You can prepare for your financial future with a well planned investment portfolio. There are so many investment options making it difficult to decide which ones are the best to meet your financial goals. AdvisorWorld has over 250 experienced financial advisors for their members to consult with for free. In addition, you can request free quotes for life insurance, annuities, financial planners, financial advisors, disability quotes, joint life insurance quotes, 401k plans and much more.

By submitting your email address through their site you will immediately have access to a number of resources. To conduct your own research, videos, eBooks, and articles are available to browse through. With these tools you can learn the basics steps to investing and explore different investment options.

You can also submit questions to the advisors and representatives on their site at any time. Having the opportunity to connect with these experienced and knowledgeable experts is another benefit to being a member of AdvisorWorld. The advisors can provide you a wealth of information including tips on investment strategies and setting up a portfolio. To make the best use of these resources, it is important to establish a foundation of factors to base your financial decisions around. Some of these include financial goals, risk tolerance, asset allocation strategy, timelines and values.

Advisors on their site are also there for you to hire when you are ready to create a portfolio and finalize your investment plans. Creating a relationship with an advisor you are comfortable with is very important, especially if you are going to rely on them to provide you with sound advice and information affecting your future financial wellbeing. Advisors on their site are experts and have an average of over 15 years of experience as well as memberships to accredited associations. A relationship with a financial advisor is built on trust and your financial advisor will grow with your family.

AdvisorWorld is also a helpful marketing outlet for advisors who may be trying to generate leads for their business. Advisors can fill out a form to become a member of their site and receive a free guide with information to build their clientele. There is a one-time subscription fee for advisors which costs $499.00; all referrals are “pay-as-you-go”.

As an advisor, AdvisorWorld’s marketing program will help you increase your exposure by participating in the community and assisting members. To reach Elite Status, you must provide high quality inquiries to community members, and in doing so, your profile will be featured on their home page. As you continually prove yourself as a reputable advisor, it is possible to even be featured in their “top contributors” section.

Choosing the right investments for your financial future can be obscured by the number of options and the numerous combinations of investments that will maximize your money’s potential. Finding the perfect financial advisor is vital to formulating an effective investment strategy aligned with your goals. Research some of the advisors on their site, if you can’t find the right one, check out some of the reputable companies in your local area.

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Total scam!

Reviewed By Marvin Kone on September 9, 2013, Atlanta, GA

I've twice filled out the AW form promising that a list of annuity rates would be sent to my email within 3-4 hours. Neither time did AW send the promised list of rates, and both times I got an annoying phone call within 5 minutes from a rude teIemarketer who obviously knew nothing about annuities and who hung up when I said I wanted to see the list of rates before talking to an "advisor."

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Jill Deutsch
January 05, 2014

NEVER, never do business with an online only financial company! Not unless you visit a local office first, ran the companys name through the better business bureau and the SEC and FINRA websites Both the SEC and FINRA are sites you can trust. Google them the websites should end with .gov not .com I wouldnt take a chancy risk with my money especially when the dollar amount starts involving 3 digits on up

May 13, 2017

Ms. Deutsch,
It is important for you to know that AW is not the entity that you would be dealing with in transactions regarding your money. Only licensed agents in the state you live would be the one to meet with you in person to go through a client fact sheet to determine what any of your wants and needs would be. These agents are highly governed by state and federal laws. So be aware that AW sells nothing at all to the client regarding any investment. They are nothing more than the middle man to enable a service to connect you with the agent referred to above.

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Shoddy customer service

Reviewed By Cindy on December 28, 2012, Minneapolis, MN

Please read my comment above.

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Reviewed By Dave on October 20, 2012, Redwood City

If you fill out a form requesting information about annuities that they promise to send you, you will NEVER get the information promised but instead get cold called by a random, sleazy annuity sales person. Consumers should avoid them and financial services professionals should avoid buying contact lists from them. You will just reach Pissed off consumers.

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November 23, 2012

If you request info and give our your phone # in the expectance of receiving something from them then it is not really a "cold call." From my understanding of how the company works (having spoken with them), they are supposed to call the person who requested the info before they pass along the info to an advisor because they want to avoid the whole "cold call" scenario where you really don't want to be called by anyone selling products.
For the record, not every person who sells annuity is a sleazy salesman. Nor is every person who makes "cold calls" sleazy.

December 28, 2012

It's sad that I desperately *wanted* someone to call me so I could get comparison quotes, but they gave me a huge run-around. One time I said "I'm so glad you called! I have someone on the other line, let me let her go real quick so I can talk to you." When I got back to him (about 3 seconds later) he had hung up. In total, I tried 4 times to actually talk to someone to get quotes - one of those times someone made an appointment with me but they never called on that day. Instead, someone called the next evening and asked if I wanted an advisor to call me! I told them I had an appointmnet the day before and that they didn't keep it, but she had no idea what I was talking about. She said an advisor would call me within 48 (business) hours, but since it's New Years on Tuesday (today's Friday) and I start my new job on Wednesday, this would be a round robin of phone tag again. I ended up just being exasperated that I couldn't actually talk to anyone after a week of trying - the only way to reach them is to put in a request on their website to have someone call.

I would not do business with this company, unfortunately, I don't know where else to get comparison quotes on annuities from big-name companies as those they list on their website. Very sad indeed.

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