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About 365 Day Loan

365 Day Loan, located online at 365DayLoan.com, is a website which promises to match people searching for quick, short term cash advances with lenders who can meet their specific needs.

This website is not a loan provider. Rather, they allow you to fill out a quick application and within minutes find out if there is a lender in your area who is willing to provide you with a short term loan.

You can use 365 Day Loan to find a loan of up to $1000. This loan can be used for any purpose – the website will not ask you any questions regarding the use of your loan money.

All borrowers must be at least 18 years of age with a checking account and an income of at least $800 a month. Bad credit or no credit is acceptable, as many cash advance lenders specialize in such lending.

Since cash advance lenders offer loans to customers with shaky financial backgrounds, the rates and fees they carry are often much higher than traditional loans. This leads people to wonder is it safe to borrow these loans, or whether the charges they will incur are legit.

Unfortunately, the high rates of these short term lenders are commonplace and fully legal. Once you have completed your application and received your loan offers, you can review the rates and repayment terms at that time.

You are under no obligation to accept a loan once it has been offered to you, if you do not agree with the loan terms. But once you accept the loan and the terms you will be legally responsible for repaying the loan.

Since you are not borrowing money from 365 Day Loan, you will find no repayment calculator or amortization schedule on their website. Instead, all that information must be gotten directly from the lender.

If you have complaints or questions and need to contact their customer service, they provide no phone number, but they do provide a way to contact them by email and by regular mail.

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365 day loan....dont do it!

Reviewed By Toby345 on August 26, 2013, Iowa,

I had to freeze my checking account until I could close it and reopen another one. Also I received Thousands of emails and about 20 phone calls an hour until I blocked all the numbers.
This is not a reputable company,do yourself a favor and don't give them any of your per

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such a big problem!

Reviewed By  Kierston on July 31, 2013, salt lake city

this site did nothing for me all they did was spam out my email and phone number to the point I get 20 calls an hour from random companies that should not have my info this site spammed out my personal info like my checking account DON'T USE THIS SITE

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August 23, 2013

They did the same to me, too. I declined the offer and went to my bank. It got so many calls and I told them to stop calling me. I decided to play their game and called them, making them unable to receive calls. I told them I would keep doing it up until their calls stopped. They didn't like that!! I got a phone call today which they threatened to come and get me!!!

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BBB.org rating F

Reviewed By Tiff on July 11, 2013

Clearly they are not a reputable company whatsoever. Especially if they won't even talk to you on the telephone.

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Reviewed By Jen on June 28, 2013, Mami

I almost got scammed in to the website if your thinking about doing this just don't you don wanna regret making that Decision!

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Don't even think about it!

Reviewed By Melanie on June 27, 2013, Boston MA

It's not safe and you'll be better off finding another way!

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dont do it!!!!! pay day loans suck

Reviewed By scott on April 21, 2013, pennsylvania

DONT DO IT!!!!!!!!! no regulation!

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May 07, 2013

365 Day loans will probably direct you to a company that has no website and all loan processes are "VERBAL!!!," with absolutely NO paperwork with your signature! They EVEN WANT YOUR Debit Card password!!!! NO NOT DO this - A SCAM!!!!! If you have to use an on line payday lender, MAKE SURE THEY HAVE A WEBSITE WITH SIGNED PAPER-WORK AGREEMENT WHICH YOU CAN PRINT OUT!!!

NOTE - if you have already gone through with this loan, it is NOT too late - CANCEL YOUR CHECKING ACCOUNT - ASAP, AND OPEN ANOTHER - THEY CANT SCAM YOUR MONEY THEN!!

May 21, 2013

This is a scam .!!!!! I just had to open a new checking account ... Do not do it..!! There plan was foiled .. They won't get my money ..

June 19, 2013

so did you even receive money from them or you just put in your bank account number>?

June 28, 2013

You don't get nothing .. They just keep your info and never give you nothing.

July 24, 2013

Once you enter your phone number...your phone will blow up with calls from forieners that can barely speak English...had to change my bank account numbers..and also block hundreds of phone numbers..on my phone..this is a spam sight that sells your information to third partys...STAY AWAY

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