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Achieve Card by MasterCard is a prepaid debit card that gives you the flexibility somewhat similar to what a credit card can offer. Anyone is eligible for the card regardless of their credit and by submitting an application online you will be approved immediately. Best of all, there are no credit checks and they do not require an active bank account for approval.

Without a credit card or a bank account, you are unable to pay bills online, shop online, receive direct deposit, hold reservations, or access cash at an ATM. With the achieve debit card you can use it just like a credit card to make purchases or like a debit card to access cash. When you receive your card in the mail you must activate it and load money onto the card; there are over 50,000 retail locations to reload these cards.

There are three different Achieve Card options to choose from Gold, Silver and Platinum. The Gold option has a monthly maintenance fee of $9.95 and a $.95 PIN transaction fee. There is no monthly maintenance fee for the Silver card, but there is a $2.00 PIN transaction fee and a $1.00 signed purchase fee. The Platinum card’s monthly fee is $14.95 and there is a $.95 PIN transaction fee. All three cards have a $2.50 fee for ATM withdrawals, a $.95 fee for balance inquiries, a $2.95 fee for paper statements, and a fee of $9.95 for a replacement card.

With the AchieveCard you have access to your account online 24/7 and you have free customer support 6 days a week. Through your account you may also set up text and email alert notifications for balance updates, payment transactions and deposit confirmations.

Signing up for the AchievePoints reward program through their site is another card member benefit. Points are awarded for making purchases with your Achieve Card, making timely payments, receiving $1000 monthly in direct deposits, conducting 30 transactions per month and much more. With these points you can bid on a selection of products and gift cards in auctions or use the points to enter sweepstake drawings.

Some issues with the Achieve Card, noted in online reviews, are associated with the card’s usage and its fees. Customers who needed access to funds which exceeded the daily limit of 2-$300.00 ATM withdrawals were at a complete loss and left with no further access to their cash. This also caused obstacles for customers whose card was denied for a purchase at the register for no apparent reason.

Achieve Card began as a subsidiary part of Find Your Customers which has a D+ BBB credit rating. The officers of the company incorporated Achieve Financial Services DBA Achieve Card in 2010. Since being incorporated in 2010, there has been a steady stream of complaints filed with the BBB.

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Will Not Honor VISA;s Bylaws on Dispute and Chargebacks

Reviewed By Ken Dawson on December 27, 2016

As a former big bank executive, I am frightened about the future with 5 banks controlling 80% of the US market. And, the election of Trump and his recruitment of Icahn as an advisor on regulation, gives me little hope that change is on the horizon. So, I have a pre-paid VISA ( the AchieveCard ) and a pre-paid AMEX ( Bluebird ).

My biggest issue is that I filed a dispute on 11/19/2016 and on 11/23/2016, a decision was made by the dispute department based upon the "facts at hand" as I was told by a customer service representative. The funny thing is I was never contacted during that process as all VISA issuers are required to do. I had emails showing that I had requested the merchant to cancel my subscription in July 2016, and I was charged in November, 2016. So, guess what, I am getting a NetSpend account. Bye, Bye AchieveCard.

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Reviewed By Wakesha Jones on February 19, 2015

Registered for mobile deposit .


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Disappointed Customer

Reviewed By Tami Pierce on May 3, 2013, Illinois

I had a 1200 deposit put on my account and I gave the wrong account number off by one number and they told me that they have no record of the transaction. My medical services who reimburse me told me if the account was wrong why did they not return it back to their bank

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