety of skin care and cosmetic products. 

The Arbonne product line contains more than 200 hundred items used for anti-aging, acne, and general skin care for men, women and babies.In addition to skin care products Arbonne International also manufactures aroma-essentials.  A product line that includes: bath oils, massage oils, a variety of body lotions, candles, and soaps.

Arbonne International has been very successful and the company's profits have been consistently on the rise.  They do approximately $35 million in sales annually and Arbonne is now considered to be a serious competitor to Mary Kay and Avon.

The only drawback to Arbonne Products is their hefty price.  Most people that try the items have good things to say and would generally buy more if not for the high cost.  This also has consequences for resellers of Arbonne, as it is more difficult to sell expensive skin care products.

The business side of Arbonne International employs an MLM business model very similar to Quixtar.  Arbonne consultants earn 35% commission on their sales but have to abide by strict guidelines of how to market and resell Arbonne products.

As with other MLM businesses most people do not make serious profits and not by any fault of their own.  The structure of MLM's make it very hard to succeed once you get past selling to your friends and family.

Arbonne restricts consultants from using their own custom websites to sell online.  If you want to sell online you have to purchase a pre-made Arbonne website.  The problem with those is that its very difficult to get traffic to a cookie cutter website.  Arbonne officials say that the nature of this business is to sell face-to-face but I know that many people would prefer to do business online.

These restrictions have led people to the only profitable online outlet they could find, auction sites.  You can find thousands of Arbonne Products being sold by consultants on eBay.  This level of competition has forced prices far below market value and makes profiting difficult.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints for 'Arbonne'


Average Rating is 3.12 out of 5 based on 229 reviews.

Nice girl   Australia

11:04pm on February 21st, 2015 

Story time:

Recently (like i have heard in numerous other reviews) and old friend of mine got in touch with me out of the blue wanting to catch up. A coffee catch up soon turned into an Arbonne sales pitch and suddenly she was constantly hassling me on Facebook and over the phone.

After a while of her hounding me to become a consultant i figured why not? So i joined. (I've always been a people pleaser and this was no exception).

It's been two weeks since i joined on as a consultant and I HATE IT. they constantly badger you on Facebook and i don't agree with the way you're forced to do business. On top of that my "friend" did my first order of products on my behalf without even consulting me first - over $100 of stuff!

The products are over-priced and I much prefer "the body shop", which may only be a little cheaper but much better quality.

All in all maybe i was too nice to tell her straight away i wasn't all that interested (and that's my fault) but at least i learned a lesson. I feel really sorry for all the women buying into this con that's dressed up like a fashion trend lifestyle. It's pressuring people you care about to put money into something that just doesn't live up to the hype.

Ama Garatshun   Sydney, Australia

7:45am on November 27th, 2014 

I've scrolled through all the reviews reading both good and bad ratings. Bad rated reviews have the same theme - pyramid scheme. How wrong they are. I know from personal experience that my Area Manager who lives in Blaxland, NSW, Australia (two suburbs from me) replaced her teaching salary in the first year Ė sheís been with Arbonne two years. Sheíll qualify for her white Merc early next year.

In my first month I earned $100 from three orders taken from friends over Facebook - I didn't even have to hold a workshop or party. It just so happens that everyone has skin.

Here are the points I make to everyone who doubts Arbonne:
1. Most people use and buy product
2. Introduce them to a safe brand to swap what they already buy
3. Earn money when they buy products they usually buy anyway

Itís not rocket science and itís definitely not a pyramid scheme. The reason why Arbonne chose network marketing instead of traditional retail is to cut the price. If Arbonne was a retail brand along side Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent in your local department store our cleanser would be worth $400 RRP a bottle not $61 RRP.

Another point I love is the 45-day money back guarantee. I can only speak for the Australian head office. They are very helpful, I visited the head office this month in fact (go to my Facebook page to see pictures) and we have our Christmas Party there next week.

Imagine this, you go into your local department store and go to the Chanel counter and purchase a foundation. They might have tested it on you, if they werenít busy, but then you get home and realise that in normal lighting the colour is too dark or light. You take it back to the store to get your money back or to swap the shade and they tell you NO because youíve opened and used the product. TOO BAD, NO MONEY BACK FOR YOU. What a shame.

Well not with Arbonne and the 45-day money back guarantee.

Iíve also noticed that some reviewers are complaining that the bottles donít list the ingredients. If you are a consultant you have access to The Source, which has a product ingredient fact sheet FOR EVERY SINGLE PRODUCT. It goes into much more detail then any other product with the ingredients listed on the back because it tells you its origin (plant, fruit, science, botanical etc.) and itís purpose. Pretty cool. If you are a client or preferred client you can ask the consultant you purchased from for the ingredient fact sheets for the product in question.

I am a real person, 22 years old. Arbonne HAVE NOT ASKED ME TO COMMENT ON THIS PAGE. Iíve been with Arbonne since late September this year (2014).

Lisa   NYC

2:19pm on November 7th, 2014 

Arbonne has some incredible products. I was a distributor but only to get a discount for myself as I had no interest in the business. I am writing only to clarify something someone posted. They said only 3% of Arbonne distributors become wealthy. While that may be true, consider this- the average in this country is 1% become wealthy. I would take my chances with this company any day.

sarah   mo

9:16am on October 8th, 2014

Was a consultant for several years, only really buying for myself and as gifts at the 40% discount. Didn't resign for my membership one year at 15$ and lost my membership. Several years have gone by and lately a friend had invited me to an arbonne party she's hosting and I'm thinking signing back up for the discount . So I do a little research online and first thing I see is that arbonne is going thru bankruptsy!! Now I'm concerned, but an still going to research. It's true there aren't ingredients listed on bottles but they are listed in full in the catalog. Also you do get major discounts up to 85% off when you sign up at a certain level. I know some things have probably changed since I had my membership but companies do evolve. I absolutely loved a few if the products and have continued to buy thru a friend ever since losing my membership.

Ric   Kingston NY

8:14pm on October 2nd, 2014 

To be honest, the negative reviews do more to sell network marketing than I ever could. Network marketing is taught in accredited Universities across the US. When you call it a pyramid scheme you show your lack of information.

Every classic job is more a pyramid scheme than network marketing is.

Flipping burgers, working the checkout, stocking shelves, working a call center... These people do all the work but get paid the least, the money travels up!

Network marketing is nothing like that. Everyone can be the CEO, BUT IT TAKES WORK!

reed   kansas

6:11pm on August 5th, 2014 

I was signed up as a consultant (it was a gift).

My husband hates the whole thing! He's not happy about the fact you have to sell x amount in 3 months before you barely see any profit.

I love the Primer, foundation, & eye liner, but not for the price. Even with my 35% discount, the sales tax 8.15% (calculated by Arbonne) and the s&h eats up the discount. Why can't they send it flat rate?

I live in a town of 2500 people and most of them are in the cemetery! $7 is the minimum wage. No one is going to spend their hard earned $ on product, especially when they can get it cheaper off Amazon. Yes, I've looked into that aspect.

If this hadn't been a gift I'd of NEVER got into it.

lillian   unknown

9:00am on June 11th, 2014 

I have had a meeting with an arbonne rep.. the lady started 6 months ago... like many reviews on here she has a wealthy husband... I have now got the products to try for 3 days, used last night and this morning , makes my skin sting a little and us strong smelling , I have noticed bottles do not have a list of ingredients on them!.. dont think I will buy at this point in time.. but I do like natural products , is there any more products out there but not as expensive????....

mel   Toronto

6:07pm on June 8th, 2014 

I used the self tanner and I got the worst reaction. My eyes puffed right up. I followed the instructions, and strayed tanner on hands and put onto face. I have used many facial self tanners and have never had a reaction before. I have never had a reaction to any products in the past for that matter. I waited a couple weeks and applied it again to make sure it was this product, and the same thing happened. Swollen, red eyes and painful. I wish I could upload pictures. This is the worst skincare experience I have ever had. I am very into skin care and go to clinics for microderma and peels regularly. I didn't like how my skin was with any of the products. These products didn't make my skin any better than a $5 drug store product, and I don't use drug store products!

Susie   Oklahoma

4:06pm on June 2nd, 2014 

I have been a user of Arbonne for 8 years. Nearing the end to a job I have not particularly been fond of, I wanted to still engage with women and men in products I believe in. You do not have to inventory products, as people purchase, you order and it delivers to their door. I believe in the pure products and I also believe in buying from myself. Why not, no one pays me to buy other products and they are not as pure as Arbonne. I am just saying, those who are negative do not know what they are talking about and do not have the energy or marketing skills to build a business. Majority of companies out there are built by networking, Arbonne is not any different. I will have my own Mercedes by end of the year, I declare it!

Sandy   Indiaapolis, IN

6:09pm on April 18th, 2014 

I am 77 years old and have been using Arbonne skin care (RE9) products for 10 years. I absolutely love them. My skin has never been better. Over the years I have received many compliments about the condition of my skin. I have never tried to sell the products nor do I intend to. But I certainly love using them. They have a fantastic mascara too and other cosmetic products that I have used. Have never been disappointed with anything I tried.

Interested party   Uk

6:53am on March 31st, 2014 

I'm about to join arbonne but am also being put off by all the reviews. Can someone post a concise summary including:

1. Investment options
2: discounts vs delivery charges
3. Credit card charges
4. Shipping costs.

What money are you folks really making, net, after costs.
No fears about working hard and business model seems ok to me but would be good to get some real clarity on commercials and how much people are really making.

MJ   Glasgow

5:27am on March 16th, 2014 

I have been reading through all these reviews feeling rather confused. Was really interested in joining Arbonne as have a few friends who love the products. I recently attended an information night and placed and order to try some products for myself. The reviews on here are very mixed and scaring me off slightly. I work full time already with a family of 3 so taking on another job would be a big deal. Also the cost is concerning as not really in the financial position to buy a lot of stock to let people test. Im not afraid of hard work but I am afraid of giving up precious time with my kids. Im a very positive person and self motivated which Im hoping would help me on the Arbonne journey. Will keep doing my research while I wait for my products to arrive.

IT Guru   Yorkshire UK

6:16am on March 12th, 2014 

It's a scam pure and simple. Multi level marketing scheme is a pyramid scheme by another name. Do your self a favour and avoid the fake promises and lies.White Merc ha ha ha ha ha

phil   uk

6:16pm on March 9th, 2014

i love all the negative reviews...because you all failed..arbonne are now number one and there products are amazing.. just because you failed at business doesnt mean its arbonne fault..you only have yourself to blame

Nicole   Ma

9:41am on January 29th, 2014 

I have been a consultant for a year and typically I would NOT respond to these time Wasting reviews but I feel compelled since my new consultant was turned off by uninformed, uneducated reviews such as these. Here are the facts, arbonne is a legitimate business that allowed me to replace my teaching income & be home w
My daughter. The company, what it stands for, culture of its consultants is unlike anything that I've experienced to date. My life (even if I never had made a penny) would have been richer from the beautiful men and women that I am around. Are there people who don't succeed.. Sure. However it is because they are unable to grasp tie concept of this business. You do not hound friends and family, you do not pressure or scam people, I am an area manager and I got here because I have taught my team members how to build their business. You are right only 3% of people make it to the top, but what does that matter? To me it's is evidence of what's possible. It's not "hitting the lottery" it's following a tried and true system to get to the top. If consultants promise others guaranteed $$$ or tell them that they have to invest thousands unfortunately they are not practicing with the highest integrity. I started my business for $79 dollars & a personal product order and have built a full time income. Why. Because I wanted it! Dont listen to these uninformed people!!

Nadine   Inverness

4:22pm on January 6th, 2014 

I am considering becoming an arbonne consultant, so I thought I would look up reviews and i must say that most of the negative ones seem like nutters.I met with a consultant who was lovely and told me about the company and product. She also let me take away a range of RE9 which I found amazing and seems a weird thing to do if it was a scam. My boyfriend had a bad reaction to it and his face went red, but a product cannot be right for everyone. I would still like to be a representative, some people need a life

Sarah   Toronto

11:02am on November 5th, 2013 

I purchased the acne line in the spring and broke out with the WORST acne I have ever had in my life - blistering white heads and deep pimples overran my face and made me hide from public. I contacted my rep and they assured me that this was a normal reaction as it was just "purging the impurities" stage and urged me to continue. The longer I used these products, the worse my skin got so eventually I just gave them back to my rep and asked for a return. Instead, I got my products replaced by the rc5 line (not what I asked for but ok I will try it). Same results, blistering pimples (not as aggressive but still very bad breakouts). OF COURSE, when I went to return the products the window to return had closed and I was stuck with bad skin and no money. In my opinion, this company is a sham and very unprofessional. I was given the run-around by three different employees - one even at a corporate level, who said they would take care of the return then changed their story when I actually went to do it. Once they have your money, (and they know you don't like their product) they no longer work for you. Funny thing is, if they had conducted business properly and professionally, I would have considered trying other products. Instead however, this entire time they made me feel as if I was the one to blame because their products caused a breakout. This is a business number one, a skin care line second. Be warned.

Nd   Lv

8:08pm on October 23rd, 2013 

My mother sold arbonne. I like the products, actually. However, the women who pushed her into selling this stuff were phony, pushy, and all around liars. There are only so many demonstrations one can do before you've exhausted your list of friends and acquaintances. Most people don't want to be bothered because they know you're pushing something on them. They tell the most ridiculous stories as well. For example the respiratory therapist who left her job to be a rich arbonne saleswoman. Right, you left a job that pays around 70k and saves lives to sell lipstick. Most women we met who sell this are women like my mom who don't have to work because they have good husbands who take care of things and want to make a few dollars. In other words, they were wealthy to begin with, and their success, and fancy cars are a result of their actual career or that of their partner. I truly feel bad for those who struggle financially and put out money for a kit only to realize that making tons of money is reserved for less than 3% of sales people at arbonne. No, I didn't make that figure up, it was on the news! In short, if you like the products, which you probably will, sign up! Sell for 35% profit and use the funds to buy your own products. That is the only success you're likely to attain. Also, don't buy the whole" sale level thing" if you buy enough products you're considered a certain level...meaning your friend calls herself" district manager", but it's likely she purchased a bunch of products to " earn" that title. Think about it, out of everyone you've known in your lifetime who sold for an MLM, how many were really wealthy as a result? Please don't buy the hype!

Jewel   Canada

3:01pm on September 16th, 2013 

How many companies do you support every day by using their products? And who's getting rich when you purchase those? If you're not a network marketing professional, the answer is "Not you."
MLM is simply a streamlined method of distribution.
Arbonne happens to have a 33-yr history of success (not history of shadiness or law suits for illegal activity). A corporate office of well-known professionals from highly acclaimed retail brands and manufacturers.
As for the products, it's not accurate to claim they are 100% botanical -- and consultants are taught to represent product content accurately, as "botanically based" with the "safest of science available". It's a good idea to become educated about how industry terms like "natural", "organic", "safe", "recommended" and others are intentially vague and easily misunderstood by consumers at large.
Unfortunately, uneducated or simply brand new consultants may be non-compliant in how they share both products and the business option. Have you ever worked with someone who writes their own script? Who, despite the best training tools available to all, decides to go rogue and tell it in their her way? Yeah, those people exist in Arbonne too. Ever tried to show someone how to do something and they're intent on doing it themselves with little to no experience? That happens in Arbonne too.
But those of us who are respectable, hard-working, growing, learning, coachable consultants, learn how to share the facts about what Arbonne offers. Take it or leave it. You get to choose.
It's a good idea to not let other people be the example of what YOU can become. If you come into this business with integrity, Arbonne can't possibly turn you into something otherwise. If you have a desire to earn as you learn, you'll get the coaching you need. If the person who introduced you to Arbonne isn't an upstanding, pleasant, informed businessperson, that's by no means the norm. We're just people, so some of us are incredibly honest and accomplished. Some of us aren't. You'll get out of this what you put into it. If that's money for product? You'll be satisfied or Arbonne will make it right. If it's effort to creating a new future with income from this legal, positive, fastest growing industry on the planet? You'll get much more out of it that you even thought possible.
This is why Arbonne gives away white Mercedes, and not bicycles.
You owe it to yourselves to be adequately informed, no matter what you choose to wash your face with.


12:44pm on July 31st, 2013 

Became an Arbonne consultant in September 2013 after careful consideration and trying the RE9, FC5 and Sea Source product ranges provided to me by my now sponsor. Really liked all products I tried and impressed with the non pyramid business model so I gave it a go with an investment of just under £1000. Became a District Manager just before Christmas and now have my sights firmly set on the next level, Area Manager. What have I learned in the past 9 months with Arbone? Firstly it's a job, so treat it like a job. My team consists of people who are motivated, eager to learn, enthusiastic and in it for the long run. They have become my friends and I am in daily contact with them. So it's vital to get people on board who want to make the business work as much as I do. You never know how this works out but I guess I have been very lucky with those who have said "yes" to the business and really making a go of it. It's a team effort and we do everything we can to help each other. I have well covered my initial outlay (by December 2013) and I am now earning a nice monthly income which increases month on month. It helps to pay the bills and I can treat my family to weekends away. What's more this only the start. I have not been going 12 months yet and already in a position to make a financial difference. My team is going the same way which makes this whole business so worth it. So, to all the sulky, disappointed, slightly arrogant people looking down their noses and poo-pooing those who are in network marketing using excellent health and welness products to create a better life for themselves and others: one day I will be financially secure and so will loads of others who have made this choice. On top of that, our skin will look much nicer than yours!

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