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Is AlpineAcces.com Legit or a Scam?


Alpine Access (AlpineAccess.com) is a growing call center outsourcing company that allows people a unique opportunity to work from home.  They offer at home positions for people to field calls for a variety of large corporate clients such as Office Depot, J.Crew, and the Internal Revenue Service.

What AlpineAccess.com does is allow companies to eliminate the costs of maintaining an in-house customer service center.  Instead, they provide a nationwide home-based staff of trained representatives who can cover a range of time zones, languages, and skill sets.

Since its doors opened in 1998 AlpineAccess.com has handled all employee recruitment online and over the phone.  After you submit an online application they will schedule a follow up phone interview.  It's important to be honest with them throughout this process because the last step is a professional background check.

There are a few requirements that you must fulfill in order to work for Alpine Access.  An obvious must is a solid phone demeanor and basic computer skills, since the majority of work is order processing.

You also need to be available between at least 20 hours a week, the great thing is that you can put in requests for whatever shift is most convenient for you.  However, due to the high level of competition for these jobs you may end up having to take what's available.

Some technical requirements include: a fairly modern computer with Windows 2000, XP, or Vista, a reliable high-speed ISP service, the ability to be on the Internet and on the phone at the same time without the use of a cell phone or IP phone, and a corded headset with noise-canceling microphone.

In the past a really good unlimited long distance plan was necessary to work with Alpine Access but they have grown considerably and now offer local access numbers in many major cities.

If you can fulfill those requirements then you would be a candidate for a position with AlpineAccess.com.  Some additional perks of working with them are that you're considered an employee and get an hourly salary, usually between $9-$12hr.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints for 'AlpineAccess.com'


Average Rating is 3.00 out of 5 based on 152 reviews.

Anonymous   Location unknown

11:18pm on November 19th, 2014 

Nesting, informed may be the end. Finally made it thru that and now totally nervous I will be fired at anytime during this training after putting so much money and time into it? Anybody know if I should just cut my losses now?

marlina p   las vegas

4:19pm on July 24th, 2014 

rip off liars will lie to you and than fire you the worst training make u do jobs for 7 or 8 dollars a hr..what a pain

Kelsie   Arkansas

3:22pm on February 28th, 2014 

Biggest scamming site EVER do not trust one single word this company says!!! I got an online job offering from 'Sandra Wilson'. At the end of the day a scam is a scam. They send you a check in the mail to get your 'job started' and if you put it in your account it will bounce and you will have to pay your bank back. Then someone from Alpine will contact you saying they 'payed you to much' or 'you didn't pay us back ___ amount". It's all about money people, and if you agree to work for them prepare to LOSE LOSE LOSE. DO NOT TRUST THIS PLACE NOT ONE BIT. I promise if you do you will regret itů!!!

ron b   atlanta ga

12:06pm on January 20th, 2014 

this is a highly dishonest company. run as fast as you can.

Sherry   Northern Ontario

3:39am on November 20th, 2013 

As a person who lives in a very small town, almost an hr from the city, don't have a license, this work from home job has been a God send! I enjoy it, I enjoy helping customers. I appreciate the help I DO get and being in my last week of training, know where to find most of my answers. There is help! I have a team lead who is constantly in touch with me, telling me of my progress, reaching out to me to see if I need any help of any kind. I been working for alpine access for almost 2 months now and am so very thankful that it has worked for me! NO job is perfect, this one is pretty close, as I don't have to travel, pay for lunches or profession clothing, to go do a job, that is either the same or much worse!! I'll take this job and oh yes as the last person said, they send you a computer to work with, no need to go out and buy a new one, you can't actually, you are required to do ur job on the device sent to you! Sooo, with all this being said, I would recommend this job to ANYONE who asked me about it! I love it!!

ALA   California

7:23pm on November 6th, 2013 

I felt the training and all the stuff I did before starting to work with live customers was absolutely fantastic. Our trainer was fantastic, patient, kind, funny a great trainer.. but before we knew it , all of a sudden we were thrust into the world of customers.. oh brother I couldn't believe how that went. It was an absolute disaster. I mean so they have a chat pod you could use when you get stuck but that really wasn't helpful to me, with so much going on I had difficulty asking for help but then having to scroll and scroll to find my answer as there was tons of people asking for help and the chat pod moved so fast. I really thought it was absolutely insane and felt like I was going crazy. I think it takes a certain kind of person to be thrown to the wolves and either sink or swim. I don't think I am one of those.. !!


7:17pm on November 6th, 2013 

After applying for a job at Alpine Access I have to say from the very day I apple all of the staff have been very encouraging and extremely helpful every step of the way. Certainly I had to do what the other people had to do, A background check which did cost me $45 but the company was willing to waive the fee and take it out of my first check. Which I was fine with. I mean lets be honest I see people on here and everywhere complain about this but for myself It didn't bother me either way. I already had a computer and a landline, so I simply had to buy 2 headsets which we got on sale very cheap. So honestly it wasn't too bad at all. I have to say though that it has been a good opportunity. Even our trainer was fantastic. I have to tell you the hardest part of it all is the commitment to get up and be in your office every day for all those hours. Either way I am blessed to have a job and I cant seem to work in my jammies I have to get up and dressed.. People complain about the pay, well hey go flip burgers by all means cuz you will get the same pay... Minimum wage isn't sooo bad, I could think of worse jobs for that wage... Oh well some of us grateful, some of us not.. Well im grateful...

Linda M   Florida

10:14am on October 31st, 2013 

Alpine Access is great work at home program< I have been with them almost two years and they give support and work with you in anyway they can. Paychecks are always deposited and training is paid. They off benefits and you can earn time off. I have recommended it to several people. Also there are no fees only the cost of a background check.

happy at work   fl

7:12pm on October 10th, 2013 

An excellent place to work.

legit review   at home

9:12pm on August 24th, 2013 

I don't know why people that don't make it through the hiring process or they get fired complian.i have been working for aa for almost a yr and I love it, so far it the best company I have every worked for!! I love my hours and pay! and yes you have to supply your own headset and pay for background/credit check but Its all worth it! I just was looking over this a cannot believe the negative things. its like this some people are meant to work at home and some are not if your self reliant then its perfect but if you require more teach constantly then this job isn't for you .THIS IS A REAL JOB NOT A SCAM !!! PEOPLE ARE FUNNY TRYING TO GIVE THE COMPANY A BAD NAME WHEN THEY ARE AWESOME! AND NO I WASNT TOLD TO POST ON HERE I AM DOING IT BECAUSE THE COMPLAINTS IS LIES!

Sarena   Steel City

4:41pm on July 27th, 2013 

There are too many haters in the room... I worked the Citibank Program for 1yr... The pay is not that great but what do you expect other than minimum wage... You work in the comfort of your home and get paid more than slave work at McDonald's or Wendy's...

melissa matthews   toronto

12:02pm on June 24th, 2013 

I think this website only allows negative posts. I just wrote a huge positive review about how great Alpine has been to work for, and the site refused to post it because they claim there was swearing in it! I didnt even use one curse word. If your going to have a site like this, at least let people argue both sides. thanks.

Michelle   Mi

3:06pm on June 12th, 2013 

I am sitting here waiting for the interview that was supposed to start at 3:00 p.m. It is now 4:00 p.m.and the meeting has still not started because there is no host. I don't have time to waste like this. If they couldn't start the meeting someone should have at the very least entered the room and let us know. NOT A COMPANY I WOULD LIKE TO WORK FOR.

Joe   USA

9:33pm on May 24th, 2013 

Alpine Access will do everything in their power to NOT pay you for your time. There are numerous legal cases brewing, stay tuned...

Dan Jobe   Glen Allen, VA

10:46pm on March 21st, 2013 

I went through the application process and was granted an interview. I logged on for the group interview, sent the requested screen shots and was booted off when I answered that I was not bilingual. No explanation. I sent a message asking about the situation and the only response was a terse "We have made some changes to our screening questions." No apology. No humanity.

People need to know ahead of time the cold pieces of s**t that recruit for this company.

John Doe   USA

6:07pm on March 9th, 2013 

Low pay, inexperienced management, horrible tech issues and even when it's Alpines fault they rarely will pay you for them. Not quite a scam but the closest thing to it.

punishable by death   secret locaiton

4:12pm on March 4th, 2013 

I also have not been getting answers. I quit because I wasn't getting answers and now they don't even want their equipment back? How long should I hold on to their garbage for?
It's a joke company with so many bugs it's sad that they even provide IT services when their own systems don't work.

canada   canada

5:43pm on February 24th, 2013 

I was one of the first to get hired in Canada to work for Rogers. We had rogers employees training us. The promise flexibility, great for moms etc. What a lie! They are a call center with no flexibility at all! They promoted people, the ones that should not be promoted. Worst company ever to work for. Don't waste your time!

Ron Howard   Toronto

3:35pm on February 13th, 2013 

A total screw, don't listen to any promises because they last about 5 minutes with these guys. Hire people full time and as soon as it suits them they cut hours. Totally unorganized, you'd have to go a long way to find a worse company to work for

HappyRedhead   Denver, CO

3:45pm on January 5th, 2013 

I've been with AA since October, and so far, I am pretty happy. I've never had a problem with my paychecks, and I've never been forced to go home early if I didn't want to.

I paid the $45 application fee, and had no problem with the credit or background check. My credit is awful, (I'm divorced and we had credit cards, need I say more?) and it was not a problem. I didn't have to do a drug test, which surprised me.

I got a computer to use for work, although I did have to provide my own monitor for it. The internet requirement is just that it is high speed (I have dsl) not VOIP, and you have to have it wired, not wireless. I just bought a 50' ethernet cable, poof, done.

The training was pretty good - a lot of autonomous stuff that you can do slow or fast, however you need. I can see where this style of training is not good for everyone... ooh, shiny! It's easy to get distracted if you let yourself!! Overall content-wise, the training was pretty thorough. Naturally, no training course will ever cover 100% of potential issues... but this was good. I would like to be able to use the "real" software at least once before taking live calls, as the "training" version was pretty restrictive in what we could do in it.

After training, it was very much thrown to the wolves on the phones. There could've been more support in the adobe room. Then again, I also think that if you don't have a clue by the time you get out of training, maybe this isn't the career path for you to be taking. The coaches and Team Leads are very heavy on the "find-it-yourself" attitude, but if you're panicking they WILL help you. The tough love gets stronger as the weeks go by... if you learn your tools, you're fine. Just breathe, remember that you're the expert, and make a little small talk while you're frantically clicking. The customer can't see you panic, don't worry. :)

The benefits are lame, but again, optional. It isn't really health insurance so much as a gap-coverer... I hope that makes sense? If your spouse has insurance, this might be a good supplement to it. However, it is NOT stand alone health insurance by any stretch of the imagination!! I wish I'd realised that before I got locked into paying $75 every 2 weeks for it (can't cancel until open enrollment in Dec, dang it).

I have disabilities, so I love the flexibility that it gives me working from home. Little things, like that fluorescent lights in regular offices give me migraines, now I can control that. No fluorescent lighting in my house, so no migraines! Things like being able to regulate the temperature of my work environment (come on, you know you keep a sweater on your chair at work), and being able to pet my cat if it walks into the room.

The schedule is rigid - but you lock your own choice down when you get hired. I took the 2-11 with Weds/Thurs off. It might not be weekends, but at least it is two days together, right? I was initially hired and promised full time, 32+ hours a week. During my training, I was pulling 40 every week. Once I hit production, my average scheduled hours are more like 20-26 a week. They do have jump on opportunities, and opportunities to stay past the end of your shift when we have high call volume. I have also seen the offers for the jump offs, but I have never been forced to take it. They did make us work on xmas and new year's, but there were incentives.

Overall, I love working for AA. I have already referred a few friends of mine to work for the company, and I have plans to be with AA for a long time to come.

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