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ACN Inc.com is a telecommunications firm out of Michigan that offers a variety of products.  ACN Inc.com offer services such as long distance and local phone plans, digital phone service, and other telecommunication related items.

ACN Inc.com has been around for over 17 years and operates in nineteen different countries. However it was in their Australian sector that ACN Inc.com ran into some problems.  The home business opportunity that they offer came under legal fire by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC).

An Australian judge ruled that the ACNInc.com business opportunity was a pyramid scheme and not an MLM business.  I believe the reasoning was that since the startup costs of becoming an ACN Inc.com representative are so high ($500), there is more incentive to resell the opportunity over the actual products.  Even though upon appeals that ruling was reversed many people still feel that way.

The reason is that these days it would be very difficult to make a profit strictly of the commissions from selling the phone plans.  ACNInc.com encourages reselling the opportunity to friends and family.

The ACN Inc opportunity also has some strict regulations that you will have to follow.  For example, past reps have said that you will be responsible for bills that have not been paid by members in your recruitment line.

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Customer Responses, Reviews, or Complaints for 'ACN INC'


Average Rating is 2.88 out of 5 based on 143 reviews.


10:53am on February 7th, 2014 

This PYRAMID CULT preys on uneducated, unsuspecting targets and BRAINWASHES THEM. They will convince you how BAD your life was before they came into the picture. They CHARGE you 500 dollars to "work" for them. ANYONE who asks YOU for your HARD EARNED MONEY to work for them: RUN!!!!They employ high level officials to come in and help the new recruits with the BRAINWASHING. They flash pictures of Donald Trump ( who is intolerable to begin with, but he is a PAID endorser;) yachts, mansions with huge pools and ocean views. GIVE ME A BREAK. They trick you into having PERFECT STRANGERS MEET at YOUR HOME. Perfect if you want a floor plan and inventory if you are a convicted MURDERER,RAPIST or THIEF because they do NO BACKGROUND checks on these low-life's that will potentially be REQUIRED to ENTER YOUR HOME! They try to dictate EVERY move you make to be to THEIR ADVANTAGE: NOT YOURS. Midnight calls are COMMON. Hooting and hollering and loud music at their night time cult meetings. Remember? Adolph Hitler used to meet in the dark of night. ACN does not want to exterminate you. They want to EXTERMINATE YOUR beautiful life as you know it. I would rather live under a bridge or jump OFF one before dealing with these criminals. WHY the F.B.I; C.I.A or I.R.S. does not take them down IMMEDIATELY is beyond me. They hover just enough, above our legal system in order to TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOU. We had one nice service, bundled and now we HAVE THREE SEPARATE SERVICES "provided" by ACN and our BILLS are ASTRONOMICAL. It would take us a 1000 years to re-coupe the TIME and EFFORT and UNECESSARY CASH spent thus far. My wife is SO FAR INTO THEM, it has caused our DIVORCE. I don't care if GOD, himself came down and asked me to join ACN!!! If your "friend or family" ( their exact targets of PREY,) come to you and ask you to "switch over to..." SLAM THE DOOR AND NEVER TALK TO THEM AGAIN! YOUR LIFE WILL BE RUINED. Again: ACN CAUSED OUR FAMILY TO SPLIT UP. RUN! GO ON WELFARE!! ANYTHING!!

tony   london

1:25pm on January 23rd, 2014 

This is laughable some people are so easily misled. You don't pay to get a job unless you're an idiot. You've been warned.

Louise M.   New York

3:29pm on October 26th, 2013 

Worked on Wall Street for years and lived through the Madoff Ponzi Scheme. This just rubs me wrong and is not sitting well. RUN!!! Speak to a professional before becoming involved and not on of theirs'.

Frank   CA

10:52pm on July 28th, 2013 

I'm Sorry your information is way off. I always find this typical of any website trying to get people to buy their stuff.

First, you are not responsible for anyone's bills. Please tell me how anyone would possibly be responsible for a bill from a major company when that person is buying a service from them.

Second, if you could not make money selling other companies products whey would Costco sell cell phone and TV service in their stores?

Last point, Microsoft, Apple, and lots of other companies have had legal battles. As always even if you win the case some people can't stand it. So all I see here is someone trying to sell you something other then what you came to do your research about.

James   texas

9:24pm on July 25th, 2013 

looks good for customer, bad for salesmen.
I'd buy from them.

ok. so it looks like the company primarily profits off membership/meeting/renewal dues(screws its salesmen) then sells competitive products by contracting for cheap with large service companies. the salesman doesn't win unless he is a born salesmen in which case the medium does not matter so much, but the buyer wins.

It only looks like a good opportunity if you know a lot of other people who would think its a good opportunity, with 500 dollars who enjoy selling.

Mark   Us

12:05am on May 7th, 2013 

Acn ibo's... StoP lying ...show us your checks.

Jimmy   Vermont

8:01pm on April 28th, 2013 

Why would anyone in the world pay a company 500$ to work for them?

Arlo Anderson   California

9:27am on March 28th, 2013 

ACN is a great company promoting savings with the biggest companies in the United States. The comp plan is straight forward. You do this, you will make this. It's not the companies fault that your friends and family did not be your customer. That's business! It happened to me but I kept talking to more people and now I override thousands of customers and have traveled the World in my early twenties because of ACN. Add me on Facebook! Look at my pictures! Do research on me! I'm a college dropout, no sales or network marketing experience and have supported myself since I have been 18. It works, if you work! All the people joining and saying they did not make money there is a reason. They could not handle rejection and quit. Then they would rather justify their failure then talk to more people. It's funny how the people who quit wonder why no one joined their team when you were not even committed yourself. It takes years to see results in any business. People are broke all their life an expect to be rich over night with no influence or training. ACN has created more self made millionaire then most companies in the World and is the number one donor of the Ronald McDonald house charities Worldwide! Anyone being influenced not to join from random people you don't even know online... don't join! We don't want weak people in our business anyway.

Boricua Nena   Florida

2:04am on March 26th, 2013 

I had a Christian friend who invited me 2 her house yesterday and did her presentation on ACN. She's been w/ACN 4 a few months & she made me suspicious when I paid attn. 2 her words, she literally said "if a friend can't do u a favor in helping u w/switching their services then u know who ur true friends are." I pray she gets into d Bible & realize it is not wise to lose your soul 4 the things of this world (r temporal). I did several research on ACN & been to this presentation realizing d common threads are: using crafty words, amping up $$$, pressure your audience 2 act now or you'll miss out on this great deal (give up $500 now), & show them some corny video of some host who talks about Donald Trump & couldn't have a live interview w/Donald Trump (totally bootleg ).

My beef with ACN is witnessing through BBBureau, Rippoff website d high # of upset folks that either switched their services around as ACN customers and r mad about d switching fees attached to their accts. + the ridiculous high turn over rate of ACN employees is not promising when looking @ d whole picture. One of their employees complained they could've done minimum wage & would've been better off.
The other issue that surprised me was once u pay $500 to get in, if any of your successful clients stop paying their bills their debt falls upon u. The Holy Spirit inside me, taught me a life lesson & that is to b patient, don't go left, don't go right wait on the Lord & He will direct your steps. Thanks b 2 my Lord Jesus Christ I chose to pass on this so call deal and do research and analyze how my friend & her mom fell in2 this unethical practice. I forgive them, love them dearly, & pray 4 d Lord 2 use me as His vessel 2 help them observe their own attitude & examine God's word to see if it aligns w/it. There's no problem when u r upfront, but when u lie saying I don't get any profit in bringing u guys into ACN, but make a profit from each person's $500 that can damage Godly relationships. Plus I heard testimonies of people saying after paying $500 they had to pay $150 to renew their contract & didn't earn zilch, but wasted so much time working very hard then realized they are trapped in debt because their clients didn't pay their own bill. It's very deceptive to get all happy when u have 27 clients switch their services around and not see that u just set them up for failure when those individual companies choose to charge additional hidden fees and stuff that ur clients can't handle. B careful w/anybody (family & friends) who tries to rush u in2 some 24 hrs/urgent deal u r not familiar with.
ACN thinks they r clever by using family & friend strategic scheme to hit their own lottery dollars. I urge everybody to do the research b4 jumping in2 bad deals cause 1 of these days ur reputation/credit report can b hindered via affiliation 2d wrong company labeling u d business owner. That title shouldn't be taken lightly it's called (LIABILITY) & u carry d heavy burden of all of d clients that fail to pay their bills once YOU switched them.
Lastly, I'm a state employee & ACN is as unreputable as Florida Career College. There r fake everything in our market place & a great amount of people carrying debt on their foreheads is d common trend.

Sal   West Hartford, Connecticut

8:55pm on February 27th, 2013 

Great review by Carlo's in Orange County. He puts it in perfect perspective. I just went to a meeting for a friend (kind of didn't want to go but did for her) and it is what it is, they spice you up for it just to get you excited. Hey, I was excited too, like a dog hearing the word treat! Some people have that talent and some people do not, such as myself. Not worth my risk for the $499, especially with the majority of the comments on here that I have now read. They'll always be some people that just think the money will come to them. I'll continue to invest in the stock market, it's the best bet...for now. I will give them a 2.5.

Bobby   WV

2:02pm on February 13th, 2013 

Convention in North Carolina,just say conservatively 15,000 people at 150.00 to attend 2,225,000.00 plus the 500.00 they paid to join 7,500,000.00 and if they only to get one more person each to join after they pump them up another 7,500,000.00 and so on.I'm sure they are a very successful Co.off the backs of people struggling already.

Jason   Brisbane

5:23am on February 11th, 2013 

I went to an acn meeting with my partner and everyone else in the room seemed like religious people,u know u just get that feeling and the person who invited me and his mates are all churchy people,just seemed very odd to me and all they kept talking about was the money u could make instead of showing us the products they sell,it was my first and last meeting I just had a bad feeling about it

humanbe   canada

9:46pm on February 6th, 2013 

The trick here is that ACN is a successful company, using Trump or any celebrity for its ads, you as investor, are not allowed to use the name of Trump or the company will kick u . Now, instead of recruiting reps to promote for its products from home to home and paying you a commission, comes this trick. You pay them 500$ to be their rep and if u bring them another one of ur family he will pay them 500$ and they will give you 100$ out of this 500$, they gain 500 + 400 and they got 2 reps free. Of course you will gain some profits if you sell their products, that is if the prices of these products are competitive. That is ur job to do before you join, market study. So it is a pyramid scheme scam hidden within a legal successful MLM company, that where the confusion come. Is it like a franchise, NO, you can not make a board telling that you are ACN official agent. A question to such companies is, why do you ask for these 500$, why not to just give me authority to sign contract with customers, after taking or legal precautions, and then give me commission. The same if I bring a new rep, increase my commission. Then when I feel that is rewarding, I may ask for franchise. That is the fair bushiness.

Lynne   Punton

6:48pm on February 6th, 2013 

Please if u are not a confident person with lots of business contacts. Don't waste your money. Please check out their energy suppliers, the reviews are awful! All ACN are interested in is you trying to get more gullible fools to pay the up front fee, they don't care about the product u are trying to sell, I signed up and was stung for their all singing wee box that would save me money! Would have been better keeping my Sky which I had to use anyway but cost me 240 to get out of the ACN product with threat of court action. If u have the gift of the gab & don't mind ripping people off then go ahead!

Chris   Los Angeles

8:10pm on January 29th, 2013 

Save your $500, ACN is a PYRAMID SCHEME, a scam. The only thing you'll get out of it is broken friendships.

Carlos   Orange County, CA

7:59pm on January 24th, 2013 

You don't have to try very hard to grasp the ridiculousness of the "ACN is a scam" comments. They start off by telling you it's a get rich quick scam but then say it takes forever to make any real money. Do you understand the dichotomy of that argument?

ACN is not a get rich quick program. All the leaders with integrity (listen to ANY training audio) teach that it takes time and effort (like any business). You have to be willing to grow, to learn the product lines (not just blindly sign up family and friends to random products that may cost them more) and the markets (ACN is very competitive in some markets for certain products while they are competitive in other markets with other products--LEARN YOUR MARKET, that's your job as a business owner).

Every single "ACN is a scam" argument has the same style......"I joined because someone told me there was big money potential [which there is] and the comp plan made sense [which it does]. Well, I called two people to see the business and tried to get 3 friends to try my services, they all said no, or one person tried and they had to pay a switching charge, or I had a problem with a customer service rep so I quit. Obviously ACN is a scam."

Again, look at that argument. It's RIDICULOUS. Most START UP BUSINESSES don't turn a profit in their first year (and that's with the owners probably BUSTING THEIR HUMPS). The truth of the matter is that most of the people that right negative reviews are just looking to justify why they quit (or just to satisfy their own need to sow discord).

Are there customer service issues that crop up? Of course. You expect Verizon, ATT, etc. to have 0 complaints and 0 problems? No. Do regular businesses, both small and big have 0 problems? No. For example, ACN has an A rating with the BBB and they have about 200 consumer complaints. AT&T has 22,000 complaints.

What do you think makes ACN different in that respect? Nothing. They're a growing and expanding company (both in market presence and product portfolio), there are going to be growing pains. The dedicated IBOs keep plugging along, the whiners and complainers quit.

And just so there is no confusion. I am not currently an ACN IBO. I joined in 2004 straight out of university but quit almost immediately. I'm man enough to admit, I simply wasn't ready to take the daily actions required to be successful in the opportunity.

The problem is we live in an entitled society. All this giving out trophies for simply showing up has affected the mindset of our population. We now expect to be praised and showered with success simply for showing up. This is not the case (it's the problem I have with kids sports doing things like that) in real life. You have to work hard and put in the time to make it in ANYTHING.

The analogy would be you plunk down $500 for a yearly gym membership and just expect to magically get in to shape and calling it a scam when you don't. Joining the gym won't get you in shape. USING the gym's system WILL if you do it correctly and consistently.

ACN gives the average joe an opportunity to play in the same arena as the big boys for an absolute pittance of a start up cost.

mohammad ayub Khan   Mississauga

5:03pm on December 10th, 2012 

customer service is helpless and prices are not comparable with other services price are higher than other providers I made a mistake to get this service

Eduardo   TX

3:30pm on December 5th, 2012 

Don't spend your money. I lived it. All the positive comments come from them. It is a scam.

Kaylee   TX

12:48pm on November 16th, 2012 

Not a scam, and not a "get rich quick" scheme. Like any MLM, ACN does require effort. No one makes money from just recruiting another person - money is only made when services are sold. The ACN compensation plan is far superior to other MLM comp plans that I have seen. With effort and dedication, this is an opportunity to make a significant amount of money, but it is not for everyone. Some people do not have the drive, some do not have the belief in themselves, some do not have the personality or patience required - but for the right person, ACN is great.

Also, fwiw: It seems that the original article is very outdated. ACN is currently in 24 countries and growing, and the company provides more than just telecommunications services.

Sammi   Moraga, CA

10:26pm on November 14th, 2012 

As far as the company it seems genuine and you can't really find any document that proves they are a scam accept for just some people say I own a franchise and when I googled I found a lots of negative comments way more then positive, even though I'm supporting my family and paying my mortgage, and very satisfied with my income, so if you want to know about any company go to government website don't depend on what people say because if I didn't have any successes at this franchise I would of just rated very negative because they took my money, and didn't give me anything, it would've been my own fault. You as a reader don't know that.

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